Author: Richard

Treating arthritis the easy way

Chicago is known for its long & cold cold winters. Both of us often deal with hot & cold temperatures in the drawbacks, bitter wind chill & feet of snow, but while I honestly love residing in this area, the cold weather is strenuous on our arthritis… During the winter, our fingers swell up savor […]

Delivery was free to our hotel lobby

I went on vacation with my parents, even though I am an adult. My parents offered to pay for me to go to San Francisco, California with them and I wasn’t going to say no. My dad had some business in Oakland and the company offered to put him up in a San Francisco hotel […]

I liked the dispensary because it was closeby

My wife and I moved to the Bay Area last month. It has been very difficult to get used to a brand new place. We’ve had a lot of trouble navigating our way around San Francisco. The place is definitely the largest City in the area. The city is also filled with tourists. They lined […]

The edibles worked well for me

Edibles really work well for me. They are easy to chew and swallow and they come in tasty flavors like chocolate, coffee, strawberry, banana, vanilla, and pineapple. I have been using a low-dose marijuana product for the past 2 years. I try not to overdose, because I don’t want to end up in a spot […]