The cleaning lady left a vape pen

My wifey and I have full-time jobs that keep us severely busy.

  • My wifey works at a hospital in San Francisco and I work at a museum, however both of us are at work all day.

When the two of us get condo at the end of the evening, neither 1 of us wants to wash the house, clean dishes, or clean the floors, then not many of months ago, I searched San Francisco Bay for a cleaning supplier that could handle our home. I spoke with many unusual San Francisco businesses. My wifey and I made our choice and the two of us busy annually cleaning on Sundays and Fridays. Everything was going well until Last weekwhen our wifey found a marijuana vape pen on the eveningstand. Neither 1 of us used recreational or medical marijuana supplies. The marijuana vape pen had to come from the cleaning lady. When our wifey found the vape pen on the eveningstand, she contacted the cleaning supplier to complain, honestly, I didn’t guess it was a substantial deal, however our wifey was unquestionably exasperated, but she spoke with the owner of the cleaning supplier in San Francisco and told the lady about the marijuana vape pen that she found on the desk. The owner of the supplier legitimately asked our wifey if she was certain that the vape pen did not belong to her. My wifey was 100% certain since neither 1 of us uses recreational or medical marijuana. The next Sunday when the two of us had our condo clean, the two of us did not see the same woman. All of us think she lost her job.



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Recreational marijuana products

Denver legalized recreational marijuana in 2012! Since then, marijuana sales have continued to grow every year, but denver has exceptional prices on recreational marijuana products. They are among the lowest in the state and some locales around the country. Denver is also a pretty neighborhood and a attractive locale to visit. I decided to visit Denver for a month last year. My mom moved to Denver with her current hubby. I had never been to the neighborhood before, however my mom promised the two of us would have a great time. I flew from my hometown into the Denver Airport and my mom picked me up. There were a ton of advertisements for recreational cannabis shops. I decided to mention recreational cannabis to my mom to see what her reaction would be. She seemed certainly great with recreational cannabis use. I asked my mom if the two of us could stop at a dispensary on our way back to the house. She instantly listed a couple of different locales and told me about the best deals and each one. My mom or her hubby clearly used cannabis, because my mom knew everything about the local seeing! After I bought a couple of things from their cannabis shop, my mom and I headed back to the house. After I took a shower and put on some fresh clothes, the two of us sat outside on the porch and smoked a cannabis joint together. I found out that my mom has been smoking cannabis for numerous years and way before she met the current guy in her life. I entirely l acquired a lot about my mom that week.


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The festival was really a good time

During the summer time afternoons, Denver can be genuinely moderate plus humid; The average temperature in the months of June plus November is above 90 degrees.

There are a lot of fun activities in the neighborhood of Denver, however many of those activities are outside! Every summer time there is a musical festival downtown near the Denver Broncos arena, my friends wanted me to go to the festival this year, however I entirely did not want to sit outside in the heat plus humidity.

The all-day music festival sounded appreciate fun plus eventually I changed my mind plus agreed to go with my friends! Both of us arrived at the arena in Denver about an eighth before the gates opened. Both of us decided to grab some supper at a local fast food restaurant; While all of us were scouring the section for a burger joint, all of us found a recreational cannabis dispensary. My friends plus I decided to option out a couple of recreational cannabis supplies for the morning, and i knew it was going to be tepid plus uncomfortable, so I thought it might be fun to get high. I picked out a couple of edible cannabis treats plus I also purchased two pre-rolled marijuana joints; One was a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies plus the other was a yellow dream joint with hash plus cannabis oil. I smoked the Blue Dream joint before the concert plus I ate the cannabis Edibles while in the morning. I was stoned most of the morning plus the music festival turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

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Light snow was falling

Ever since the quarantine shutdown businesses, recreational marijuana delivery has been widely available across the Denver metropolitan area… Denver has had legal recreational cannabis for almost 10 years, however many suppliers only recently started delivering, because of the quarantine and low number of people allowed in the store at a single time, then i was a single of the first drivers hired to work at a recreational marijuana delivery repair in the Denver metropolitan area.

I started toiling at the shop in the middle of January, but the weather was harshly frosty and the two of us had a light snowfall on the first weekend that I worked; Light snow started to fall around 7 PM.

