Busch Gardens can be a fun day in winter

My family and I live in a suburb outside of Tampa Florida.

  • One of our favorite things to do on a winter day is go to Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens is a safari themed amusement park made for families to enjoy. A lot of people visit Busch Gardens in Tampa when they come to Florida for summer vacation. In my opinion, summer is the worst time to visit any Florida tourist attraction. First of all, most places are extremely busy during the summer season. Kids are out of school and parents are taking vacations. The second reason why summer is the worst time to visit places like Busch Gardens in Tampa is because of the Heat and the humidity. There is no access to air conditioning once you are inside the amusement park. The only places with air conditioning are the restaurants and gift shops. None of the ride lines are in an area with air conditioning, so you are forced to stand in line for 1 or 2 hours in 95° temperatures with 95% humidity. Most kids aren’t expecting Busch Gardens or any other theme park to be a miserable experience, so add complaining and whining children to the day. Those are the biggest reasons why I don’t prefer to visit the theme parks during the summer. The weather in Tampa during the winter season is actually quite mild and cool. In my humble opinion, this is the perfect time to hang out with friends and relax at one of the many Tampa Bay tourist attractions like Busch Gardens.



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Moving to Tampa was unavoidable

We might have lived there a little bit longer, but we were staying in the garage where there was no Central AC.

When my wife and I met in college, she told me that she planned to graduate and go back home to Tampa, Florida. I always hoped she would change her mind and stay in Colorado, but she missed her mom and her friends. When both of us graduated, I had to make a difficult decision. My girlfriend wanted me to move to Tampa with her, but I knew life was going to be drastically different if I moved to Tampa, Florida. I thought about the decision for weeks, but ultimately I could not say goodbye to my girlfriend so I decided to move to the Florida tourist destination. My girlfriend and I When my girlfriend and I arrived, we stayed with her mom and dad. I was thankful for a cheap place to stay, but I told my girlfriend that I did not want to live there for a long time. I started looking for a job and so did my girlfriend. We lived in her parents house for 5 months and then we found a place of our own. We might have lived there a little bit longer, but we were staying in the garage where there was no Central AC. By the time summer arrived, my girlfriend and I were ready to get out of the garage and into a place with Central AC. It was at the top of our list when we found a realtor. My wife and I still consider the AC to be one of the most important systems in our home. Living in Florida means considering the heat and the humidity and being prepared before the summer months begin.



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Tampa, FL is home to one very tall bridge

My wife and I went to Tampa Bay last year for the first time ever.

We started traveling in our RV a couple of years ago and this was our first chance to visit Florida.

We decided to go to Tampa, because my wife has family that lives close by. We were convinced that summer was the best time to visit Florida, because we wanted to see the beach and go to the ocean. It would have been nice if one of our friends would have taken the time to explain how incredibly hot and humid it can get in the Tampa area. The average summer temperature was 93 degrees during the week that we visited. My wife and I stayed in an RV park while we were in Tampa. It was on one side of a very long and tall bridge. The bridge is one of the tallest bridges in the whole country. Driving the RV across the bridge was very nerve-wracking and I wanted to throw up my lunch. After we made it to the RV park, we found out that they only have 30 amp service. Our large RV with three slides and an upstairs bedroom uses 50 amp service. We were unable to run both of the air conditioners and it was impossible to keep the house cool. Both of us learned a very important lesson about visiting Tampa during The summer season. If we ever return to that city, we certainly will wait until the weather is much more mild and cool. I honestly don’t know how people can live in that environment happily.

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It's too hot to stay home and do nothing

One of my favorite places to take the kids is Weeki Wachee Springs

During the summer, Tampa Bay is one of the worst places to live. It’s absolutely hot, uncomfortable, and humid. A lot of people don’t prefer living in Florida because of the temperatures. I’ve lived here my whole life and I can’t think of living anywhere else. When I was a kid, the heat did not seem to be as extreme as it is today. I remember growing up without an air conditioner in my bedroom, but now it’s almost impossible to survive without central air conditioning. The average summer temperatures are 90 degrees or higher, but that isn’t the worst part about living in Tampa. The humidity is the absolute worst part about the tropical climate. The humidity is around 100% every single day. I can’t even walk outside without starting to sweat. The moisture collects on my body instantly and makes me feel very uncomfortable. It’s too hot to stay home and do nothing, so my family and I enjoy going to the spring when we have a day without work. There are a lot of natural freshwater springs in Florida and many of them are close to Tampa. Within an hour you can find a number of places to cool down on a hot summer day. One of my favorite places to take the kids is Weeki Wachee Springs. The place has real mermaids that stay underwater and swim. It’s a pretty cool place for the kids to visit and the water is crystal clear and blue. Trust me, if you come to Florida to visit anything but a cold refreshing spring, you’re going to be disappointed and very uncomfortable.


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Tampa Bay had a great team last year, but I still hate #13

I have lived in Florida my whole life and I am a die-hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

I watched them win the championship in 2003 and then I watched them blow their chances every year until number 13 arrived.

Number 13 is the old quarterback from the New England team. I despise the guy so much that I won’t even use his real name. Number 13 is arrogant and full of himself, but he certainly knows how to get the job done. He took the Tampa Bay Team all the way to the Superbowl and won the championship game. Tampa Bay had a great team last year and I got to see a ton of the games. My company services residential and commercial Heating and air conditioning systems. It is extremely hot in Tampa, Florida, even during football season. Most people use their air conditioner all the way up to the championship game. We rarely have a need for heat in this neck of the woods. On the day of the Super Bowl, some of the fans looked miserable and uncomfortable in the cold weather, but I was wearing shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt to the bar where I watched the game. The place is one of my favorite restaurants to eat wings. It is located very close to the Tampa Bay Stadium. The stadium parking lot was packed with people having a tailgate party but it looked like a rowdy mess and an excuse for the police to arrive. I thought the bar was a much safer place to party the night away.


