Seattle has a lot of fun activities for the family

My wife and I got a divorce 6 years ago.

Both of our boys were toddlers when we got a divorce.

Neither one of us wanted them to grow up without two parents in the home, but neither one of us could figure out a way to get along and stop fighting. Divorced seemed like the only answer to stop the regular arguments. I agreed to move out of our home and into a two bedroom apartment with room for the boys. I didn’t feel great about leaving my home, but I didn’t want my boys to be uprooted either. I found an apartment in Seattle by Puget Sound. The Seattle apartment has a balcony that overlooks the water. It’s been a great place for me to live and an even better place for me to raise the boys. They love all of my neighbors, especially Mrs. Mabel. She makes the boys cookies every time they come. All of my neighbors know the boys and they know when they are going to be visiting. I got a new neighbor last weekend and the guy decided to smoke marijuana on the balcony of his apartment while my boys and I were outside coloring eggs for Easter. I made a couple of coughing noises when the guy started smoking. He made a comment to me about minding my own business. I was going to walk upstairs to say something to the guy when my neighbor told me that he would handle things. He went upstairs for a couple of minutes and then he came back downstairs. I never smelled marijuana from the upstairs neighbor ever again and that was last year. Shortly after that. I moved in, I think he moved out, because I never saw the guy again.

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I wasn't smoking when he pulled me over

I was on my way home from work on Saturday morning. I work the night shift at the prison. I wasn’t in a very good mood, because a couple of guys tried to escape the previous night and we had to put the whole building in a lockdown. There were several fights that broke out in the evenings during the lockdown and everyone was on edge because of the people that tried to escape. By the time I was finished with my chef, I was in desperate need of a marijuana joint. I stopped at a dispensary in Seattle and I purchased a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. As soon as I got back to the car, I opened up the package and lit the pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. I smoked the entire joint in the parking lot of the dispensary. I didn’t leave the parking lot until I was totally finished with the marijuana joint. I left the marijuana dispensary and traveled three quarters of a mile to the interstate. Right before the interstate was where the cop decided to pull me over. I don’t know why he decided to stop my car that morning. I wasn’t speeding and there were no traffic signals for me to disobey. It felt extremely random or totally subjective. The police officer immediately smelled marijuana in the car and accused me of getting high. I tried to explain my position to the Seattle police officer, but he did not believe anything that I had to say. I thought it was rude of the officer not to extend any professional courtesy for someone else in the law enforcement field. I wasn’t even smoking when the guy pulled me over, but he still gave me a ticket for driving under the influence of marijuana.

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It makes sense to change the air filters more frequently

Lansing, Illinois, is located in Cook county, about 10 or 15 miles north of Chicago.

It’s a great suburb for people working in Chicago. The city is right in the heart of the midwest. Last year the population was more than 40,000 people. I have lived within the Lansing City Limits since I was a kid. I’ve watched the city grow from a small village to a huge suburb. My family and I live in one of the oldest parts of the city. The houses in this section are much older than the houses in the rest of the city. Many of these houses have older appliances that need to be serviced frequently. My wife and I own a repair business that specializes in Heating and Cooling equipment. Lansing, Illinois, is a great place for this type of business. The summers are just warm enough to require an air conditioner and the winters are cold and frigid and absolutely require at least one type of heating source. The winter months are usually the busiest time of the year for our company. There are regularly customers calling on all hours of the night for service. We don’t offer emergency services overnight, but we take the name and phone number of the customer requesting service and we call them back first thing in the morning when we get to the shop. Our company has excellent reviews online and we’ve never received any complaints from the Better Business bureau. We absolutely have one of the best Heating and Cooling service companies in all of Lansing.

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Taking the subway is usually the best mode of transportation

My home in Lansing, Illinois is not very far from the subway station.

I take the subway every day to work.

