The rent is going up $100 in May

My neighbor plus myself have a two living room apartment outside of Denver. It’s multiple miles away from work however all of us can get there truly certainly using the Denver metro. My roommate Works close by to the apartment. The guy works at a medical marijuana dispensary. Legal marijuana is certainly a great reason to visit or live in Colorado. Both of us recently moved here. The Denver apartment rental rates are seriously high. My neighbor plus myself pay $2,000 each month for a two living room apartment. The community has a few simple amenities love a swimming pool, game room, sauna plus Fitness Center. The apartment building owner decided to update the heating plus air conditioners. My roommate plus myself we’re put out for the day when the heating plus AC technician needed to install the modern equipment. The Modern Heating plus air conditioning Equipment Works a ton better. Of course, now that means there is going to be an increase in the rent. It’s a bummer for my roommate plus myself, because both of us will renew our lease in May. Our increased rates will go up then, instead of in another six months like other people have done to get the same turn around. Some of the folks around here have incredibly long leases plus will not actually pay an increased rate until numerous weeks from now. I certainly don’t want to give this location plus the new heating plus air conditioning equipment, but I’ve got to find a way for both of us to save money now that the rent is going up.


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The deer was blocking my view of the mountain

I did not actually want to leave after seeing the herd of deer

Every one of us moved for winter skiing in Denver but suddenly gained information on Denver. Denver has a lot to offer other than winter weather + ski resorts. Every one of us job hard to find an apartment Plus work in Denver. It was truly simple for all of us to find a job. Once I began my job, I found a person that was willing to let me sleep on the floor of their living room and I only had to pay a couple of dollars every week. Jack introduced me to many unusual sights in the Denver area. One favorite site is definitely the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. The Wildlife Refuge is in Commerce City Plus only a few minutes from Denver. It is a cool site managed directly by fish and wildlife. Inside of the area are prairie cats, bison, dear + Birds of Prey. It scares to see one large your heard of mule deer, but last weekend all of us saw a huge heard. It was truly freezing Outdoors Plus on proper to see the amount of deer in a single site. Every one of us were ready to head back to the automobile plus Neil inside of the heat. I did not actually want to leave after seeing the herd of deer. My friends plus myself watched for a few minutes before heading back to our car. The deer did not look love they were going to be leaving anytime soon and outdoor temperatures in Denver we’re starting to get lower with each hour that passed by us.

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The call led me to believe it was a heating issue

My spouse plus myself moved to Colorado and the two of us decided to find a place in Denver.

  • Every one of us contacted a heating plus air conditioner supplier.

The air conditioner would not work on a warm plus sunny summer day. The rental agreement stipulations state that all of us have to repair the heating plus air conditioning system. I did not wish to waste lots of time on that sunny plus one day, so I immediately begin to contact different Denver Heating + air conditioning businesses. I found a number of companies listed online, but only a few of them had very good reviews. I picked the proper Denver Heating plus AC Provider Plus contacted the number listed on the website. Someone answered the phone right away and that was a nice surprise. The guy on the cell phone was truly Pleasant plus extremely helpful. He asked many different questions about the air conditioner, it’s service history, and also the condition of the machine. There was an appointment on the same day plus some helpful troubleshooting tips. I tried each one of the tips however all of us were unable to start the component again. Thankfully the Denver heating plus air conditioning company came to our rescue. And electrical space was getting no spark plus the part 4 item needed to be replaced in order for the heating and air conditioning machine to work properly. I believe all of us would have major concerns, but things didn’t turn out badly in the end and everything is fixed now with no other future problems.


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I agreed to the one hour drive for help

Every one of us works for a corporation that repairs gas furnaces plus heating machines.

I absolutely knew that Denver was easily the perfect site for heating replacement services plus other service suppliers.

