It took a little to convince my girl

When I finished college and I was looking for jobs, I never expected to end up in Denver, Colorado. I grew up in Florida and I went to college in Pennsylvania. A business firm in Denver offered me a job and it was the best offer I received out of 10 different places. The job offer came with a company car at entry level. I was a whiz at software and computers and this job was everything I wanted. My girlfriend didn’t want to move to Denver, so I had to convince her that it was the best decision for both of us. I wasn’t going anywhere without her next to me. I made a list of all the cool places in Denver that we could visit together. I also added the ski resorts to the list, because my girlfriend and I both enjoyed going skiing when we went to college in Pennsylvania. My girlfriend still wasn’t convinced that Denver, CO was the place for us to move. When she found out that cannabis was legal recreationally and medically, she changed her mind quickly. After we moved to Denver, my girlfriend started using cannabis recreationally. She uses cannabis everyday now, and she calls it her medical routine. At first I thought it was silly to use recreational cannabis all of the time, but it actually makes my girlfriend feel much more calm and at ease. When I smoke marijuana every once in a while, I don’t feel calm or relaxed. I feel bursts of energy and an uncontrollable urge to break out in song and dance.


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Somebody smashed a beer bottle on the front door

In fact, it has been one problem after another since the bar opened.

There isn’t a great deal of crime in Denver. That is one of the biggest reasons why I agreed to move to the city. My husband and I were living in Boulder, but my husband wanted to move to Denver after he received a promotion and raise at work. I was happy living outside of Denver, but my husband thought it would be easier if we live in the city. I agreed to sell our home and move to Denver under two conditions. I wanted a home with at least 2 Acres and a fenced-in backyard. We looked for several weeks until we found our dream place and made an offer on the house. The owner agreed to our offer and we moved in three weeks later. The neighborhood was quiet for a long time. When I found out that a cannabis dispensary was going to open a mile from our neighborhood, I was worried about vandals and crying. I wasn’t very happy about the cannabis dispensary. We never had any problems at all with potheads, but as soon as the bar on the corner opened for business, we started having problems. In fact, it has been one problem after another since the bar opened. The cannabis shop is the least of our problems. The drunk guys at the bar hang out in the parking lot until 4 a.m. Sometimes there are guys parked outside passed out in their cars when I take the kids to school in the morning. Personally, I think the alcohol problems in this town are far worse than any problems with weed or cocaine.

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Keystone is one of my favorite ski resorts

We tried to find a dispensary by the ski lodge one time in the past and we were unsuccessful

One of the reasons why my husband and I moved our family to Denver is so we can spend more time skiing and snowboarding. My husband is a world-class winter athlete and he has several World Championship medals in snowboarding and ski jumping. The winter activities are part of our life and skiing and snowboarding is my husband’s entire world. Most of his sponsors like the fact that we live in Denver now, because there are several different ski resorts and lots of areas to practice. Our favorite place to take the whole family is Keystone. It is easily one of the most family-friendly resorts in the entire state of Colorado. It is also one of the only places that offers skiing at night. Skiing during the day is a lot of fun and the views can be spectacular, but skiing at night under the lights is romantic and special. There is a play area for kids and a ton of family-friendly programs. Since it is about two hours away from Denver, my family and I usually spend the whole day at the ski resort and then stay overnight at the lodge. My husband and I pick up some recreational marijuana supplies before we head up the mountain, because there are no dispensaries once you leave that Denver area. We tried to find a dispensary by the ski lodge one time in the past and we were unsuccessful. We had to spend all weekend without marijuana and we were miserable and unhappy. Skiing and snowboarding is a lot more fun when you have recreational marijuana.

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I moved to work in the cannabis industry

After California legalized recreational marijuana, I moved to San Francisco to work in the cannabis industry.

I thought it would be a lot of fun to work in the Cannabis industry and I was right.

