Mark it on your calendar. We’re going to Toronto!

My best friend came flying into my house the other day and told me I was supposed to mark it on my calendar.

I looked at him like he was absolutely crazy and tried to get him to tell me what we were marking on the calendar? He told me ‌we were all getting together and going to Toronto, Ontario, for the weekend.

I tried to explain to him that my wife and I had been to Toronto, Ontario several times, and it was not our favorite place to go. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he told me, but they have legal recreational marijuana in Toronto, Ontario. None of us smoked marijuana except him, but I joined in with his enthusiasm. I could tell he had been smoking marijuana for quite a while, and I didn’t want to get him upset. My biggest hope was that when we got to Toronto, Ontario, we could find other things to do that would keep him away from the marijuana dispensary. I’m not sure that was a big possibility, but it was something I was hoping for. Three weeks later, the weekend we were going to Toronto, Ontario, arrived. My wife was hoping someone would call and say that we weren’t going. Five minutes before we were to leave the house, my phone rang. It was my friend who had told me to mark the date on my calendar. He had forgotten to mark the date on his calendar, and he needed to work. He said he would like to make our trip to Toronto, Ontario over a weekend when he didn’t have to work, and he wanted me to remind him so he didn’t forget again.

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The mist from the falls made me cold and hungry. (We stayed in and relaxed)

While in Toronto, Ontario, if you don’t visit Niagara Falls, there’s a problem.

Niagara Falls seems to be the only attraction for Toronto, Ontario, but people are wrong.

There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Toronto, Ontario that people miss every day. Having lived here for almost 20 years, I can tell you that Niagara Falls is just like nearly every other waterfall, but on steroids. My wife and I thought they were overrated, but we were also in awe when we first moved to Toronto, Ontario. Since then, Toronto, Ontario has become our home where all of our friends and family live. We enjoy staying in and relaxing. Last week, my wife came home with some marijuana products that she had bought at the local dispensary. For a while we had been getting medical marijuana, but since they legalize not just medical but recreational marijuana, we are buying the recreational. It seems to be cheaper to pay the extra tax on your marijuana products, then it is to purchase and receive a medical marijuana ID card. There are nearly as many marijuana dispensaries in Toronto, Ontario as there are churches. Recently, they were talking about selling marijuana in some of the grocery stores, just like they do wine and beer. I hope this doesn’t change the landscape of Toronto, Ontario as far as the type of people that hang around in the city. I would hate to think that because of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Toronto, Ontario, would change the attitudes of all the wonderful people who live in this area.

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I couldn't use marijuana in public, but I could use a vape pen.

One thing I had on my bucket list was to go to Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of my friends went to Las Vegas, Nevada, at least once a year, but I never joined them. I had young kids at home, and being a single mother, the kids always came first. Now that I’m older, and my children are out of the house, I’m finding I have more time and money to do things for myself. This year I treated myself to a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. I made a reservation at one of the most popular hotels on the strip. It amazed me at all the yard signs they had along the strip. They had marijuana laws posted just like we post street signs. Mostly, what they read was no marijuana use in public. No smoking, of any kind, in public. I saw people who were using vape patents and smelled the marijuana, but you couldn’t openly smoke a marijuana cigarette in Las Vegas, Nevada. Inside the casinos, there were cigarette girls walk around with their trays. Instead of hearing them shouting cigars, cigarettes, etc., they were offering cigars, cigarettes, and saving accessories. I think Las Vegas, Nevada, was one of the coolest trips I had ever taken, but it was for more reasons than just because of the amazing amenities and the fun of gambling. Watching people make fools of themselves while using marijuana was just as much fun as watching people you know get drunk, while you’re the only sober one around them. I’m glad I went to Las Vegas, NE, but I’m not sure I would want to go.


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Can you direct me to the closest smoke shop?

