I got stuck on the bridge with no AC

Everyday I have a 40 minute commute to and from work.

I live in St Petersburg, Florida, but I work in the Tampa area.

I have to cross a bridge in order to get to the other side of the Bay. Most of the time I take the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This is a beautiful bridge in the lower Tampa Bay area that opened in the late 1980s. It is accessed with a $1.50 toll for cars. I was on my way home on Tuesday and it was extremely hot outside. It’s always hot in Florida. It’s one of the reasons why I wish I could live anywhere except here in St Petersburg. On this particular day, the AC in my truck decided to stop working. I tried lots of things to get the AC to come back on, but the motor inside of the fan didn’t work at all. It was getting hot inside of the truck, so I had to open the windows. Of course that didn’t help much at all, given the heat in Tampa. To make matters completely worse, I got stuck on the bridge on my way home. There was an accident near the bottom and I was stuck all the way at the top. I had to look at the traffic standing still for almost an hour. I was all the way at the top of the bridge and it was one of the scariest situations of my life. I already don’t prefer to take the bridge at all, and being stuck on top of that for an hour tested every ounce of willpower I have not to break down.

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I prefer to live in San Jose but I love San Francisco

San Jose is a city on the outskirts of San Francisco.

It is quite a drive to San Jose, but it is a much nicer place to live.

It is also cheaper in San Jose than San Francisco. The average cost of an apartment is twice as much in San Francisco as it is in San Jose, Fremont, Pleasanton, or Mountain View. My girlfriend and I were living in San Francisco for a couple of years, but we were barely making it. We were running out of money between Every payday and we didn’t have a dollar in our savings account. We didn’t have enough money from week to week to buy recreational marijuana supplies and both of us were cranky. We discussed no more recreational marijuana, but neither one of us wanted to give up the plant. Instead, we decided to move to a place that was a bit cheaper than San Francisco. The two of us decided to buy a house in San Jose. We spent five months looking for the perfect place in the best location. After all, we didn’t want to move again for a very long time. We’re still close enough to San Francisco that we can visit any time we like, but we don’t have to pay the extremely high prices for realty since we aren’t in the city. We still go to the city nearly every weekend, but we enjoy life more because we generally have more money to experience it. We can finally enjoy some of the places that tourists get to visit.

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Alcatraz must have been crazy back in the day

I would much rather stand on the sidelines and cheer for my friends from the safety of my apartment

Alcatraz Island is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire city of San Francisco. Nobody should visit the area without taking a tour of the old federal penitentiary. The fortress and military compound was used as a prison for 1934-1963. Several convicts tried to escape the fortress nicknamed the Rock. It was supposed to be impossible to get out. One time in 1962, a prisoner swam the entire 1.5 mile swim to the shore, but collapsed of hypothermia shortly after. Each year there is a triathlon dedicated to the prison and the 1.5 mile swim is part of the race. The swim is always the hardest part for everyone to complete. I can’t imagine trying to swim away from the prison in the freezing waters of the San Francisco bay. One of my friends tried the race a couple of years ago, but I’m way too out of shape for that kind of crazy race. I can barely run two miles without feeling winded and out of breath. I use recreational marijuana several times throughout the week. San Francisco has several quality cannabis shops. The capacity of my lungs isn’t as strong as it was when I was a teenager. The marijuana helps me with anxiety issues and a fear of birds that keeps me indoors and away from the zoo. I would much rather stand on the sidelines and cheer for my friends from the safety of my apartment. The city is always packed during the weekend of the race, and tourists line the streets. It is the perfect time for someone to check out the city and everything it has to offer.


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I wish the dog beach would have been closer

One of my friends from college recently moved to San Francisco, and I wanted to go visit their guy for the day. My girlfriend was busy studying for her masters class so I went by myself. I took my dog so I wouldn’t have to drive alone. When I arrived in San Francisco, I went straight to the place where my friend was staying. He invited me up for a couple of beers. He didn’t mind that I brought my dog and his dog played with my dog for the next hour. We thought about going to a dog beach in San Francisco, but there were no parks close to our location. I didn’t plan to stay all day, but my friend and I were having a great time. He asked me to stay and watch the football game and I agreed. I called my girlfriend and gave her an update. While I was on the phone, my friend ordered some items from the cannabis delivery service in town. He told me after I hung up the phone, because he didn’t want my girlfriend to know that he ordered some items from the cannabis dispensary. I quickly informed my old friend that my new girlfriend has no problem at all with recreational cannabis. The two of us often smoke when we have a bad day or want to relax after a long day of work. We really had a lot of fun that day, and it was nice to catch up after not seeing each other for a couple of years.
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We decided to settle down in Albuquerque

My wife and I were on a freewheeling cross-country road trip, with no destination or timetable in mind.

Thanks to early retirement and wise investment, we were able to pack up and leave without a care in the world.

We drove from coast to coast, and back again, before we finally had the good sense to wander through New Mexico and spend a few days in Albuquerque, and that proved to be the end of our trip. I know I probably sound like a good, but once we parked our RV in Albuquerque, we both felt like we were home even though we had never been there before. This city has great people, it has an abundance of cannabis dispensaries, but my favorite thing about Albuquerque are the skies. Early in the morning, and late in the evening, the skies around Albuquerque are like magnificent paintings from a classical art gallery. My wife and I will sit up on the roof of the RV in our lawn chairs, smoking some amazing ABQ cannabis, and just watch the skies for an hour at a time. Once we decided to stay and live in Albuquerque, it was quick and easy to get settled in. We even considered buying a house, because the market in Albuquerque is really great right now, but ultimately I think we will just live in the RV. Getting older, being retired, has taught me to live simply and enjoy the fine things in life, which is why I think we will be very happy here in Albuquerque, NM.