I moved to the city about six months after the laws were changed. I went to high school with a guy that was living in an apartment right outside of San Francisco. I agreed to split the rent and utilities for a spot on the couch. The apartment was small, but it’s all he could afford since he was living so close to San Francisco. I found a job at a cannabis dispensary a few days after I arrived. It honestly didn’t take too much work to find a job. Since I didn’t have a criminal record or anything on my background, nothing kept me from working in the dispensary. I worked as a budtender for six months and then the manager promoted me to a shift leader. A few months later, I was promoted to assistant manager. When the manager finally moved to a different position in the company, I took over that job. I earn a decent living and I also have retirement benefits, medical, and dental. I earn paid vacation time and I receive a huge discount on all of the recreational and medical marijuana supplies that I use. Most items are 40% off the retail price. Moving to San Francisco was a great idea. A lot of people can’t make it work, but I was lucky and had a little help from my friends.


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Delivery times were much higher that weekend

San Francisco is a very busy city. Downtown by the wharf and the water, San Francisco is filled with tourists. They are literally everywhere. I’ve lived in the city for 25 years. I moved here back in the 90s so I could open a restaurant. The restaurant was open for five years and then we closed down. I was young and stupid and I didn’t know the first thing about running a business. I worked in the food service industry for a long time and now I spend my days and night delivering marijuana for a dispensary. It’s a really simple and easy job and it does not require a lot of thought. I’ve spent a long time being stressed out at work and this job delivering marijuana is perfect for me now. I prefer the ease of the job. I report to the cannabis dispensary and pick up all of the orders that are ready. They each have a slip with the name and address of the person. I easily put the address of the delivery into my GPS and most of the places are within a few miles of the cannabis dispensary. Last weekend, San Francisco was extremely busy due to the Gay Pride week. Delivery times were much higher on the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, the average delivery time was closer to an hour instead of 20 minutes. It didn’t seem like any of our customers were upset about the delay, but it certainly didn’t help me earn a lot of tips. I spent too much time sitting in traffic.
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The beachside golf resort was fantastic

The medical and recreational dispensary delivered to the golf course

My wife absolutely hates golf, so I was really surprised when she surprised me with a golf weekend and vacation in San Francisco California. I really didn’t think she would have a lot of fun. I was even more surprised when I found out that she wasn’t going to accompany me to San Francisco. She arranged for my best friend to go. She knew the two of us would have more fun. Brandon and I anxiously waited for the weekend to arrive. We were ready to grab our flight and arrived at the airport almost an hour early. The flight to San Francisco, California was three hours long. There was no turbulence or problems in the air and we arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Our beachside golf resort was fantastic. We had room service, spa services, and golf lessons with a pro in the morning. My wife set everything up and she didn’t miss anything at all. Brandon and I went to the club house for breakfast. While we were eating, we looked at the flyers in the books on the table. One of the flyers was from a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. The medical and recreational dispensary delivered to the golf course. My buddies and I didn’t think it was possible to get marijuana delivered to our golf game, but we were surprised. The San Francisco cannabis company brought pre-rolled marijuana joints right to the golf course and all the way out to the 7th hole where we were currently playing. That birthday weekend was one to remember.


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I got kicked out of the tour group

My friends and I went to San Francisco last weekend.

We live about 2 hours away from the city, so we only visit when there is something interesting going on.

Last week was the seafood festival and we decided to go to the city and stay overnight. There are a couple of cheap hotels in San Francisco, as long as you don’t stay close to the beach or the wharf. My friends and I found a place close to a marijuana dispensary. There was a flyer in the hotel pamphlet from the cannabis shop. We decided to order marijuana supplies or the next day. My friends and I had a tour of Alcatraz Island scheduled. It’s one of the coolest places in San Francisco and I had not been there since I was a young child. I took the disposable vape pen with me on the tour. While we were listening to the guide, I hit the marijuana pen a couple of times. When the tour group split up, a security guard grabbed my arm and escorted me away from the rest of the group. The security guard claimed to have seen me smoking marijuana on camera. He said there were a hundred signs posted all over the compound that marijuana and cigarette use was illegal. I honestly didn’t think it was a really big deal, but I got kicked out of the tour group and I had to wait for my friends to finish without me. I was pretty bummed out that I missed the rest of the tour, since I was the one that was excited.

