The bingo hall was crowded, hot, and very smoky

My mom absolutely loves to play Bingo.

  • She used to take my sister to the bingo hall when we were kids.

Back then there were no rules or laws saying kids weren’t allowed inside of places where gambling occurred. Now you can’t take any kids to the Gambling Hall or the Bingo place. I went to visit my mom a couple of months ago. The first thing she wanted to talk about was the bingo hall. She wanted me to take her, because she can’t drive anymore. I agreed to take my mom to play Bingo on Tuesday night. Tuesday night they have about 50 different games and more than $1,000 in prizes. The bingo hall was extremely crowded, hot, and very smoky. We drove all the way into Tampa to play bingo. I hoped the place would have air conditioning and it did. Unfortunately, the front door was wide open and so was the door on the side. I could feel cold air coming out of the air vents, but it was going directly out the door. People were smoking everywhere. I didn’t think it was legal to smoke indoors, but my mom informed me that the bingo hall has their own special rules. I found it extremely difficult to stay at the Tampa Bay business for a long period of time, because my throat was feeling scratchy from the smoke. The place needed an air purifier or something to help with all the air pollution. I don’t know how my mom managed to sit through three hours of that garbage.



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The line at the bank was very long

Of course the bank teller wanted to ask a million different questions about my mom and the deposit I was making into her account.

My mom asked me to run some errands for her on Friday. She had surgery on Tuesday afternoon and she was still feeling a little under the weather. I didn’t mind helping my mom at all. I went to the grocery store to get milk, bread, eggs, and coffee creamer. I went to the laundromat to pick up shirts and comforters. I also went to the bank. My mom did not have a deposit slip to fill out, so I had to go inside of the bank branch to fill one out. It was raining outside but the Sun was shining and it was a very humid day. The temperature inside of the bank was warm and sticky. I could tell that there was a problem with the air conditioner. I was standing in line directly under one of the air vents and I did not feel any cold air coming from the vent. The Tampa Bay Bank clearly had an issue with the air conditioner. I tried to get in and out of there as soon as possible. Of course the bank teller wanted to ask a million different questions about my mom and the deposit I was making into her account. I don’t understand why they would give me a problem. Who cares if I want to deposit $1,000 into an account that isn’t mine? It’s not as if I was trying to take money out of the account. I was frustrated by the time I left the uncomfortable Tampa Bay business. I grabbed some lunch for my mom and I on the way, but I skipped the rest of the items on the list after dealing with the clerk at that bank.


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I prefer to smoke marijuana when my wife is away

I totally and absolutely love my wife.

  • She is easily one of the most amazing women that I have ever met in my life.

She is smart, strong, capable, and very beautiful. She is easily one of my favorite people in the world. Still, I don’t mind when she goes away for a couple of days. Every once in a while, she goes to the spa with her friends. When she is away, I get to act like a kid again. My wife does not approve of marijuana smoking. Every time I mention recreational marijuana, she gives me the cold shoulder and an evil stare. She still believes that marijuana is a drug. I think it makes me feel great, so I don’t care if it’s considered to be a plant or a drug. When my wife goes out of town, I contact a marijuana delivery service in Portland and I have products delivered right to my front door. My wife complained last time she went to the spa, because one of our neighbors saw the Portland marijuana delivery service in the yard and driveway. My wife freaked out and started to worry that our neighbors would think that we were street thugs or lowlife. I have tried to reason with her about marijuana, but I don’t think she will ever change her mind. I know the guy across the street uses pot, because I see him at the dispensary window once a week. Until my wife changes her view on weed, I only get to enjoy recreational marijuana at when she leaves Portland for a couple of days.

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The game was cut short because of the fight

My friends and I listen to the radio every morning on our commute to work.

  • Most of the time we listen to the sports channel.

They give all the highlights from the games and talk about all of the latest news in sports. Last week we were listening to the sports station and they had a radio contest for tickets to a Portland Trail Blazers game. Jack started calling as soon as he heard the special ring for callers to contact the station. He called several times and was not successful. The next day, we listened to the radio at the same time, hoping they would give away another set of Portland Trail Blazers tickets. Sure enough, the radio station offered two additional tickets to the Portland Trail Blazers game on Thursday night. Jack won the tickets this time and we picked them up from the radio station later that afternoon. The radio station is on the north side of town. It is located right next door to a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. Most of the Portland marijuana dispensaries are located outside of town. I’m not sure if the city has an ordinance or high taxes, but it’s clear that the dispensary owners don’t prefer to be in the middle of the city. We went to the game together on Thursday and it was a really close game. In the third quarter it was 92 to 96, but the game had to end early due to a fight in the stands. They sent everyone home and ended the game with the final score being tied at 100 points apiece. It was absolutely the worst thing that I have ever seen. We didn’t get to see the rest of the game and some idiot ruined the experience for all of us.

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After the hotel called, I knew who had my credit card

I received a strange and peculiar call from a hotel desk clerk in the city of Denver. The hotel desk clerk called to inform me that the marijuana dispensary found my drivers license and they wanted to return it. I told the hotel clerk that he had the wrong person on the phone, because I was at home in San Diego. The clerk was very surprised and shocked and he demanded to know who was staying at the hotel. As soon as I realized that my card had been stolen, I knew it must have been my son. He told my wife and I that he was going to the shore for a couple of days. He was going to a concert in Denver and my wife and I told him that he could not take the car that far. I guess he lied about his location, when I found out that the credit card was in Denver with my son. I gave him the credit card for emergency reasons. It certainly wasn’t an emergency to go to a Denver dispensary. I called my son’s cell phone three times before he finally answered. He tried to act surprised when I brought up the credit card and the Denver marijuana dispensary. I told him that I already knew all of the details. I don’t care if he was embarrassed in front of his friends or not. I told him to come home immediately or I was going to call the police and tell them that he stole my car.


