Got engaged in the Space Needle

My boyfriend and I were talking about a trip for months and couldn’t decide where to go. We originally were going to go overseas and do a two week long European trip. COVID ruined that though. So the two of us decided to take a trip to Washington for a week. It was way cheaper, less stressful and just as fun. Another bonus was my boyfriend proposed on the trip! I honestly thought it was just going to be a fun trip instead of a romantic one. We planned to stop at a cannabis dispensary and try some edibles. I also wanted to shop in the city and maybe see who. My boyfriend was keen on watching a professional sporting event, he didn’t care what sport. One day we decided to throw out the landmarks of the city. My boyfriend was pushing and pushing so that we could see the space needle. The space needle is a really tall building basically made out of all the glass. You can look out over the city and down since the floor is glass. It is quite a mind bender once you are in there. It also is really pretty when the sun is setting. My boyfriend planned it perfectly. He got me in the all glass space needle at the perfect time for the sunset and got down on one knee. It was pretty romantic and very memorable. Afterwards we went out to a fancy dinner and enjoyed our engagement weekend in style. I am always going to have found memories of Washington because of that weekend.

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We might be most excited for legal weed

Our friends don’t get what the appeal is to legal cannabis

My fiance and I are getting married in California and going on our honeymoon there. It has been a nightmare planning the trip but I think I nailed it. I have us flying into Los Angeles, driving to Santa Barbara and staying there a few days. Then I want us to drive up the coastline, stay in Carmel by the Sea for a bit and end our trip in San Francisco. It will be a lot of driving, but we have the time and the drive will be gorgeous. I think I am most excited about staying in Santa Barbara honestly. I chose to get married there since I loved the look of the America Rivera online. Look up wedding pictures in Santa Barbara and you will see what I mean. I also found a luxurious hotel with spa services right on the premises. There are cool boutiques, wineries and great restaurants. I am actually excited to try recreational weed too. The last time I smoked I was 18 years old at a college party and it was a pot brownie. I am excited to go into a legal weed shop and buy what I want as an adult. My fiance and I agree to get drunk on wine and high on legal weed one night while in Santa Barbara. Our friends don’t get what the appeal is to legal cannabis. I think it could be a really fun time and I am looking forward to it. Some of the dispensaries have very cool set ups like dab bars, vape lounges and a huge assortment of edibles.


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Shopping in Santa Barbara

I know some of the girls want to smoke through a traditional bong or bowl.

My girls and I take a trip every year and visit a new mall. We love shopping in new cities, staying for a few days and having a good time. Our girls’ trips can get pretty wild. We have been to New York City, Chicago and the Mall of America in Minnesota. This year the girls and I are going to Santa Barbara. It won’t be the biggest shopping center we have been to, but it will be unique. Santa Barbara is in California and the Paseo Nuevo shopping center is an open air mall with all our favorite stores and is right in the heart of the city. There are tons of side streets in the city that offer shopping too like La Arcada, Arlington Plaza, and De La Guerra Plaza. There will be enough for us. The girls and I are all big wine fans too. I found wine tours, wineries and oodles of tasting rooms for us to check out as well. Another pro to the area is legal marijuana too. Our state only offers medical cannabis and none of us were willing to get cards. I am excited by the idea of stopping in a legal cannabis dispensary. They have edibles, oils and flower products. I know some of the girls want to smoke through a traditional bong or bowl. My one friend is more concerned about the edibles. I found CBD bath products that I am excited to try. I think our trip is going to be the best one yet. Our hotel even has a giant spa that all of us can enjoy.
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The lady wanted a refund because of the heat

I went to college and received a degree in animal behavior in biology.

I started working at the Tampa Bay Zoo when I was 25 years old.

I’ve been here for the last 10 years. I love working at the zoo and visiting with all of the animals. I started out working in the kitchen making food and supplements were all of the animals. Now I am a trainer and the bird aviary. I absolutely love working in the aviary with all the birds. We have tropical and local species. The Tampa Bay Zoo is home to thousands of birds. Each one of them has their own personality. I love spending all day inside of the aviary, even on my days off. Last Tuesday I didn’t have anything planned on my day off, so I went to the Tampa Bay Zoo and sat in the Aviary. I visited with the birds and I watched all of the people coming in and out of the zoo. It was an insanely hot day and the outdoor temperature was 93 degrees. The zoo wasn’t terribly busy because of the heat, but there were a couple of people walking around. One lady in particular decided she wanted a refund because of the heat. I overheard the conversation while I was inside of the Aviary. The woman was talking to her husband or boyfriend. She was yelling about that heat and complaining about the temperatures. She told her man that she wanted to ask for a refund and he told her that she was being silly for complaining about the heat in the state of Florida.



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The game was delayed because of rain that was needed(heat)

It has been extremely hot and humid this week.

It’s always really hot and humid in the Tampa Bay area, but it has been on regularly.

One of the biggest reasons is due to the lack of rain. Even though it is hurricane season right now, it hasn’t rained in nearly two weeks. I went to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game with a couple of friends of mine. We were in the third inning of the game and everyone in the stands was uncomfortable. There’s no air conditioning at the baseball game and the seats are often uncomfortable because of the heat and humidity. I had a hot dog in a cold beer, but without air conditioning I was still miserable. When it started raining, the game was delayed. A lot of people were upset about the rain delay, but it honestly cooled the place down significantly. It rained for 30 minutes and the temperature in Tampa dropped by 10 degrees. When the game resumed, everyone in the Tampa Bay lineup looked refreshed and ready to hit a home run. It was a tie game when the lightning and rain began and after six more Innings, Tampa Bay was up 9-3 and in the prime position to head to the playoffs.

