Husband always wanted to go skydiving

Our jump was easy, smootha nd just beautiful.

My husband has always wanted to go skydiving. That really isn’t something that I have wanted to do ever in my lifetime. He kept bringing it up every vacation. I didn’t really want to skydive in a foreign country. I am sure those places are legit and good, but I just didn’t feel comfortable. I wanted Enlgith to be my native language and to be in the United States. I also wanted to jump where the scenery was good. What is the point in flying high up in the air on a helicopter and jumping in a random field. I also wanted the place I went skydiving to actually sound cool. I geared myself up and booked my husband and I a trip to Las Vegas. I surprised him with tickets for his birthday. I had us eating a high end brunch, getting spa services and gambling at our hotel. We also saw a lot of fun shows with dancing topless girls with feathers on their heads. We even did a bit of hiking in the national parks. At the end of the trip I surprised my husband further with skydiving in Vegas. He was so excited to go. I was extremely nervous but geared up for it. The sights above Vegas are worth the trip up in the air. Our jump was easy, smootha nd just beautiful. Afterwards the two of us were so keyed up. We ended up going to a recreational cannabis dispensary and picking out a few products. Our evening ended with us ordering room service and getting a little high on legal weed. It was a great day.

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Moving to Lowell was actually a great thing for me

I used to live in California.

Constantly people were coming to visit me.

I never realized how many “friends” I had until I lived in a sunny, fun state. Suddenly everyone wanted to fly and stay with me. I realized that I was a vacation hub. Everyone wanted to take advantage of the fact that I lived in the city, a nice one. They wanted to sit on the beach, try legal recreational weed and have a free vacation. I got the joys of being their taxi, maid, cook and cleaner. I started to get to the point that I wanted to tell everyone that I was no longer the free airbnb. Work solved that for me though. I got a promotion that requires me to move to Michigan. What do you know about that state? Absolutely nothing right? All I knew was it was cold there. When I saw my city was Lowell, I knew it was perfect. I didn’t know anything about the area. What is better is that nobody else did either. Suddenly all of these friends that had to see my multiple times a year didn’t have time for me. My family no longer wanted to stay at my house for weeks at a time. I actually got to enjoy my home in peace and quiet. Joke is on them. Lowell is awesome. I like that it is smaller, quieter and a lot cooler. I got sick of the hot weather. Actually getting snow is a real treat. Another pro is that Lwoell offers recreational weed. There are some amazing dispensaries here. I know my freeloader friends would love the area. I am not telling them that though.

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Moving into a new kind of farming

My cousin Dale tells me that he has transitioned from being a rancher into being a marijuana farmer.

This came as a shock to me, because in this part of rural Illinois our family name has been associated with livestock for generations.

Traditionally speaking, my people have raised cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens, to sell to wholesale markets. It was very lucrative for decades, although in recent years the business has started falling apart. This is why Dale started growing his own custom blend of cannabis he calls Illinois Ignition. You may not know this, but Illinois has a sterling reputation when it comes to the cultivation of cannabis. Several of the biggest marijuana farms in the country are located right here in Illinois. That should come as no surprise, seeing as how Illinois has been a trailblazer for agriculture and farming throughout the long history of this nation. Of course Illinois would also lead the field when it comes to growing top quality cannabis crops! Dale has been cautious about his translation, and currently still maintains some livestock, as well as planting more and more fields of cannabis plants. Dale has a contract to provide crops to one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in the state of Illinois. Once he can get his farm operations and produce cannabis on a regular basis he will experience a financial boon the likes of which our family hasn’t seen in decades. Illinois is changing with the times, and Dale is, too. When you buy cannabis, look for the sticker that says “Made in Illinois.”
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Not everyone in Beverly Hills is famous

I have lived in Beverly Hills all my life, but I’m not famous.

I’m not even that wealthy, I just inherited a property that has been in my family for six generations.