It was already dark at that time. The city of Denver was covered in a number of thick clouds, but when the light snow started falling, I turned on the heat inside of our car. It kept ice from accumulating on the windows and the doors… Shortly after 9, I had a delivery about several blocks away from the store. I expected to be in and out of the apartment in a few minutes, but I fell down the stairs after slipping on some ice. I banged our leg badly and I had a sizable gas on the left side from hitting a metal pole. I had to contact the dispensary and I told our boss that I was not going to be able to finish with the deliveries. I had to go to the emergency room to have a nurse look at the damage. I ended up receiving 13 stitches in our leg and I had to complete a round of tetanus.
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I didn't even guess that Denver had legal cannabis

Very few of years ago, our lady commanded that every one of us go to Denver for the week of Christmas as well as New Years. I thought the plan sounded unbelievable as well as I was looking forward to skiing. Denver has a lot of fun activities to offer, however skiing is actually 1 of our preferred outdoor activities. When our lady commanded going to Denver for the week, I was thrilled with the idea. My lady made reservations for us to like various activities during Denver, but both of us went to various unusual ski resorts as well as spent all morning skiing as well as snowboarding, on 1 particular evening, every one of us decided to go to a ski resort to like a Winter time tradition called snow tubing. That was exhilarating as well as a lot of dangerous fun. When our lady as well as I went to Denver, I did not realize that Denver had legal cannabis. It was shortly after cannabis was legalized. My lady commanded going to a recreational cannabis shop as well as I thought it was a poor idea. I didn’t want to get into trouble as well as I didn’t guess if our beach beach house state would be able to find out that our driver’s license was scanned in a cannabis supply shop. My lady wanted to try cannabis during Denver, but I refused to go into the shop with her. I let her option out what she wanted as well as I smoked cannabis with her, but I didn’t want our name in the plan or on any FBI record or file. That information can follow you somewhere as well as possibly keep myself and others from getting a legal firearm.


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I just received a cannabis dispensary delivery from the Tarzana area of LA

Although I live in Encino, I have stayed in various places around Los Angeles since moving to southern California with my family in elementary school. I’m attracted to the mountains, especially the areas like Tarzana, Santa Maria, and my current residence in Encino along Alonzo Ave. Despite being in Encino, I’m starting to shop in Tarzana and considering a move to a neighborhood near Corbin Canyon Park. I love the climate and the beautiful mountain backdrop to the south. Being in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles is great because you get to live in perhaps some of the nicest neighborhoods in the entire area. If you like to go hiking and take pictures from mountain peaks, your ideal destination is just a few minutes to the south. And since there are new cannabis dispensaries opening all of the time in Tarzana, it’s a nice place to visit or shop from even if you live in Encino like I do. The new Tarzana cannabis dispensary is a cannabis delivery service only. They don’t have a storefront—you use their website to create an order and then a person from the company calls to confirm your address and the time of your delivery. If you order before 7pm, you can get two-hour delivery windows. This is amazing if you work from home or don’t like to get in the car and risk dealing with Los Angeles traffic all the way back into Encino, Tarzana, and Santa Maria. My delivery from the dispensary in Tarzana contained some of the dankest smelling cannabis flower buds that I have purchased since moving to southern California.

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I love hiking into the mountains behind Tarzana with a bong in my backpack

Tarzana is a wonderful suburb to reside in if you want to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean weather of southern california and it’s many mountain range backdrops without succumbing to the insanity of Los Angeles.

Even if you work in Los Angeles full time, living in one of the mountainous suburbs could be better for your state of time.

Currently I live in Mulholland Park because it’s so close to places like Garapito Canyon and Topanga State Park. These are amazing locations to take photos if you like posting your travel-logs on instagram like I do. You can escape the hectic city life of lower Los Angeles if you need a break from the insanity and heavy traffic. One of my all time favorite things to do on a day off from work is to load up a backpack with a bong and several jars of my favorite cannabis flowers to go hiking in the mountains behind Tarzana. Last weekend I took a hike from Sylvia Park to Santa Maria while taking hits off my bong with the strain Pineapple Express. The quality of the cannabis flower buds in southern California is amazing, especially at the local weed stores here in Tarzana. I don’t have a favorite dispensary because there are so many to choose from, but I tend to focus on cannabis flower products opposed to marijuana edibles or vaporizer cartridges. The hikes in the mountain trails are fun even if you don’t have weed in your backpack, but of course I can’t resist adding that extra layer of enjoyment to my outdoor excursions!