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FIshing was fun and successful for a change

My brother and I go fishing every Saturday morning at a place right outside of Denver.

The place is just south of the city.

The fishing hole is very close to the mouth of the river. There aren’t a lot of people that know about the fishing spot, but my brother and I have lived here our whole lives. We’ve been fishing in this Denver spot for the past 20 years. Most of the time we don’t catch many fish that are big enough to keep. It’s really just about going to the water to relax and enjoy nature. Last Saturday when my brother and I decided to go to our favorite fishing spot, we took a bag of marijuana and a couple of cones so we could roll a joint. My brother got some really good top shelf flower from a Denver marijuana dispensary close to his apartment. I’ve only been to a dispensary one or two times, but my brother has been there a number of times. The top shelf flower was a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies. It didn’t taste like cookies, but it was really potent and stinky. The marijuana from the Denver dispensary was some of the best that I have ever tried. My brother and I were high for hours. It sure helped pass the time. Fishing was fun and successful for a change. We managed to successfully reel in two different 18 inch striped bass and a perch the size of my arm. The waters were cold, but the fish were still biting.

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The lady refused to move away from the counter

Denver is one of the biggest cities in the country.

There are more than a million people living within the city limits.

One of the biggest sources of revenue in Denver is the Cannabis industry. The legal medical and recreational Cannabis industry accounts for two billion dollars in sales each year. The money from the revenue is used to work on roads, buildings, and infrastructure. There isn’t a single pothole anywhere in the city of Denver, thanks to the taxes that we pay for recreational and medical marijuana. I find my job at the marijuana dispensary in Denver to be very easy and exciting most of the time. Every once in a while I have a boring day when the sales are low and people stay home. This usually occurs on days when the storms are bad and the temperatures are cold. There are still some days that manage to surprise me. On Tuesday of this week, a customer stepped up to the window and proceeded to order items from the catalog at the window. I finished taking the order and I gave the woman that total for all of her items. She seemed surprised when I gave her the amount. She just ordered all of the items while looking at the menu that includes prices. I thought it was strange that she seemed surprised. I went through the order a second time and I made sure that all of her guest counts were applied. The lady stood there and looked at me. I don’t know what she expected me to do or say, but it was a very odd and strange exchange.
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The last manager was not very personable or happy

Nobody knew what to expect when the manager at the Denver dispensary location was fired. The corporate head office person came to the building to personally deliver the news. A security officer escorted her from the building. It looked like a scene from a movie. Nobody in the store has any idea why that manager lost her job. She wasn’t very nice or personable. She didn’t have a lot of friends and I never thought she was a very good manager. The assistant manager ran things for the next couple of days and then a brand new manager started. The woman was unfamiliar to all of us and we did not know what to expect. During the first couple of days, the new manager did not say much to any of the staff. She watched everyone work and took a lot of notes. Then she fired a couple of the staff members. After that, things in the building seemed to get less tense. The manager had a couple of ideas to help sales at the dispensary and they worked very well. The Denver location was busy with customers and the place was starting to look like the dispensary from 10 years ago. It’s been several months since the manager took over and I am really happy with all of the changes. For the first time in a while, everyone at work seems happy and the sales are up across the board. The delivery drivers are making more money when each delivery and tips inside of the store are up as well.

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Surfing and marijuana make me relaxed on the weekends

I absolutely love my job working with kids.

I run the youth education program at the Museum in San Francisco.

I plan on all of the activities for educational field trips. I absolutely love the job and I get to work with children. I have a degree in elementary education and a master’s in Natural History. I thought I would end up teaching science or history, but the job at the San Francisco museum is one of the most amazing opportunities that I have ever had. It’s expensive to live in San Francisco, but I live just outside of the city in a one-bedroom apartment. I have a cat to keep me company. On the weekends, I relax by surfing and smoking marijuana. It’s absolutely nice to live in a place like San Francisco, because marijuana is legal for recreational use. I can easily go to a number of different dispensaries to purchase the products. The San Francisco marijuana dispensaries have hundreds of different products and it’s easy to find something totally amazing. When I finish at the Museum, I immediately start thinking about my Saturday at the beach with my surfboard and a fat marijuana blunt. Some of my favorite streams are the Indica dominant hybrids that make me feel very relaxed and comfortable without taking away all of my energy to get things done. Blue dream and Girl Scout cookies are probably some of my favorites, because they absolutely work great and they are easy to find at a low price no matter which San Francisco marijuana dispensary I visit.

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John was and is a stoner and successful businessman

My best friend John and I grew up together in California.

After High School, I decided to go to Michigan for college.

I decided to study agriculture and mechanical engineering. John went to Berkeley in San Francisco. He earned a degree in engineering. John was always a stoner in high school and he was a stoner in college as well. I visited the guy a couple of times and we smoked marijuana together the whole time I was hanging out at Berkeley. It was nice to go to San Francisco for a number of reasons. The nightlife, bars, and clubs were way better than any place I had in the midwest. The guy smoked more marijuana than anybody else that I knew. He still managed to earn a degree from the University and he graduated with honors. He got a job working for a huge corporation that handles offshore drilling in environmentally friendly ways. The guy is a hugely successful businessman and he is still a stoner. The guy enjoys marijuana so much that he is planning to open a dispensary next year. He has three million set aside for the project and he offered me a piece of the investment opportunity. I would be crazy to say no, but that might mean moving to San Francisco for a couple of years. I have a girlfriend here and she doesn’t want to leave the midwest. I fear that our relationship will end if I make the decision to go to San Francisco to open the dispensary. It’s a lot of pressure to make the right decision after six months of dating.
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