Author: Richard

AC around Christmas? Only in Florida

Everyday I have a 40 minute commute to plus from work, and i live in St Petersburg, FL, however I work in the Tampa area. I have to cross a bridge in order to get to the other side of the Bay, then most of the time I take the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, however this […]

I got stuck

Everyday I have a 40 hour commute to plus from work, however i live in St Petersburg, Florida, however I toil in the Tampa area. I have to cross a bridge in order to get to the other side of the Bay… Most of the time I take the Sunshine Skyway Bridge! This is a […]

Alcatraz must have been crazy back in the day

The marijuana helps me with anxiety problems as well as a fear of parakeets that keeps me indoors as well as away from the zoo Alcatraz Island is a single of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire village of San Francisco; Nobody should visit the area separate from taking a tour of the […]

Every one of us wants to go down to Albuquerque

My fiance and I were on a freewheeling cross-country road trip, with no endpoint or timetable in mind, but thanks to early retirement and wise investment, the two of us were able to pack up and leave without a care in the world, and every one of us drove from coast to coast, and back […]

Albuquerque is more temperate

Because of where the town is located, a lot of people have the inproper impression about Albuquerque plus suppose that it is terribly sizzling here. This is not the Sahara Desert, it’s just NM, plus guess it or not it’s favorite town is quite temperate for most of the year, then i was born plus […]

Putting together a plan for our Denver trip

To our comprehension there has never been a wonderful film about Denver, Colorado! It’s so bizarre to myself and others that although the people I was with and I are larger & in every way better than Boulder, there are a ton of shows & films set in Boulder, & almost none in Denver, however […]

Seattle is a neighborhood of rich history

If you look past the grungy hair plus ripped flannel shirts of the rock scene, you will find a bevvy of other musical talent that has started off in Seattle; Hip hop stars from 2 generations, Sir Mix A Lot plus Macklemore, both proudly claim Seattle as their home, plus still perform a lot of […]

Seattle is my city

The Pacific Northwest was a particularly amazing locale to grow up, although I was right on the coast — so close I could see the ocean from my kitchen window — there was a easily small-town suppose to it. All of us were a slender knit group of neighbors, a few miles away from the […]