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The Broncos won during my first year of college

One of the reasons why I decided to attend university in Denver is because I have always been a fan of the Denver Broncos football team.

My dad lived in Denver his whole life and he grew up watching John Elway play football.

My dad had Denver Broncos memorabilia all over the garage and he always dressed in Orange on Gameday. When I told my dad that I was going to attend university in Denver, he was really excited and told me to see a game while I was there. My first year attending school, I had a class with one of the football players son. He went to the same school and was in my economics class. We sat next to each other and worked on a paper during the first month of school. At the time, I didn’t know who he was or who he was related to. When he asked if I wanted to join him for the Broncos game, I said yes. While we were on our way to the game, I found out that his dad was one of the players for the team. We sat in the Press Box above the 50-yard line and we had a great view of the game. We were in an air-conditioned booth, and the temperature inside the room was 68 degrees. We had unlimited pop, coffee, juice, and lots of different finger foods and snacks. A lot of people were outside the booth sweating in the heat and enjoying expensive hot dogs and beer, but my friend and I were very comfortable watching the game from upstairs.

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After dark, Denver can be one fun experience

There are a hundred or more different things to do for fun in Denver, Colorado.

My friends and I live about an hour outside of the city, but we always travel to Denver when we want to have a fun night.

There isn’t anything to do in the city where we live. There is a single bar, gas station, and a grocery store. The bar doesn’t even play dance music. My friends and I plan to go to Denver on Friday, after everyone came home from work and took a shower. We didn’t want to arrive early, so we took our time after we got home. I was in the shower when my roommate came home. She knocked on my bedroom door. She wanted to know if I turned off the air conditioner. It was very warm in the shower, because I was using hot water. I couldn’t tell if the air conditioner was running or not, but I told her that I did not adjust the thermostat. She knocked on my door a second time, but it was a few minutes later. I was out of the shower already and looking at things to do in Denver. My roommate told me that the air conditioner wasn’t blowing cold air. She already called the maintenance technician for the apartment building. They were planning to come to our apartment quickly, but they did not give my roommate an estimated time. We certainly weren’t going to miss out on our night in Denver because of the air conditioner. We left when we were ready and put a note on the front door.

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One job was on the east and one on the west

I decided to open an HVAC repair business of my own, shortly after my wife and I moved to the Denver area.

  • My wife’s mom lived in Denver and she wanted to be closer.

I didn’t mind moving and I wanted our children to have a grandparent closeby. We hadn’t started our life yet really, as we were just out of college and barely starting out. There are a lot of higher elevations in the Denver area, where the temperatures are extremely cold and there is constantly snow and ice on the ground. It’s the perfect place for a heating repair and installation business. I have several different commercial clients as well as residential clients. The commercial clients are located all over the city. On Tuesday, I had a boiler repair on the east side of town near a Denver high school. When I was finished with the boiler repair, I had to drive all the way to the other side of the city for a furnace repair. There are a lot of things that I love about living in Denver. I love being able to go skiing in the winter and I love the warm summer temperatures. I love the Denver Broncos and the Nuggets and I try to see a game each season. The only thing I don’t prefer about living in Denver is the traffic. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon, or night. The roads are always busy with drivers. Commercial drivers and tourists fill the highways and interstates every afternoon and driving 5 miles takes 20 minutes no matter what time of day.


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My girlfriend hid my ski boots so I had to stay home

My girlfriend didn’t want me to go skiing with my friends last weekend.

She wanted me to stay home so we could talk about our relationship.

We’ve been having a lot of problems lately and I just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours. We talked every single night for hours and we didn’t get anywhere. I didn’t want to stay another night under those conditions, so I agreed to go skiing with my friends. My girlfriend went crazy when she found out that I was going to Denver for the day. I tried to tell her that we needed a couple of hours apart, and I suggested she call some friends and spend the day in the city too. Denver has lots of fun things to do like shopping, Museums, Art Galleries, and tourist areas. My girlfriend didn’t appreciate my suggestion and she begged me to stay home instead of going to Denver with my friends. It was really cold outside and she suggested we light a fire in the fireplace and stay indoors. I still declined and I started getting ready for my day in Denver with my friends. When I was getting ready to leave, I went to the closet to grab my ski boots. I didn’t see them anywhere. I knew they were in the closet earlier that day, but my girlfriend moved them so I would not be able to go to the ski resort. I wasn’t planning to stay home with her and light a fire in the fireplace so we could spend 3 more hours talking about the same thing.
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Denver cannabis shops can be cheap if you look for sales

There are a number of dispensaries around the state and several places to buy marijuana are located in Denver.

Denver is a fantastic place to work and live. There are an abundance of jobs and the weather is perfect throughout the entire year. Even though Denver is known as the mile high city, it doesn’t have extremely cold weather during the winter months. Denver has average winter temperatures in the 40s. It snows frequently, but we don’t have blizzard conditions. About an hour away from Denver is one of the best ski resorts known to locals. Loveland Ski Resort is 50 Mi away from Denver in the higher elevations. Since Loveland is in the higher elevations, the ski season is a bit longer than others and lower elevations. My girlfriend and I still go skiing in the month of March and sometimes the area still has snow in April. Another great part about living in Denver is the fact that Colorado has legal marijuana laws. Several years ago, medical and recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado. There are a number of dispensaries around the state and several places to buy marijuana are located in Denver. My girlfriend and I use recreational marijuana every single day, so we make sure to find the best deals on all of our cannabis products. We particularly like concentrate and there is a cannabis shop in downtown Denver that always has concentrate on sale on Wednesdays. We try to visit that place when we have a few dollars left over after payday. Sometimes we can pick up grams of concentrate for twelve or fifteen bucks and that’s a deal I can’t turn down.

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