Author: Richard

The resident put towels around the AC

Last week, a customer in Tampa called me with a problem. I have a company that handles heating and AC related issues. We can install and troubleshoot system issues. We regularly have calls from residential customers, but we have recently started a commercial service division as well. So far it’s been slow, but we are […]

Lansing has multiple HVAC service providers

Lansing is one of the suburbs outside of Chicago. My wife and I both work in Chicago, but we live in Lansing. This suburb is just south of Chicago and a short drive to both of our jobs. The kids attend school in a private school in Lansing. All three of the children attend the […]

The snow and ice were thick after the storm

After last week’s snowstorm, things were pretty grim around here. We lost power for several hours one night. It snowed eighteen inches over three days and the ice was thick in many different areas. Driving the interstate was a nightmare, but I had to go to work in Evansville. My office is located downtown in […]

The room didn't have any cold AC

My friends and I went to Cocoa, Florida for spring break last year. Some of our friends went to Daytona Beach and a couple of people went to Miami, but I had some relatives in Cocoa, Florida, and they offered to let my friends and I stay in their pool house. Since my friends and […]

The dealer told me about the pot shop

I was sitting at the poker table on Tuesday and things were going pretty slow. There were only a couple of people sitting there and no one was playing very aggressively. I decided to step outside on the patio for a few minutes. The Denver poker club allows smoking outside. They don’t allow marijuana, but […]

The Denver dispensary was really nice and clean

It’s very strange to be impressed with the cleanliness of a business, but I was recently impressed after visiting a Denver dispensary. My wife and I were in Denver on business. We often go to the recreational marijuana dispensary if we happen to be in a state where it is legal. We usually ship those […]

this is how you make it happen!

I have to travel a lot for work; I have a labor from lake house job that technically the office is based out of LA! Frequently our boss flies me out to the office. I spend a few afternoons in the actual space, attend some meetings, deliver a presentation and then I can fly back […]

Making it something better

Since the people I was with and I go so often it was a nice system to own a vape and bring it with us I have to travel a lot for work. I have a toil from lake home task that technically the office is based out of LA… Frequently my boss flies me […]