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Albuquerque is more temperate then you would think

Because of where the city is located, a lot of people have the incorrect impression about Albuquerque and think that it is terribly hot here.

This is not the Sahara Desert, it’s just New Mexico, and believe it or not it’s favorite city is quite temperate for most of the year.

I was born and raised in Florida, and let me tell you, that place is hot, humid, and altogether uncomfortable. When I first moved from there to Albuquerque I thought that it would be worse out here, but the climate is really pretty amazing. It’s no wonder that local cannabis cultivation has become so famous, because the temps and weather around here are lovely. First of all, I am in no way advocating any illegal activities here, because there are plentiful cannabis dispensaries available, and our crime rate is really low. So I am not saying you should try and grow your own cannabis, I’m just saying that some of the people who do have reached some pretty incredible levels of success. Albuquerque is well known for having the best medical facilities in this part of the country, and one part of that is our cannabis dispensaries. Although there are strict rules and regulations on the books to protect the populace from unscrupulous business owners, Albuquerque is very friendly towards cannabis. I think that our very low crime rates show that because Albuquerque embraced medical and legalized marijuana, it helped our community stay safe, and also provided a new revenue stream for the government. Albuquerque is an amazing place to call home.

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Putting together a film festival in Denver

To my knowledge there has never been a great movie about Denver, Colorado. It’s so weird to me that although we are bigger and in every way better than Boulder, there are a ton of shows and movies set in Boulder, and almost none in Denver. The main movie that people mention is called “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead” which is a great title, but not so much a great movie, and it has next to nothing to do with our amazing Mile High City. I would like to start a Denver Film Festival, so instead of digging into the past I started looking for talented people here and now who want to make a movie in Denver. Much to my surprise I found a ton of interest to this idea, and although I can’t say his name, one of the starting members of the Denver Nuggets pledged ten thousand bucks to help get the festival together! This guy just loves his community, and since he has a kid who loves making home movies, he wants to help support and grow that part of Denver. With some funds to back me up, I started recruiting local talent to make short films for my Homegrown Denver Film Fest. Because the Mile High City is known for getting high, I started visiting local cannabis dispensaries to see if they would support the festival. It seems like everything is really coming together, we have the Denver fair grounds booked, and three different cannabis dispensaries will be there with tents and tables to sell their wares.


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Seattle is a city of rich musical history

To me, Seattle is all about the music.

I understand there is a long, rich history to the city, and I dig it.

But I am not a history guy, I am a music guy, so my focus has always been on how many amazing musical acts have come out of one scene. Seattle, Washington is probably most musically famous for being the home of grunge rock, as everyone knows. Some of the greatest rock bands of the last fifty years came out of Seattle, from Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam to Mudhoney and the Screaming Trees. If you look past the grungy hair and ripped flannel shirts of the rock scene, you will find a bevvy of other musical talent that has started off in Seattle. Hip hop stars from two generations, Sir Mix A Lot and Macklemore, both proudly claim Seattle as their home, and still perform a lot of local shows. A very different kind of musician is Kenny G, and like him or not you cannot argue with the worldwide success of that Seattle native. A great many classic alternative bands always formed in and around Seattle, including Death Cab for Cutie, the Foo Fighters, the Posies, Modest Mouse, and the Presidents of the United States of America. Jimi Hendrix did some of his best creative work in Seattle, he was not a hometown boy, although we do still like to claim him! Some of these musical acts have been heavily involved with the thriving cannabis dispensary scene in the city, as well.


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Seattle is the Emerald City for good reason

The Pacific Northwest was a truly amazing place to grow up.

Although I was right on the coast — so close I could see the ocean from my bedroom window — there was a very small-town feel to it.

We were a tight knit group of neighbors, a few miles away from the closest town of any real size. I am glad I got to spend my childhood in such a peaceful place, but after I graduated high school, I knew I needed to head to the big city and start a new life in Seattle, Washington. It may not be New York or LA, but to me Seattle was where I had always dreamed of going to live. They call it the Emerald City, and I assume that is because of the amazing strains of “green” ior cannabis that are cultivated here. It was previously known as Queen City and Jet City, so I think we can all agree Seattle may have a bit of an identity crisis on its hands! For me Seattle is the perfect mid-point between the culture and convenience of a major metropolitan area and the small-town feel of community. Even though I live in one of the largest most important cities on the west coast, I often forget that Seattle isn’t just another sleepy small town. I have never had any problem with crime since moving here, which is perhaps due to the progressive culture we have here in Seattle. We embrace all walks of life, all peoples, all colors, all languages, all sexualities, and we also have the best cannabis you can find in the country!

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John Elway was always the best quarterback

In the 1970s, John Elway was was one of the most prolific football players to play in the NFL.

He was a member of the Denver Broncos.

My mom was an extremely huge fan for the team. Everyone of us didn’t have tons of money for Necessities growing up but my mom plus my dad consistently took us to the Broncos game with season tickets. On our birthday one year, my mom took all of us to see a game. It was a long 2 minute drive to Denver, however, all of us were enthusiastic during the whole trip. It was a single time when I can really remember having some quality time with our mom. She was enthusiastic about the game plus wanted to show off Heroes and football. We spent most of our day in Denver even after the game had completed. The Denver Broncos actually one plus the game was a huge blowout. Mom took us to a steakhouse plus all of us had a beer for one first time. It’s difficult for me to stop thinking about the game and the time mom took us to the Denver Broncos. It is still naturally one of the best memories I have from my child. I often think that my own children would like the experience as well, but it is simply too freezing during football season. I would much rather kneel at home where the temperatures are warm and say the gas furnace works very well. Someday the kids might see one of the games but all of us are Blissful to be at home.

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