The Denver weatherman was wrong, wrong, wrong

Most people rely on the forecast, especially when it comes from a reputable weather person on the television for the radio. I’ve been getting my weather report from a Denver television station for the past 15 years. There are several different Denver television stations that have news and weather, but I prefer the ABC station. The weatherman has been reporting for 10 years and the guy is almost always on the money. Last weekend, the weatherman was wrong, wrong, bro. He could not have been more incorrect in the worst time. My friends and I decided to go camping in the upper elevations of Denver. There was no rain or cold temperatures in the forecast. My friends and I were prepared with extra sleeping bags and a battery operated heater. One time we were stuck in the woods without any heat and it was a very cold night. Since then, I’ve always packed the battery operated heater. Cold air was not our problem that night. Shortly after we finished dinner, drops of rain started to sizzle on the rocks outside of our fire pit. The rain started out slowly and then it began to pour. Our tent was soaked with rain and there was water on the floor. It was wet and cold and I spent the night shivering. I couldn’t use the heater, because the entire floor was wet. I was worried we might get electrocuted. I trusted the weather forecaster that night and he let me down, but I wasn’t the only person surprised by the strange storm and freak weather occurrence.

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The field trip to the museum was perfect on that rainy day

Instead of rain, cold air, and dark clouds, we had a clear sky and lots of sunshine

My son is in the 6th grade. He is a good student and he enjoys many different subjects like math, history, and science. Science is probably his favorite subject. When his class had a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, my son wanted me to join as a chaperone. I agreed to accompany all of the class kids to the museum. On the day of the trip, the weather was absolutely miserable. It was cold and rainy. The bus driver started skidding on the highway as we were driving through Denver. Thankfully it only takes 20 minutes to get to the Museum from the school. All of the kids had time in the morning and the afternoon to explore the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. At lunch time, everyone went to the Planetarium for a show. I enjoyed a lot of the exhibits inside of the Denver Museum. Some places were closed because of covid restrictions, but we enjoyed most of the museum attractions. At the end of the day, I was tired and ready to go home. We had been inside of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science all day, and I was extremely surprised to see the sun shining when we walked outside. The weather had cleared up from the morning hours. Instead of rain, cold air, and dark clouds, we had a clear sky and lots of sunshine. When the field trip was done, I took my son home early and we went to the park for ice cream. It was a really fun day and one I will not forget for a while.

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I wasn't ready to admit defeat in any way

Denver heating and AC problems happen frequently, but the city is flooded with businesses that provide repair and installation services.

  • There are at least fifty different HVAC service providers listed on the internet.

Sometimes work can be extremely boring, so my friends and I come up with crazy competitions to help the day go faster. One of my co-workers and I had a furnace installation job on the same day. Both of the furnace installation jobs were in downtown Denver. Both were inside homes and residential jobs that are easy to complete. My coworker and I decided to bet on who would finish with the furnace installation job first. Jack left the building 1st and headed downtown to help a customer and I headed to the other side of Denver to work on a different furnace installation. Both of us started around the same time. I texted Jack at lunch time, so I could hear about his progress. He was already two steps ahead of me. I wasn’t ready to admit defeat at all, but I knew he was moving a lot faster than me. I didn’t want to skip any steps or make any mistakes, so I couldn’t work any faster. At the end of the day, Jack finished almost an hour before me. I tried to come up with excuses for the delay, but I clearly don’t work as fast as Jack. Since I lost the bet, I had to pay for drinks and the first round of shots at a bar around the corner from the HVAC business.

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Marijuana is legal but that doesn't change the cold

One of my best friends from high school moved during our sophomore year.

