The athlete tested positive for cannabis and got disqualified

One of the Olympic athletes was from my neighborhood in Denver.

I remember snowboarding with the girl when we were kids.

She had a lot of talent even back then. I was really excited when I found out that she qualified for the Olympics. Someone from our small neighborhood in Denver was going to be representing our country in one of the biggest winter sports. A few weeks before the event, there was a news story in the local Denver paper. The news story accused the Olympic athlete of testing positive for cannabis. I hoped the information wasn’t true, but the news covered the story later that day. Even though recreational Cannabis is legal in Colorado, it is not something that is considered a legal substance for athletes. When cannabis showed up on the test, the athlete had to be disqualified and booted from the race. A lot of people were upset about the results and the ruling, but the athlete had a news conference a few days later. She apologized for knowingly breaking the rules and promised she would do better in the future. It seemed to be a humbling experience for the world-class athlete. Recreational marijuana is something that I absolutely enjoy. It would be difficult for me to give that up, especially if I found it to be relaxing at the end of a tough workout. This athlete spends 12 or 14 hours every day pushing her body to the maximum limit. A little bit of marijuana doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially when it is legal in many places around the globe.


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The second company wanted more reasonable rates for the work

Sometimes it is important to call for several estimates before making a decision.

I needed some work done on my car and I knew it was a good idea to get more than one estimate.

I got the best company to perform the work at the lowest price, because I took my time to make sure I was getting the best deal on the services. I never get upset when my customers do the same thing. I own an HVAC repair business. I have other competition in the valley, but I try to keep the lowest rates and I know I have the best customer service. Every once in a while, someone will find a better deal. I tell every customer that gets an estimate from me, that I will happily beat any lower quote on paper. This has always been the case and I think it helps customers know that we want to be the best. Last month a customer called for an estimate on radiant heated flooring. Radiant heated flooring is one of our specialties. A lot of people prefer this unique heating system, especially in Orland Park, where the lake effect snow and temperatures can cause lots of cold weather in the winter months. I went to the customer’s home and spent about 30 minutes looking over the house and the equipment. I emailed the customer a quote later that day. The next morning I received a telephone call from the customer. She told me that she called a second company and got an estimate for $300 lower than the price that I was charging. She wanted to make sure that I was going to honor the price match deal.


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I didn't understand the lady on the message at all

A customer called the help line last night and left a voice message.

The customer was extremely difficult to understand.

I tried my best to make out the message. I could hear the woman telling me that the problem was the AC unit, but I did not hear most of her phone number or her name. I knew she’d mentioned Orland Park, which is a small suburb outside of Chicago. Orland Park is an area that we service. I tried to match the phone number with one of our existing clients, but I didn’t have any luck. I hoped the customer would call again. Around 10:30 in the morning, I saw another phone number on the caller ID from Orland Park. I hoped it was the same customer calling again. I answered the phone and the woman on the line started yelling and screaming. She demanded to know where the service technician was to fix her AC unit. I asked the woman very politely to calm down. I asked her if she had an appointment. She told me that she left a message on the answering service and then I knew the lady was the person we were trying to reach. I calmly told the woman that her message was too difficult to understand. I told her that we had a repair technician standing by and we would send someone immediately. After the woman realized that the problem was a simple miscommunication error, she stopped yelling and asked me to send someone as soon as possible.

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After my mom and dad left, the problems started occurring

My mom and dad only left my brothers and I alone in the house a couple of times when we were kids.

I remember one of those times very vividly in my head, because so many things went wrong.

My parents went to Evansville, IN for a party. My brothers and I were playing baseball in the backyard. One of the balls got hit too hard and it broke a window in the garage door. My brothers and I were all freaking out because we thought we were going to get into trouble. I planned to tell my mom and dad that it was my fault when they came back from the party in Evansville. My dad worked for an insurance company in Evansville and my parents were at a party to celebrate a promotion that my dad had received. I wasn’t going to call them with bad news and spoil my dad’s big night. The window turned out to be no big deal, especially after the kitchen sink started to overflow. I loaded the dishwasher and hit the start button just like any other night or day. Water started spraying out of the sink. I was in the living room when the water started spraying and everything was covered with water. I shut off the dishwasher and I figured my dad could deal with it when he got home. The final straw was the furnace. My brothers and I were sitting in the living room when I heard a very loud and scary sound coming from the basement. It definitely sounded like a problem with the furnace and shortly after the sound, the furnace stopped running and did not come back on.

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On my day off, I try to relax and have fun

I get two days off work each week and I try to relax and have fun on those days.

I rarely have Saturday and Sunday as my days off. These are really busy days at the AC repair business and I just started a couple of months ago. Some of the guys with seniority have Saturdays and Sundays off, but I have to work every weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday were the days that I had off last week and I wanted to go fishing in Evansville with my friend Brad. Brad has a really nice fishing boat and he works from home. The guy I will take a day off anytime if I want to spend the day on the water. I called Brad on Tuesday, but he had a lot of things going on and no time to go to Evansville for a day of fishing. He called me first thing on Wednesday morning and asked if I was ready to travel. We hopped in the car and headed out to Evansville to do some fishing. About 10 minutes after I left town, my boss called and asked me to work. He had a couple of emergency HVAC service calls and he didn’t have anyone to help. I didn’t hear the phone ring the first time the HVAC business called and they left a voice message. I was going to call the HVAC business back, but Brad told me that was a bad idea. I should wait until the end of the day and tell the guy that I completely missed his call. Then I didn’t have to feel guilty if he tried to con me into going to work when I called.

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The dispensary security guard kept watching us

I didn’t know what I wanted from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary on Saturday, so I was browsing the Las Vegas marijuana store and looking at everything on the shelves.