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The Santa Ynez mountains are a beautiful place to hike

I usually smoke dried marijuana flower but the vape pen has a much higher THC count then I am accustomed to

The Santa Ynez mountains are part of the Pacific Coastal mountain range. The mountain range dates back to the age of dinosaurs. Flora and fauna line the mountains and trails. The mountains include the Santa Ynez fault line. The mountains have a high peak at 4864 feet. There are many hiking trails along the mountain and a few of them lead to caves. My friends and I decided to hike to one of the caves near Coldwater sandstone in the Santa Ynez mountains. The mountains are a short drive from our home in Santa Barbara. Before we left Santa Barbara, we stopped at a recreational and medical marijuana shop. I purchased a disposable vape pen with a live resin Blue Dream cartridge. I was afraid to buy marijuana joints, because I didn’t know if it would be windy on the mountain. I knew the disposable vape pen wouldn’t require electricity for a flame. It was the perfect choice for a day of hiking outside of Santa Barbara. My friends and I found the location of the cave near Coldwater sandstone. It was a long hike to our destination and it was a very warm spring day. By the time we arrived, I was really stoned from the live resin vape pen. I usually smoke dried marijuana flower but the vape pen has a much higher THC count then I am accustomed to. I was ready for a nap before we even got back to the city of Santa Barbara. Thank goodness I didn’t drive to the mountains. I was way too stoned to drive back home.

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I needed a good AC repair tech for the job

It is very important to have a good working AC if you live on the west coast, near the beach.

My family and I live on the west coast in a coastal city called Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara has a Mediterranean climate. Although it is never extremely hot, the temperatures often require AC during the summer months. When my wife and I were building our house in Santa Barbara, we hired a heating and AC company to install radiant flooring throughout the house. We couldn’t find a place in Santa Barbara to do the work, so we had to contact someone from Los Angeles. The contractors were only available on the weekends. I needed a good AC technician for the job, so I paid the extra fees and the contractors came up the coast to complete the work last Saturday. The technicians arrived 30 minutes late. I didn’t complain at first, because traffic can be an issue from time to time. When the contractors walked through the front door, the odor of marijuana was unmistakable. Each one of the contractors smelled like they were working in a field of marijuana. I didn’t say anything at the time, but when I saw one of the contractors smoking a marijuana joint in the backyard, I decided to voice my opinion. I threatened to send the contractors home without pay and I told them that I would hire another person to finish the job if they showed up stoned the next day. I didn’t want stoned workers playing with electricity on my watch.



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I cannot believe there are over 400 cannabis dispensaries in Denver alone!

If you consider how many dispensaries are within a single square mile if Denver has over 400, then that must mean that there is a cannabis dispensary on nearly every street corner

When I was in college a little over 10 years ago, I figured that it would be decades before cannabis was legal in the United States. Although we aren’t there yet, there are more states in this country with some form of legal cannabis than states without it. Many medical marijuana dispensaries will accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards, giving you a chance to purchase cannabis whenever you’re traveling and visiting other states. Until I moved to Denver and got to experience the wonders of Colorado-grown cannabis, I was a lowly medical marijuana cardholder in a state with consistently bad cannabis products. The only respite I had was whenever I’d travel to a state that had reciprocity for out-of-state medical marijuana cards, letting you shop there just like a resident of that state. Now that I’m in Denver, I can’t imagine going beyond the Mile High City knowing that we have over 400 cannabis dispensaries within the city alone. One of my favorite cannabis locations in Denver is right alongside the River North Art District. Regardless of the day of the week, there is a sale of some kind going on. And if I get sick of the weed from that dispensary, I can pull out a map of Denver, place my finger on a random place, and then visit the closest cannabis store to that exact location. If you consider how many dispensaries are within a single square mile if Denver has over 400, then that must mean that there is a cannabis dispensary on nearly every street corner. It’s a lot better than living in the deep south where cannabis is either tightly regulated or still illegal altogether.

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