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Glenville, IL wasn’t a wonderful locale to visit in the winter.

Mom & dad faithfully came to visit me in Glenville, IL, for the Winter time holidays.

I was excited to see them, however they didn’t expect me to provide up our school time for them.

During the holidays, mom & dad loved to go skiing, & Grandmother & Grandpa would go with them. I found out while in the first Winter time that snow skiing was not for me. There wasn’t enough heat in AK to keep me boiling after our time on the mountains. All I wanted to do is get back to Glenville, IL & hop into a tub filled with steaming water. I needed to get the cold out of our system, which had sunk into our bones. I had now been in Glenville, IL for almost 3 years, & I still wasn’t used to the cold. Grandmother had excellent heating in the house, & she had all of her inspections done yearly, so it wasn’t her oil furnace. I assume some of it had to do with our going back home while in the summer. My body didn’t have enough time to adjust to the change in weather, since I didn’t go back to Glenville, IL until right before school went back in session. I went right from 100 plus degrees to seventy degrees. As much as I loved Glenville, IL & our Grandparents, I still didn’t savor the Winter time weather. I loved being home & going to the beach with our friends. I was going to miss Grandmother & Grandpa when I graduated school, but I was a boiling weather person & I didn’t assume I would ever get used to needing all that heat in the winter.

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I wanted a way nicer heater than this

The first year of school was supposed to be fun, but I didn’t like it.

I had planned on living full-time with our Grandparents, but I had to live in the dorm the first year.

I spent every weekend with our Grandparents, in addition to our parents joined us for the holidays. I just couldn’t get used to the school dorms. I guess some of it had to do with the lack of nice heating. When the dorm mom asked myself and others why I wasn’t ecstatic, I told her. I grew up in the deep south in addition to I wasn’t used to freezing weather. I had only chosen to go to the school in Glenville, IL because I would be close to our Grandparents, who lived only a mile away. They had excellent heating in their apartment. Here, all I did was shiver all the time, in addition to I couldn’t get any rest. She checked the gas furnace in our dorm room in addition to said she would call the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company to have them check it out. In the meantime, she provided myself and others a pass so I could spend the rest of the month at our Grandparents, but I had to check in with her once a day. I guess this was just so she knew I was in school. I happily went back in addition to forth to our Grandparents; silently hoping that I could do this everyday in addition to not go back to the dorm. The people I was with and I had a horrible snow storm one night. I laughed thinking about a snow day, then back home, the two of us only had days off because of hurricanes. Glenville, IL has actual snow days, which made myself and others ecstatic.
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A 50 degree day

It was in the mid 50s everyday which was perfect

Every year our friends and I go to Chicago on a ladies trip. The people I was with and I like to go shopping in the village and then see a show at the theater. The people I was with and I drink at the local bars and get sloppy drunk; It just is a shell game on what weekend all of us choose, however everybody has a tied up life and lots going on. This year was a little different, but first, finding accommodations in the village was tough, then so I ended up booking us a site in Orland Park which absolutely was nice, however orland Park has its own mall, parks, bars and diners. There was plenty of stuff to do, however when we wanted to go into the city, it was only a 40 minute car ride there. The ladies and I only ended up doing that 1 time. It was way more fun being in a slower paced section and seeing more nature like sites than the city. It also was way quieter sleeping at evening and less fancy there, but another weird thing was the time of year the ladies and I went. I realized that our group properly comes to IL while in the summer. I remember days of 80 degrees and just dripping with sweat to death carrying our shopping bags. The ladies and I ended up booking our trip in May and that was perfect. It was in the mid 50s everyday which was perfect. I wore a light overcoat and kept our hotel oil furnace at a mediocre temperature. It was a change from dripping with sweat to death and was way more enjoyable.


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