His parents decided to move the family to a suburb in Illinois. My friend and I did not talk again until we were at the same College. We spent four years at the University of Illinois. My friend went back to living in Orland Park, a suburb outside of Chicago. After University was over, I went back to Utah. My friend and I lost touch, but he contacted me a couple of years ago. He was excited to find my profile on Facebook. We started talking about life and our jobs and he mentioned the fact that marijuana is legal in Illinois. He suggested that I move to Orland Park and live in an apartment with him. He knew a place that was hiring and guaranteed he could find a job for me. I did not consider the idea at first, because I thought it was a silly idea. Once I started thinking about the perks of living in a legal marijuana state, I decided to move. My friend and I have an apartment and the place is very large and spacious. I have a job working right in Orland Park, but I could commute to Chicago if necessary. It’s nice having legal marijuana, but that doesn’t change the cold. For the first time in a while, I often wake up shivering. I even had to buy a space heater for my bedroom. Even with the france running, the room still feels cold because of the three ceiling to floor windows.


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I called the heating company when the furnace wouldn't light

My wife and I recently moved to a suburb called Orland Park. The suburb is located about 30 minutes south of Chicago. It is part of Cook County in the great state of Illinois. My wife and I chose to move to Orland Park, because of its close proximity to Chicago. I got a job working at a law firm in the city, but the rates for real estate rentals were out of this world. We found much better deals on apartments and condos in Orland Park. The best part about the city is the fact that the commuter train travels all the way to the city. The stop in Orland Park is only a few blocks away from my apartment. I don’t need a car at all, even though my job is 30 minutes away. Living in the Chicago area does come with some drawbacks. It is extremely cold during the winter. This is the first time my wife and I have ever had to deal with snow. Both of us are from a region down south that never had snow. Neither one of us knew anything about the furnace, so we had to contact a professional heating company when the furnace would light. I tried to light the pilot, but it didn’t seem like there was any gas getting to the system. I felt like it was best in this situation to contact the heating company and let a professional fix the problem. I certainly didn’t want to make matters worse and I didn’t have any way to fix the problem.

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Moving to New Mexico was a must after the laws changed

My girlfriend and I were living in Oklahoma, but we decided to move to New Mexico after the cannabis laws changed.

A lot of our friends decided to move to New Mexico as well.

In fact, my girlfriend and I ended up renting an apartment with another couple that were very good friends of ours. Together we found a three-bedroom condo in the middle of Albuquerque. It was pretty expensive, but the four of us easily afforded the rent. The Albuquerque rental came with amenities like a spa, in-ground pool, and hot tub. The place has a fitness center as well as a library. One of the best parts about the condo is the fact that it is only three blocks away from a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. My friends and I often walk to the dispensary each afternoon to pick out something for the evening. The Albuquerque dispensary also offers free delivery services from 7am until 10pm. When it is raining or extremely hot, I don’t mind ordering delivery from the dispensary. Since the place is only a few minutes away, it usually takes less than 15 or 20 minutes to receive my items. After we found out that the laws were going to change and recreational marijuana was going to be legalized, there was absolutely no way that my friends and I were going to continue living in a place that still believed that smoking weed was a felonious act. It’s the 21st century and time that people realize the various medical benefits that marijuana has to offer.

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The streets were filled on the day of the protest

Politics have divided this country and we are back to brother versus brother, much like it was during the civil war era.

A lot of people are unhappy with our government and protests are frequently happening, especially in the state capital of Albuquerque.

Last week, a group of young people were protesting outside of the court house. There was a small group of people in the morning, but towards the late afternoon the group had grown in size. I wasn’t feeling particularly nervous about that group of people, until they filled the street. I work as a security guard at a cannabis shop a few blocks away from the courthouse. The cannabis shop has been there since marijuana was legalized years ago, but on this particular day I was worried about security. The shop was busier than usual and people lined the streets. I was worried about keeping the place secure, so I stood outside the front door all day instead of sitting at the desk inside of the shop. I wanted to be one hundred percent certain that the cannabis shop would be safe and secure. I remained vigilant all day and watched for problems. Around 4, I noticed one of the news Vans pulling up to the courthouse. It looked like they were going to film the live at five news live from the scene. I hope the protesters feel like they have been heard. There are a lot of reasons to be upset about the politics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If I was a young person, I would feel the need to protest my voice in anger as well.

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Our nature hikes

My mother and I love to go hiking and fishing.