When I walked in, I knew ‌I was going to relax while in my cousin’s house

I was flying from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, PA. One of my airplane stops was in Las Vegas, Nevada. When we were offloading the plane, there was a lot of grousing going on about our delay. I already knew there was going to be a four-hour layover in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I didn’t know that a four-hour layover had turned into a two-day layover. Unlike many other people on the airplane who had to find a hotel, I simply called my cousin and asked him if he could pick me up and take me in for a couple of days. Since he was working, he gave me his address, told me how far it was from the airport to his house, and to make sure the taxidriver did not overcharge me. Once I got into the cab, and gave him the address, I asked him if he could do a little side stop and take me to the closest smoke shop? He chuckled and took me to a smoke shop that was less than half a mile away from my cousins. When I walked in, I knew ‌I was going to relax while in my cousin’s house. I bought enough marijuana products to keep me happy while in the presence of my cousin’s wife. I was even enjoying Las Vegas, Nevada, even though I was spending 36 hours with her. Thirty-six hours is the longest I’ve ever spent without that woman, but thanks to the marijuana, it went by like it was only 36 minutes.


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The fishing trip wasn’t much fun without marijuana

My friends and I went fishing on Sunday and Jack forgot to bring the marijuana and a bowl.

I was very upset when we got out on the water and Jack gave me the bad news.

To be honest, I was probably angry. I didn’t want to spend the entire day without getting high. I told Jack that I was going to get off the boat and drive myself to a marijuana dispensary in Seattle. He thought I was joking, but I threatened to swim to shore. I thought he was being very secretive and manipulative when he did not tell me that he forgot the recreational marijuana products. He knew I would be anxious on the water and in the boat. He agreed to wait on the dock while I took the car and searched for a Seattle marijuana dispensary. Luckily, I was only 4 miles away from a dispensary and Seattle. I got in the car and hopped on the interstate. It took about 15 minutes to go 4 miles, but the dispensary was empty and I went right inside. The lady behind the counter told me about the daily specials. They had a couple of different pre-rolls and they were all 20% off. Pre-rolls sounded like a great idea, because I wouldn’t have to fool around with a bowl and a lighter. A disposable vape pen sounded like a good idea too. I purchased a 1 gram disposable Indica vape pen as well as a two gram infused joint. The fishing trip was a lot more fun after I was buzzed.

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On game night, everyone likes to smoke marijuana

My friends and I like to get together at once each week for a game night.

We have had this tradition for a couple of years.

It’s a good way to keep in touch and stay grounded. We play lots of different games. Sometimes we play Monopoly, Life, Pictionary, or even charades. Sometimes we play video games. We have gotten into some pretty big wii Sports tournaments. I’m really good at bowling, but my boyfriend is great at tennis. It’s fun to get together with our friends, especially since all of us have extremely busy schedules. Most of my friends and I live in Seattle. It’s a little bit on the expensive side to live in Seattle, but I live on the side of town that is cheaper. On the west side of the bridge, everything is cheaper. Even though marijuana is cheaper on the westside of Seattle. Whenever my friends and I want to buy cheap marijuana, we usually go to a dispensary that is in Silverdale. The dispensary has low prices on marijuana and they give out a free pre-roll with every single order placed online. My friends and I can order from the Seattle area dispensary and our order is ready to pick up less than an hour later. It doesn’t take much time at all and it is a really awesome addition on game night. We have a lot more fun when we are under the influence of marijuana. The night goes by very quickly, but we still laugh and have tons of food.



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All sales were final, even on the edibles

My friends and I live in Glendale, California.

Sometimes we spend the day in Santa Monica, when the weather is warm and comfortable.

There are a lot of fun places in Santa Monica to visit like the pier, ocean, and the Promenade. Last time my friends and I drove out to Santa Monica, we stopped in Beverly Hills. One of my friends is looking for a specific purpose and she thought the shop in Beverly Hills might have the item. I suggested we call, so we wouldn’t have to actually stop and find parking, but my friend wanted to check out all of the items in the shop, especially after she found out that they did have the purse. We stopped in Beverly Hills for an hour. I was a little aggravated, because I wanted to spend the day at the beach, not shopping on Rodeo Drive. After we left the purse store, we made a short detour to a recreational marijuana dispensary in Beverly Hills. My friends rolled their eyes when I mentioned going to the dispensary, but I didn’t care if they were aggravated or not. I bought a disposable cannabis vape pen and the dispensary. I smoked it in the car the rest of the way to the beach. I rolled the window down, but I smoked the entire way to the beach. When we finally arrived, someone made a comment about everyone smelling like marijuana. I looked at everyone in the backseat with a dangerous stare. They wasted two of my beach hours in Beverly Hills and they were going to lecture me on etiquette?