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Tampa bay has nice city and state parks systems

Tampa Bay is a great place to live, but it can certainly be difficult for people not aware of the heat as well as humidity.

The two of us went to Tampa to live as well as it still takes some time to adjust to the heat as well as terrible humidity.

The outdoor on even temperatures are almost 100 degrees in Tampa. When the teenagers as well as myself have interests outside, we go when it is not hot as well as uncomfortable. There are lots of cool places to visit in Tampa and the Tampa Bay area. One location where my kids as well as myself prefer to go are the state parks in Pinellas County. Pinellas County is close to St Petersburg and one of my favorite places to visit is Fort Desoto State Park. It is several different keys that are offshore. Each one of the islands are connected to a bridge. This state park is absolutely a great location to take my teenagers, especially on a hot and humid day. When it gets too hot, we simply get into the water for a little while. The two of us prefer Tampa as well as the Saint Petersburg area. A lot of folks can’t stand the heat, but this is the house for me as well as there is no place else in the country where I would prefer to live. I am going to be in Tampa until they put me into the ground and even then I will still be part of the county and region.

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Hockey was never my favorite sport until now

Did you know that Tampa Bay has a professional ice hockey team. Many people in Tampa Bay don’t know this information. There is a lot of fans for the Tampa Bay ice hockey team. The two of us love the team but we’re not ice hockey fans until moving to the Florida town of Tampa Bay. It’s self-explanatory to get into some sports when people at job are really into the game. My co-workers discuss hockey half of the year. The two of us didn’t know very much about the sport but knew it was important to make a good impression in front of the colleagues. The two of us were talking about how much we love Tampa as well as the ice hockey team. The two of us were invited to go to a game. There was absolutely no way that we could say no to the proposition. The two of us went to the hockey game not knowing anything at all about the sport. It didn’t take more than one game before I was a large fan of professional hockey and the Tampa Bay team. Half of the year it is hot as well as humid, but the Tampa Bay Lightning arena is still cold with ice on the ground. I love to watch those people drive up and down the ice rink while trying to hit a small metal disc into a basket. Now it seems that not only am I a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, but I know a little bit about each one of the teams in the sport.

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Tampa was a lot warmer than I anticipated

The two of us are farm kids that lived on a potato as well as corn field. The two of us knew the only way we would ever leave the location was after school was over. The two of us knew University would require good grades as well as the two of us worked very hard and did not go to any parties. The two of us wanted to go to Tampa Bay after school and that meant good grades for college. The two of us were accepted to a Tampa Bay College as well as several different universities. Both of us were absolutely enthusiastic to get accepted to the Tampa University. Neither one of my parents wanted the two of us to actually move that far, but we had our sights set on leaving that place. The two of us only spent more than a few years in Tampa. The weather was hot in addition to humid as well as it was a lot worse than the weather in Missouri. Tampa weather is a lot weird as well as there is heat as well as humidity. I was constantly irritated every time I had to be outside. When I finally came back to the region, I was happy to be away from the extreme heat as well as humidity. The two of us didn’t realize how much we loved the region where we grew up until we were faced was living somewhere else for a certain amount of time. That was good practice for life.


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I love living near the ocean and the bay

When my wife as well as myself wanted to find a place in Hillsborough County, we looked everywhere in the Tampa Bay Region. The two of us even hired a realtor because we wanted to stay in Tampa Bay close to our family. The two of us looked many months because the two of us absolutely wanted everything possible in this new home. The two of us felt that a pool was absolutely necessary. The Tampa Bay region has hot as well as humid weather. During the nine warm seasonal months, the two of us would also want a place with updated heating as well as air conditioning systems. Tampa Bay weather can be hot and humid every single day. It is absolutely substantial to have a nice central heating and air conditioning plan in location. The Two of Us Saw several nice houses that looked like places where we would be comfortable. In fact, there was a really nice Tampa Bay home that needed an updated heat pump and air conditioner. My wife plus myself made an offer on this place but the two of us were disappointed when the owner was not willing to give us a break. Luckily for us, Tampa Bay and the surrounding region has very nice neighborhoods. The realtor of our choice selected the right place and we found a Tampa Bay location multiple weeks later. The multiple study room Ranch has a very nice formal dining room and an extra home office. The location is in a town with more than a few community pools, water slides as well as a huge playground. The house is also in a nice neighborhood right outside of Tampa Bay and only 15 minutes away from my job.


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Driving to Tampa can be a long ride

My lady as well as myself had dinner last evening as well as the two of us felt it would be fantastic to have dinner at a new seafood restaurant.

The restaurant had amazing online reviews.

The two of us had a huge platter was scallops, crab, clams, shrimp, and fish. The two of us paid a whopping $95 for our meal plus we had several glasses of wine. When the two of us left after a nice dinner, we were extremely tired. The two of us had it right back to our home after the one hour drive back from the Tampa Bay Area restaurant. There was a three-car accident on the road and traffic to and from Tampa was insanely long. When the two of us came back to the house, we went right to bed after placing the leftover Seafood items in our refrigerator. The two of us got up in the morning and had to stop for gas on the way to work. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate my money clip. I searched the glove compartment in addition to the many places where it could fall. The two of us were unable to locate the debit card but the seafood restaurant was the last place where I used the card. I called them and they answered the phone on the first ring. The two of us had to drive back to Tampa Bay that morning before we could go to work and the traffic was even worse on the way there then it was the previous night when we thought it was a long

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