  • Since my brother never liked outdoor recreation, I would use this as a mom and daughter thing.

We would take hikes into the woods adjacent to our house. We formed a special bond whenever we were sitting together in nature, listening to the majestic sounds of the forest. Mom taught me how to watch for bears and what to do if I ever encountered a single while alone or with others in the wilderness. Because of the skills my father taught me, I feel confident that I could survive indefinitely outside of society if I ever needed to get away from the insanity. However, the winters in Manitoba are downright brutal, so I eventually moved to Toronto to get close to the banks of Lake Ontario. Despite the lake-effect snow, the Toronto space is much warmer than my family’s old beach house in Winnipeg. Despite living in Toronto, I love driving north to sites like Lake Simcoe to go camping and fishing. This past weekend I stopped at a easily great weed dispensary in Newtonbrook on Drewry Ave. I decided to purchase a package of pre-rolled joints so I could smoke them along the banks of Lake Simcoe. I adore being in Toronto and being around the people, however sometimes I need to get out to the woods to know again like I did when I was still young in Manitoba. Occasionally I will take my cannabis vaporizer pen with me out to Lake Ontario and take a ferry out to the Toronto Islands. If I want to see the city from 1000s of feet up, I can visit the CN Tower as well. Living in Toronto is honestly more exciting than my former life in Winnipeg.



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On the water and smoking

Before I moved to Toronto, I was a resident of the space of Michigan known as “the thumb.” Since the smaller part of Michigan looks like a hand, the portion of the state that literally resembles a human thumb was given that name.

  • More recognizably, I lived in Port Huron near the Canadian border and the city of Sarnia.

I remember taking day trips into Canada over the Blue Water Bridge with my family in the years before passports were required for travel in and out of the United States. We would hop onto Highway 402 and drive east until reaching Highway 401 just out of London, Ontario. If we stayed on Highway 401 and drove northeast we’d eventually hit Toronto. This was a fun drive to make because we had relatives living just out of Toronto in Pickering along the banks of Frenchman’s Bay in Lake Ontario. All of us youngsters would get on bikes and ride down to Beachfront Park. Now that I’m living in Toronto as a resident, going to the banks of Lake Ontario with a disposable cannabis vape pen is a single of my all time number one things to do. Sometimes I rent a boat so I can enjoy my cannabis out on the open waters. These cannabis vaporizer pens are available at most cannabis dispensaries and are straight-forward to conceal just about anywhere usual nicotine vaping is allowed. I try to limit myself to outdoor spaces so I’m not pushing the chance of getting caught too much, especially if I tried to watch a Maple Leaf’s hockey game at Scotiabank Arena.


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Legalization of our weed

I was excited when cannabis was legalized for recreational use in Canada a few years ago.

  • Although we could obtain legal weed with a physician’s recommendation from 2001, the Cannabis Act was a larger step forward for Canadians and visitors of Canada who use marijuana.

It’s not a sizable surprise since public opinion polls showed that roughly 75% of Canadians favored an end to cannabis prohibition as far back as 97. And as such, the Canadian government legalized medical cannabis a few years later in 2001. There were many medical designations under which a licensed physician in Canada could prescribe medical cannabis to an interested customer. It’s no shock that by the end of that decade, there was a push among marijuana advocates to legalize cannabis for recreational use in the entire country. Following the legalization of recreational cannabis in a number of states while in the mid 2010s, the Canadian government followed suit in 2018. Now I and all of my fellow Canadian citizens can purchase cannabis in this country separate from getting persecuted morally or criminally. I live in Mississauga, but I work in Toronto and respectfully shop at cannabis dispensaries in the high end city. I’m enthusiastic about this current cannabis dispensary that just opened in North York on Sheppard Ave. They have many sativa and indica strains of cannabis flower products, but I was more interested in cannabis edibles like RSO and cannabis candy products. RSO is a full spectrum product so I bought a syringe along with a jar of cannabis flower buds. I assume I’ll be going to see this cannabis dispensary in North York the next time I’m driving through the area.

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