The winter weather is commonly going to be cold. Lower elevations have very little snow + Ice, but the temperatures can still be very cold and freezing during winter tide weeks. Heat is absolutely required if you are going to stay warm in Denver. There are some times when I have a job in Littleton even though we are on the Northern side of Denver. Last week I had a job in Littleton working for a commercial customer on a gas furnace repair. A residential service customer saw the truck plus wanted an estimate plus repair. Unfortunately it was a week later plus there were no people in the area to handle the local service. I decided to suggest a local service and the guy was not Blissful with those services. He gave extra fees for the drive time and we helped out. When I finished up working on the modern gas furnace repair, I told the customer that she needed a modern gas furnace. She was not particularly happy with the turn of events. She did not want this news and this was the reason why she contacted a different service supplier. She was not expecting to hear the same news that the heating system needed to be replaced. Unfortunately for the customer, it’s not going to really matter much at all to get service in 1 hour or two if the company does not handle the request.


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Denver almost always has nice weather

My friends plus myself prefer numerous usual winter athletic activities. Every one of us go to a number of unusual Resorts that are located across the country. Denver, Colorado is a section of country with many skiing activities. There are 12 unusual Resorts just an hour from Denver. There are many hotels plus Cottages that are available inside of the city. We don’t necessarily need to stay out by the ski resort. Every one of us prefer to stay downtown in Denver where there are bars, clubs, restaurants plus nightlife. The cottages at the resort are truly nice, but they really only have a couple of activities plus restaurant dining. My friend’s place myself spent multiple weeks in Denver during the last winter. The weather was truly sunny plus warm while the two of us visited. When the weather was cold at night, every one of us went to Keystone. During the daytime hours, my friend plus myself played a few rounds of hockey. Every one of us appreciated 18 holes at more than two unusual local hockey courses. Every one of us had a great time will everyone of us visited Colorado. The best part of our stay was definitely the accommodations. We paid a reasonable price for the room every night. We had updated Furnishings plus amenities. The room wasn’t equipped with an electric fireplace. All of us kept the electric fireplace running throughout the entire time and all of us were provided with warm air as well as comfort throughout the evening. The fireplace was a nice way to heat the room and it glowed with different colors of red and arms.


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I have always preferred direct connecting flights

Every one of us consistently prefer taking direct flights.

  • Everyone of us don’t love to worry about different connections.

Every one of us have had a time or two when everyone of us have been lost inside of an airport. I have even missed connecting flights. Every one of us were forced to beg that Airline person so they can change tickets. Unfortunately I had to pay a fee. I am consistently upset about having connecting flights. I always travel direct when possible. My spouse wanted to visit Denver this winter. I didn’t think going to Denver sounded like a lot of fun, especially was the freezing temperatures plus lots of ice plus no. My spouse made all of the preparations plus I was not bothered much by information on the trip. A few mornings before every one of us were tied up to leave, I decided to speak with my spouse about the airline. He started out for a moment plus then eventually drop the exhausting news. Every one of us had a connecting flight to Denver. I was extremely aggravated when everyone of us left our home. The freezing Denver weather wasn’t even a problem. Our house flight was actually delayed because of the plane heating problems. My spouse plus myself did not make our connecting flight. I did not say anything at all to my spouse except that the next time the two of us go somewhere, I will be making all of the plans and handling the flight information. I was ready to scream at the end of that day.


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Crazy people make me angry

Last Wednesday evening, everyone of us were now working the late shift.

Every one of us have been a waiter since traveling to Denver.

Every one of us wanted a cannabis dispensary job, but none of us have received any calls from the interviewing lady. Every one of us had to find a Denver jobs fast, because we wanted to stay in the area. There was a restaurant close to my roommates apart and the place had a help wanted sign. I went inside of the store to apply for a job. The owner plus supervisor agreed to try me in the restaurant on the next evening. Every one of us have been there since then. We try to make the buyers completely Blissful, because Blissful customers leave greater tips. Some customers make me absolutely crazy. A guy was here on vacation plus came to the Denver restaurant for lunch. He was a tourist and told me this 6 or multiple different times. He tried to get me to give him an appetizer at no cost plus he complained about being under the heating vent. He was not wanting to get up in the middle of the meal to move away from the heat. When the buyer finally got up from the table, I was left with nothing but a $2 tip. I was angry as well as Furious, because it was not my fault that the heat was a problem and the guy did not want to move to a different table that might have been more comfortable.

