Author: Richard

My sibling had a good time with me

The idea was to spend the afternoon at the spa, order dinner, plus have a movie marathon in his apartment. My sibling was no longer the little boy who used to follow me around back home, then he had grown into a beautiful plus successful guy; I couldn’t know he was going to get married […]

My sibling was making so many jokes

My sibling was no longer the little girl who used to follow me around back home, and she had grown into a attractive as well as successful woman; I couldn’t believe she was going to get married soon, but last week, our sibling called me with the best news ever, her fiance had recommended, as […]

Why we went to Denver, CO

Darius was going through a tough time in his life plus didn’t handle his relationship well, and he had a long-time girlfriend who had been with him through a lot of things! But, he consistently thought she would be with him plus didn’t treat her so nice the past year, then so, 1 morning she […]

Activities that you will enjoy in Cocoa Florida

What’s to do in Cocoa Florida? Head off to the beach on a Tuesday morning with just a towel & some sunscreen, but enjoy the waves & the good outdoors, but head off to a museum & learn something about calculus or history or the town itself; Take a drive over to the Orlando section […]

I have the perfect air conditioner

The hype of living off the grid got to my aunt Betty. We all loved her because of how free-spirited she was. Everyone in the family knew that Betty would try anything, even for a few months. She wasn’t always like that, as mom informed me one time. At the age of 19, she had […]

Finding the right AC for you

It was to be delivered to our parent’s house. I needed to have a portable furnace for the longest time when I went on a road trip, then i enjoyed to travel & favorite doing it on the road. I felt it gave me so much freedom to explore at our pace since no one […]

Heading over to Orland Park, IL

Moving can be cumbersome plus occasionally stressful… This is what happened to myself and others when I needed to transport out of my previous lake house urgently. There was a major plumbing plus Heating plus Air Conditioning mishap, plus the building owner needed us out so that he could renovate right away before things got […]

I couldn't believe what I was told

My spouse as well as I had lived in Glenview, IL, for the longest time, then both of us had been married for forty years before he passed on, as well as not several would believe every one of us were that old! In my 60’s, I look love I am in my 40s, thanks […]