  • The place had hundreds of items on sale.

My friend Jack and I went to the dispensary on Saturday, because that is the one day during the week when everything in the store is 20% off. There are no products not included in the sale. The cannabis concentrate, dried flower, Edibles, and tinctures were all 20% off. Jack and I walked around the store looking for the best deal and the dispensary security guard kept watching us. When we moved to the back of the store, the security guard moved as well. He was watching us with both eyes. Jack and I felt like the guy thought we were going to steal something from the store. When I decided to go to the bathroom, the security guard followed me to the laboratory. I thought the guy was going to jump me in the bathroom. He stood outside the door and waited for me to come back outside. He didn’t say a word and continued to follow me around the store. Jack and I have been to a lot of dispensaries in Las Vegas and this was the first time that we felt uncomfortable. We weren’t trying to steal anything from the Las Vegas dispensary and we left the building after spending nearly $100 on supplies. I have no idea why the security guard felt that we were a threat.



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Las Vegas has grown a lot in 20 years

The guy tried to sneak a whole tray of cheese danishes back to his room

I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, back in 1995. I have been living here for more than 20 years. During the past two decades, a lot of things have changed. Recreational marijuana was legalized 10 years ago. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, the city has grown exponentially. There are more than fifty different recreational marijuana shops within the Las Vegas city limits. Many of the shops are on the strip and close to the casinos. The number of casinos in Las Vegas has also doubled in the last 20 years. It seems like there is new construction always occurring on one building or another. I have a job working in the kitchen at one of the busiest casinos. The place is always packed with people. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight buffet. The midnight Buffet is always one of the most interesting meals of the day. Most of the people who take advantage of the midnight buffet are drunk or have been using recreational marijuana. The only people awake at that time of the night are people that are spending a lot of time partying. Last weekend one of the hotel guests caused a scene at the buffet. The guy tried to sneak a whole tray of cheese danishes back to his room. We don’t normally say anything to people that try to take food back to the room, but this guy had a whole garbage bag filled with food. There was no way we could allow him to take all of those things out of the dining room.


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I love to go blueberry picking in the right season

Blueberries grow in abundance in the Portland, Oregon area.

There are many farms that allow you to pick your own blueberries.

I love to take the kids blueberry picking in the right season. The best time to pick blueberries is in the months of June, July, August, September, and October. My kids and I love to pick fresh blueberries. After we have a whole can filled with blueberries, we take them back home and make delicious desserts like muffins, pancakes, and pie. Sometimes my husband will get in on the fun too. He goes blueberry picking with me when the kids are with my parents. The two of us go to a dispensary and buy a recreational marijuana joint. We smoke the entire joint and then we spend the day searching the Portland area for blueberries. It’s a lot of fun to enjoy recreational marijuana and search for blueberries. It’s probably one of my favorite activities during the summer months. I have a lot of fun when I take the kids and I equally have a lot of fun when it is just my husband and I. Last time we went blueberry picking, we ended up getting really dirty. There was a huge patch of blueberries on the other side of a marshy and muddy area. The mud looked like it was a few inches deep, but it turned out to be nearly a foot thick. I was covered with mud by the time we came back to the car and I had to take off my socks, shoes, and pants before getting into the sedan.



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Roses are grown well in Portland, Oregon

Portland is nicknamed the city of roses.

  • Roses grow extremely well in Portland.

Roses are one of the chief exports in the city. Back in the 1800s, the Portland Rose Society was founded by the wife of a Portland socialite. There are places to see beautiful roses all over Portland, including the Lad Circle Rose Garden, Washington Park, Pittock mansion, and the Portland International Rose test Garden. As a botanist, I am truly intrigued by roses. I work at the Portland International Rose test Garden. During the day I work in the international Rose Garden. At night, I tend to the flowers in my own garden at home. I bought a house right outside of Portland with a nice yard and plenty of space for a guard. I chose some vegetables and several different colors of roses. The backyard of my home in Portland looks like an arboretum. I love to spend all day on Saturday in the garden. I especially like to spend the day outside when the sun is shining and there is no rain. It rains a great deal in Portland, but I think the Roses love the moisture. Another great thing about Portland is the fact that marijuana is legal. Marijuana has been legalized for several years and it can be purchased for recreational or medical purposes by any person over the age of 21. It can be used for a variety of reasons. I regularly use medical marijuana to help me sleep better at night. After a long day working outside, my body and my mind need to relax.


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I really want to leave Glenview

Glenview is particularly one of the nicest cities to live in Illinois, and it is an affluent Chicago suburb in Cook County. It is easily one of the premier destination sites for families and professionals that work in Chicago, however glenview has a legitimately low crime rate and top-rated colleges, then the low crime rate and good colleges is one of the reasons why our spouse and I decided to transfer here with our children. The people I was with and I were living in Chicago when the children were young, however the crime rates were through the roof. They were getting worse each year and our spouse had several small children. The people I was with and I decided moving out of the city was necessary, then after looking at several of the surrounding Cook County villages, both of us moved to Glenview; Eventually, our spouse decided to start a supplier of his own in Glenview, then he was driving back and forth to Chicago for work and he was completely and totally agitated. I mentioned opening a small Heating and A/C repair supplier in Glenview, however our spouse did not think both of us would have enough supplier to keep the doors open. After discussing the Heating and A/C repair supplier for numerous months, both of us finally decided to apply for a loan at the bank, since our spouse and I both have excellent credit scores, the bank was more than willing to give us money to start a business. In the start, the repair supplier was severely slow. He had to work all morning and half the evening. After our spouse started offering commercial repair services, supplier picked up and both of us have not had a slow morning in years.

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