I have to walk five blocks to get to the subway station in Lansing, illinois. The subway station is right across the street from an HVAC company. The HVAC company owns the entire block. The place is one of the biggest companies in the city. The parking lot is filled with repair trucks at night, but during the day, the place is completely empty and devoid of any movement. I pass by the same HVAC business everyday when I walk to the subway to go to work. This company was the first business I thought of when my wife and I had trouble with our heater. I told my wife about the company and I urged her to contact them for help. They were only a couple of blocks from the house. When I left for work, my wife called the Lansing HVAC repair service. She scheduled an appointment to have the heater evaluated for problems. When I came home from the office later that day, the service company was still working on the furnace problems. The issue turned out to be something serious, but the technician said it was an easy to fix problem. The Lansing HVAC repair company even gave me a 6-month warranty on the parts and labor. They guaranteed the repair would last through the rest of the cold season. Calling the Lansing service provider turned out to be a great idea and they didn’t charge us an arm and a leg.


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You really need air conditioning where we are

The party supply store in Phoenix did not have the balloons that all of us ordered

Last weekend was our son’s 12th birthday and our wife and I had a party to celebrate the day, then jack invited several of his friends from the village, but my wife and I invited their parents and a couple of our friends from work., and both of us had the party catered, so all of us would not have to worry about anything on the day of the party. My wife left early on Thursday to option up the balloons and the party supplies, however i was still asleep when she left at 8 AM. I woke up when I heard the kids downstairs in the kitchen; They were having cereal and enjoying cartoons. I woke up and took a shower; When I got out of the shower, the shower, I felt unquestionably sizzling and overheated. I assumed it was due to the shower, but it was actually because the AC was off. When I walked into the kitchen where the kids were resting quietly, I recognized a unusual and strange odor coming from the kitchen! One of the kids tried to make toast and they burnt the bread. It was unquestionably moderate and uncomfortable inside of that house, so I turned down the thermostat so that the a/c would come on; After 15 minutes, the AC still did not beginning cooling. My wife called me and she had some bad news. The party supply store in Phoenix did not have the balloons that all of us ordered. Jack was going to have Spider-Man balloons instead of Batman. I unquestionably did not suppose it would be a sizable deal, especially after I told our wife about the problems with the AC, then she commanded all of us contact a phoenix AC repair corporation right away.


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I could see millions of stars

My girl and I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for the past three years. After the people I was with and I moved to the city, both of us started working full-time jobs. Every one of us did not have a getaway for many weeks… The first time the people I was with and I had a day off together, the people I was with and I decided to explore some of the Phoenix area. The day was hot and humid, but most arenas the people I was with and I visited had AC. Every one of us went downtown to the museum and the people I was with and I had a nice breakfast in a Phoenix Delicatessen… During the day hours, the people I was with and I decided to drive outside of Phoenix to the desert area, my girl and I stayed in the desert until the sun went down. Every one of us could see thoUSAnds of stars in the evening sky after the sun went down… It was impossible to see all those stars in the town because of the lights from the buildings and the stores. Even though it was chilly after the sun went down, my girl and I still sat outside in the desert and watched the stars for various hours. Every one of us finally left to go back to our apartment after midnight. By then, the streets were empty and the highway did not have any cars. Every one of us had the whole highway to ourselves and Phoenix looked love a ghost town from 10 miles outside of the city. It took about 30 hours to get back to our apartment. My wifey and I were glad to kneel down on the couch and put our feet up on the Tim Hortons Cappuccino table. Every one of us had a absolutely full day of sightseeing and for the first time in a while, the 2 of us were beat. Both of us wanted to turn the air conditioning down low and sit in bed until the people I was with and I fell asleep.


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A ductless system improves comfort

I bought a giant, old house in Cocoa, Florida.

The area is absolutely gorgeous, and I was desperate to live there.

I love the sunshine, blue skies and palm trees. The house was within my price range because it needs some major work. There was definitely a leaky roof at one time and there’s evidence of water damage to the ceilings, walls and some of the floors. The windows are old and the walls lack insulation. The wiring and plumbing need to be updated. The appliances are ancient, the kitchen ugly and there’s a musty smell in one of the bathrooms. When I first moved in, my biggest complaint was temperature control. The weather in Cocoa is hot and humid. The temperature frequently soars into the nineties and seldom drops below fifty. While the house is outfitted with central air conditioning, the system is old and not overly effective. There have been renovations over the years that have left some rooms with insufficient supply and return registers. I couldn’t sleep at night because the master bedroom was constantly overheated and sticky. I tried running box fans, but they didn’t really help. I was reluctant to invest in window air conditioners that would look hideous. I finally consulted with a licensed HVAC technician who recommended a ductless split system. The ductless air conditioner wasn’t over expensive and installed in a single day without causing any mess. There is a small outdoor compressor that links to six compact indoor air handlers. The indoor units are mounted up high on the wall and each feature an independent thermostat for zone control. The ductless air conditioner is super powerful, wonderfully quiet and exceptionally energy efficient.