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The denver zoo is a fun place to visit with the family

When the kids are in the house for summer vacation, every one of us go to places for Education Plus activities.

Each year all of us buy passes to the zoo that is right in Denver.

The season passes don’t actually cost a huge amount of money plus all of us can visit just as often as all of us love during the year. Our particular pass does not include entry to extra exhibits within the zoo. These things cost extra plus the two of us have some blackout dates as well. Everyone of us took the children to the zoo last Wednesday. There was a modern exhibit plus all of us were enthusiastic to visit with the critters. The weather was not cooperating. Everyone of us watched the weather plus the news plus the Denver forecast was heat. When every one of us found out about the hot and humid day, we decided it was necessary to change our Denver plans. I did not easily want the kids to be annoyed, plus everyone of us were not looking forward to a day in the heat. We opted for the aquarium instead of the zoo. One thing about Denver is all of that numerous attractive activities for children + families. Many of these indoor activities include air conditioning during hot summer days. It is always simple to find a weekend activity in Denver and there are even places that offer interactions with absolutely no fees. With more than a few children an outing in the city can be a fancy day.

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The mile high city has the best food

Denver has a lot of great places to eat.

There are many different people and ethnicities in the eclectic city.

Denver is filled with tons of options and a variety of different cuisines. No trip to the city of Denver would be complete without trying Rocky Mountain oysters. These interesting and delicious treats are not actually oysters, but they are the testicles of a bowl, bison, or calf. Rocky Mountain oysters are made by thinly slicing the testicles and dredging them in cornmeal or flour. After that, they are fried to a crisp and served with ranch or marinara. Another Denver favorite is the thick Colorado style pizza. Many places around Denver refer to this as a mountain pie. The entire pizza is stuffed with different cheeses and meats and the pizza is sold by the pound. My friends and I always try something different when we go to Denver. It’s easy to build up an appetite when we spend all day smoking marijuana. It’s easy to find medical and recreational marijuana in Denver. There are at least a dozen different dispensaries. Each one of them offer a different selection and variety of cannabis products. My friends and I often go to Denver just to buy marijuana, because the prices are cheaper than they are in the small town where we live. Since the mile high city has the best food, our visit to Denver is never complete without trying something new. I can’t say every local Denver treat is a winner, but you have to try everything at least one time.
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I love Denver, and I will never move

My friends and I moved to Denver a couple of years ago.

My mom didn’t want me to leave home, but I wanted to explore the country and see the world.

Denver was a great place to move because they have lots of jobs. We also made the move because of the legal recreational marijuana laws. At the time, Colorado was the closest state with recreational marijuana and my friends were tired of worrying about getting in trouble for something that was legal and half of the country. It is nonsense to get 30 days in jail for a half ounce of marijuana, when an hour away it is perfectly legal to carry that amount on your person. We didn’t have a lot of money when we moved, but we found work very quickly. I took a job at a cannabis dispensary. I applied as soon as we got to the city. I interviewed with the cannabis dispensary, but I did not get hired the first time. I had another interview a few months later and that’s when I got the job at the cannabis dispensary. It’s a 15 minute drive through downtown Denver to get to work, but I don’t mind. The job at the dispensary is a lot of fun and it comes with a couple of perks. I get a huge discount on all of my recreational and medical cannabis supplies, plus I get free dental, medical, and vision benefits. I love living in Denver and my friends and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. There are a few other states that have legalized marijuana for everyone, but there aren’t any places that are as nice as Denver.



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