My family was one of the first to settle down in Beverly Hills, before it had the reputation it does today. That said, one has to be pretty rich to reside in Beverly Hills, if only for the exorbitant taxes we have to pay! Never let it be said that California is an easy place to survive, and Beverly Hills is tougher than most. I do love it here, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I manage to make ends meet by being an exclusive cannabis dealer for several of my Beverly Hills neighbors. Of course we have several excellent cannabis dispensaries in Beverly Hills. In fact I would say the cannabis in Beverly Hills is as good as anywhere in California. The problem is that some people are too “high profile” to want to drive down to the cannabis dispensary. We actually get paparazzi in this part of Beverly Hills sometimes, snooping around trying to find a hot scoop. I provide my services to bring these people whatever cannabis products they need, any time of the night or day, no matter where they live in Beverly Hills. I am discreet and quiet, and since I’m not famous the paparazzi never pay attention to me. This is a very cushy job, but in an affluent enclave like Beverly Hills I am basically considered just a blue collar worker.

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The music scene in Seattle continues to thrive

At night I play shows in small clubs around Seattle, but during the day I work the front counter of a cannabis shop.

As soon as I had decided to pursue a career in music, I knew that I had to move to Seattle. I had been living in a small town, which was a great place to be a kid, but a more confining place to be a teenager. After I graduated high school I had few options in such a small community, and I knew I had to find greener pastures, so to speak. Everyone in the world knows about the music scene in Seattle, Washington. How could anyone have missed hearing about it? Some of the biggest bands of the last fifty years either come from Seattle, or hit it big because of Seattle. For a fan of music, there are few places in the world better than Seattle, where you can find live shows every single night. For a performer it’s a whole different story, because the level of competition in the Seattle music scene is serious. Just to hedge my bets I took a job with one of the local cannabis dispensaries. At night I play shows in small clubs around Seattle, but during the day I work the front counter of a cannabis shop. In a place like Seattle where the cannabis industry generates so much revenue, you can actually have a career as a budtender. My coworker Steve has been a cannabis expert for the last fifteen years, and makes a lot more money than I expected. Either with cannabis or with music, I am bound and determined to become a success story in Seattle, Washington.

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Treating pain with cannabis

They provide quick onset of effects.

Living in NY state means dealing with cold weather for the majority of the year, but the two of us properly deal with un-even temperatures below chilly plus even in the setback digits. The two of us set records for the amount of snowfall, and not many of years ago, I slipped on the ice, fell plus got hurt quite badly! I tore muscles, broke bones, punctured a lung plus got a concussion, but after a stay in the hospital, I went through physical therapy. For a while, I relied heavily on prescription pain medication. I didn’t love how they made myself and others feel plus was sad about long-term consequences, then however, when I quit taking the medication, I dealt with a great deal of stiffness plus pain. It was actually hard for myself and others to bundle up in my heavy clothes plus walk the dog through the snow, shoveling the snow out of the driveway, brushing it off my car plus scraping ice off the windshield was excruciating. It was impossible to live a normal life. I wasn’t sleeping well plus started suffering from depression. A associate of mine recommended applying for a medical marijuana card. I was surprised how simple it was to get qualified, with the MMJ card, I now have access to cannabis dispensaries in NY. This opened up access to a wide variety of cannabis-infused products. I’ve had amazing success with a combination of cannabis gummies, tinctures plus topicals. I apply cannabis-infused ointments directly to my sore muscles. I use CBD-dominant tinctures to treat the inflammation plus pain. They provide quick onset of effects. The edibles are great at evening. I buy indica gummies with a higher THC potency plus benefit from long-lasting plus more intensive effects. They help myself and others sleep plus feel wonderful in the day.

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The boiler problems could shut down the whole operation

I have been working at the Phoenix chemical plant for the last 12 years. I started out working on the line and then I moved into another position. After that I was promoted to a shift leader spot. Now I work as the plant manager. I am in charge of all of the employees and the day-to-day operations. Sometimes it’s nice to be the boss. I get to sit in the office during the day and relax while everyone else is working hard. I earned my spot in the office. I was one of those guys working hard for many years. My office has heat and air conditioning. It is climate controlled and I have a computer, tablet, and cell phone. Sometimes during the day I play games on my computer if there aren’t a lot of things to do. The boring days are a welcome change from the regular. Most of the time I have to deal with problems in the plant that are mechanical or electrical. Every once in a while there is a problem with an employee. I had an issue with an employee last month. The guy has been working at the Phoenix Factory for the past 5 years. One of the new guys got on his nerves and he decided to yell and cuss him out. I had to talk to the two of them to solve the problem. While I was dealing with the employee problem, one of the guys from the boiler room called to say that there was a problem. A problem in the boiler room is a major and serious issue. A problem with the commercial boiler can shut the plant down. I quickly left the situation with the two employees so I could see what was going on downstairs.