A ductless system improves comfort

High velocity system for historical home in Cocoa, FL

It takes up no space in the house, doesn’t detract from the decor and installed easily

A couple of years ago, my husband and I purchased a home in the historical district of Cocoa, Florida. The house was constructed sometime in the mid to late 1800’s and features gorgeous hardwood moldings, doors and floors. We just love the high ceilings, big windows, intrictuate banister on the stairway and broad front porch. Unfortunately, the house was not outfitted with any type of centralized cooling system. The former owners had gotten by with a collection of window air conditioners that significantly distracted from aesthetics. I was not happy with the look of those cooling units sticking out of the windows. I didn’t like sacrificing the view. Plus, the portable air conditioners struggled to keep up with demand. At the peak of summer in Cocoa, just about every room felt overheated and sticky. We needed to find a comfort solution that didn’t require tearing down the original walls and ceilings. While researching ductless splits systems, I came across something called high velocity air conditioning. This type of cooling system utilizes mini ducts that are only two-inches in diameter. The ducts are flexible, allowing them to be snaked through existing walls and around studs, pipes and electrical boxes without causing damage. The high-velocity system pumps cooled air into the rooms at a very high rate of speed to quickly lower the temperature. The smaller ducts and shorter running times make the system quite energy efficient. The actual cooling equipment is compact enough to install into a closet. It takes up no space in the house, doesn’t detract from the decor and installed easily. We are totally happy with the results.

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Denver and why I love it

Most people take a vacation during the Summer months when the temperatures are sizzling as well as delightful, then when I was a kid, the two of us regularly took our vacation during the Summer months.

The people I was with and I went to the park as well as the pool.

The people I was with and I went to the amusement as well as theme center, however my parents took our brothers as well as I to lots of fun things during the Summer months! I did not even guess that a Winter time vacation was possible until I was an adult. I took a job in Denver, Colorado, after I graduated from college. The mechanical engineering business offered myself and others a six-figure salary to beginning as well as a business car. That job offer was one of the best ones that I earned. I did not guess how I would like living in Denver, but I decided to take the job as well as move; After 6 months in Denver, I discovered our love for skiing as well as snowboarding. I went to a ski resort with a couple of friends. I spent most of the first morning on the bunny slopes, studying how to keep our feet under our body. Thank goodness I have plenty of recreational marijuana supply. I took recreational marijuana with myself and others to the ski resort. After I had 100 bruises on our legs as well as our butt, it was nice to relax with a marijuana joint as well as a freezing beer. I got lots of bumps as well as bruises the first time I went skiing in Denver, but now I am like an seasoned pro. I have no complication handling some of the most difficult Double Diamond courses.

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Denver is a cool place

Most people take a trip while in the summer time weeks when the un-even temperatures are warm and delightful; When I was a kid, the people I was with and I consistently took our trip while in the summer time weeks, all of us went to the park and the pool.

  • All of us went to the amusement and theme center… My parents took our sisters and I to lots of fun things while in the summer time weeks! I didn’t even recognize that a Winter time trip was possible until I was an adult.

I took a task in Denver, CO, after I graduated from university. The mechanical engineering contractor gave me a six-figure salary to start plus a contractor car. That task offer was a single of the best a singles that I gained. I didn’t recognize how I would enjoy residing in Denver, however I decided to take the task and move. After 6 weeks in Denver, I discovered our enjoy for skiing and snowboarding. I went to a ski resort with a couple of friends. I spent most of the first afternoon on the bunny slopes, learning how to keep our feet under our body. Thank goodness I have plenty of recreational marijuana supply. I took recreational marijuana with me to the ski resort. After I had 100 bruises on our legs and our butt, it was nice to relax with a marijuana joint and a cold beer. I got lots of bumps and bruises the first time I went skiing in Denver, but now I am enjoy an outdated pro. I have no problem handling some of the most difficult Double Diamond courses.



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