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At the airport, there were signs everywhere for marijuana

My sister was on a game show in Hollywood and she won tickets for the two of us to spend a week in Beverly Hills.

We were in one of the swankiest hotels in Beverly Hills.

The place was bigger than a castle. My sister was already in California, but I had to fly to the West Coast and I went straight to Beverly Hills. When I arrived at the airport, there were a lot of things that shocked and surprised me. I was amazed by the number of advertisements for recreational and medical marijuana. On the East Coast, there aren’t a lot of states that have legal recreational marijuana. They definitely don’t have signs all over the airport. Seeing the cannabis signs in Beverly Hills was a shock to my system and something that I did not expect. My sister and I went from the airport right to the hotel in Beverly Hills. We had room service every night of the week and everything was paid for in the package that my sister won. While we were in the hotel, we saw an advertisement for a marijuana delivery service. The service would bring marijuana right to our front door at the hotel. It was the strangest and most novel thing that I saw when I was in California. It seemed like we were in an entirely different country, but we were right here in the United States of America. It’s hard to believe that marijuana is illegal in some parts of the country and sold like cigarettes and beer in other parts of the country.
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The storm knocked a tree into the house and the HVAC unit

Last summer, a huge storm caused a lot of damage in the neighborhood.

It was easily the most severe storm that Glenview, Illinois has ever seen. I have lived in Glenview for 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like that storm. We had 55 mph winds and rain that was falling like daggers of ice. The rain was so heavy at times that the power was knocked out. The roads were completely washed out from the rain. A tree fell on one of the power lines and power was out in our neighborhood as well as several others. The storm also knocked a tree down in the front yard. The tree landed right on top of the HVAC unit. The HVAC unit was completely crushed when the tree fell to the ground. Power went out to the house when it occurred. We were afraid to turn on the power due to the fire hazard. Neighbors across the street came outside to check on us, because the tree fell with such an incredibly forceful said. If we had been standing outside, we would have surely been killed. We were lucky that the tree fell on the HVAC unit instead of the roof. The damages would have been much more severe. Thankfully, the insurance company covered all of the damages after the storm. I think it helps to have a local insurance company. My insurance broker knew exactly how horrible the storm had been and she did not question any of the damages when I submitted the insurance appraisal to the Glenview company.

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Temperatures at the fitness center were less than ideal

When my girlfriend and I were walking out of the building, I overheard that manager talking to the girl at the counter

My girlfriend and I have been going to the fitness center 3 days every week to work out and exercise. We are trying to train for a half marathon that is being sponsored by our employer. Any person that decides to run in the half marathon for charity gets a whole day off work to rest. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me, even if there is a $100 entry fee. I still make money with the day off work. Our Fitness Center is in Glenview, Illinois. Glenview is a city outside of Chicago. My girlfriend and I both work in Chicago. We live in Glenview, where the commute is not terrible. We still have to face the city traffic, but the cost of living in Glenview is lower than the cost of living right in the city. My girlfriend and I went to the gym on Friday after work and they were having some terrible indoor air quality problems. It did not feel like the air conditioner was working very well. The temperatures and the room with all of the treadmills were much higher than the temperatures in the rest of the fitness. I was overheated and miserable, and I didn’t want to stay and exercise more than 10 or 15 minutes. When my girlfriend and I were walking out of the building, I overheard that manager talking to the girl at the counter. They were discussing an issue with the air conditioner and the manager said a repair service from Glenview was on the way. The issue with the air conditioner was fixed the next day, so I guess it wasn’t anything too serious.

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