heating company Phoenix Arizona

We called the first number we found online

My wife and I moved to Phoenix 6 months ago.

It was a huge transition to move from the Southeast to the southwest.

We had to put all of our stuff on a huge moving truck. The moving truck left before us with all of our furniture, clothing, and personal items. It was very nerve-wracking to have our things leave at a different time. I was worried that our clothing and personal items would get lost during shipping, like things get lost in the airport. Thankfully, the moving truck was sitting out front when we arrived at the address. The guys were waiting to unload all of the items into our new Phoenix home. My wife and I did not have too many issues or problems in the beginning. We had a lot of time to adjust to living in phoenix, before we had the first major issue come up in our home. It was a problem with the air conditioner and the machine broke down on a very hot May day. The temperatures outside were in the 90s that day. I was miserable already at 10am, and I didn’t want to spend the whole day without AC. I contacted a local HVAC repair business to handle the problem with the air conditioner. I contacted the first number that I found online. I didn’t know who to call for the best service, but I knew that I needed someone quick. The company that I contacted answered the phone and made an appointment for me on the same day. I honestly could not have asked for better service from the Phoenix HVAC service provider.



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Air conditioning always improves comfort

I have been living in Tampa for over 15 years, and there is so much to do and see in the city.

I must admit that I haven’t seen a lot of the attractions that are available here because I know that I will eventually get to them one day.

For instance, there is an adorable streetcar called the TECO Line that I have always wanted to ride. I see it all the time, but I have never attempted to get on it. Well, that changed last Summer, when my mom came to visit me. I wanted to show her around town without having to walk outside because she’s not used to the heat. And of course, it gets pretty hot in Tampa, especially during the Summer months. The temperature can easily be in the mid to upper 90s and the humidity makes it feel like you can’t breathe. So, I thought that riding the streetcar would be a great way for my mom to see some of the city. I did some research and found out that the car has air conditioning. Of course, the streetcar has A/C, it’s similar to a bus or any public transportation in the city. Having A/C will improve the ride and make the passengers a lot more comfortable. To be honest, if the streetcar didn’t have A/C, I probably would have found another way to show my mom around Tampa. Anyway, the ride was short, but she loved every minute of it, and I am glad that she was able to sit inside an air conditioned streetcar while she saw pieces of our beautiful city.


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Dual fuel system for home in Albuquerque

Living in Albuquerque means facing just about every type of weather extreme. The summers are hot and dry with temperature climbing into the mid nineties. The winters are short but super cold and snowy. We can expect the temperature to fall below freezing for about five or six months. The wide variation of conditions requires both a heating and cooling system. While the combination of an air conditioner and furnace is the most popular solution, I chose a dual fuel system for my home. The initial investment to purchase and install the system was more expensive, but I’ve recovered the cost in lower utility bills. A dual fuel system partners a gas furnace with an electric heat pump. The advantage of a heat pump is that it provides both heating and cooling capabilities. During the summer, it acts almost exactly like a conventional air conditioner. It pulls heat out of the house and conveys it outside by way of refrigerant. When the weather turns cooler, the heat pump reverses the flow of refrigerant and draws from ambient heat in the outside air. The process avoids the environmental impact of the combustion process. Rather than burn fossil fuels, it simply moves existing heat from one place to another. An electric heat pump is more energy efficient than the furnace. It handles the home’s comfort needs for the majority of the year. Once the outdoor temperature drops below freezing, the furnace takes over. Having two fuel sources allows us to utilize the most effective and efficient option and keep our energy bills to a minimum.


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