The cannabis lounge was packed on Friday night

There are several places around the city of Seattle where you can buy marijuana, but there are only a couple of places that have a cannabis lounge. My friends and I went to the place where there is a cannabis lounge and it was packed on Friday night. We were going to hang out at the cannabis lounge for a while, but we decided to go back to my place. I have a two bedroom apartment in Seattle, just north of the city. My friends and I went to the community center for the apartment building and it was open until 11:00. We sat there and drank a couple of beers. We played darts and billiards and listened to music, but it wasn’t the same as going to the lounge. The vibe was different and I still wanted to party. I talked my friends into going back to Seattle so we could go to a hot club that has a lot of things going on at night. Since it was a Friday, the guys agreed to go to the city if I was the person to drive. I didn’t mind driving back up to Seattle so we could go to a bar or a club. We stayed in the city until 2:00 a.m. by that time of the evening, there was no way that I could drive back home. Since it was my responsibility to get us home safely, I offered to call for an Uber or pay for all of us to stay in a hotel room overnight. I had to do the responsible thing.

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We had a ton of fun at Pike Place Market

My wife and I decided to take a trip to Seattle a couple of months ago.

We haven’t been to Seattle in a long time and the last time we went it was only for a two-day business trip.

I really wanted to explore that area and see the tourist attractions like the Space Needle in Puget sound. I heard that the view from the Space Needle includes all of downtown and the Olympic mountains. My wife and I planned a 5-day trip. While we were in Seattle, we enjoyed some of the local attractions. We went to Pioneer Square which is Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. We also went to see the space needle. The view was absolutely amazing and we could see everything from the observation deck. It definitely tested my fear of heights. Now that I’ve seen the view, I definitely don’t need to do it again. My wife and I also went to Pike Place market. We heard from a lot of people that Pike Place Market was the place to go. We found a lot of different places to buy food and there was a farmers market as well. The market was a great place to enjoy recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is legal for purchase in the state of Washington and that includes the city of Seattle. My wife and I bought some recreational marijuana vape pens that are disposable. We used the recreational marijuana vape pens while we were walking around the city. They were very discreet and easy to use. When they were empty, we threw the container in the garbage.


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I got 30% off my first purchase at the recreational marijuana shop

It’s always nice to get a good deal, especially when you don’t have a lot of money.

The grocery store always has a good deal on meats, produce, and fruits.

The deli has a lot of buy one and get one for free specials. I wish the marijuana dispensary near me had buy one and get one for free specials like the grocery store does. The marijuana dispensary near me has a first time patient special. I got 30% off my first purchase at the Las Vegas recreational marijuana shop. One of the reasons why there aren’t a lot of specials in sales is due to the fact that the marijuana dispensary is located right in the busiest part of Las Vegas. There is heavy walk-in traffic and always people walking in and out of the doors. The Las Vegas marijuana dispensary doesn’t have to advertise or offer specials in order to get people through the door. I’ve been looking at a couple of other places that are in a different area of Las Vegas. They aren’t near the strip with the casinos, shopping, bars, and nightlife. These marijuana dispensaries do not offer any delivery services, so I would have to take an Uber or get a friend to drive me. I haven’t had a car in a while. Mine broke down and the head gasket started leaking. After that I started taking the bus to work. Most of the people on the bus are locals, so it’s really not that bad. Still, there are times when I definitely wish that I had a car of my own again.

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I found a coupon code online but it didn't work

I have to live on a budget because I don’t make very much money.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go to college when I was younger and now I have to work a regular job like most of the other people that I know.

During the day I work as a house painter. I have a boss that tells me where to go each day. I spend about 8 hours painting houses. Sometimes I will also do commercial work, but the boss usually sticks to residential jobs because they pay more. At the end of the week, I have to pay my rent, electric, water, and groceries. I only have about $100 left over every week after I pay all of my bills. I like to smoke recreational marijuana, which is legal here in the state of Nevada and the city of Las Vegas. I try to go to the marijuana store when there are sales and specials. Last week I found a coupon code online for one of the marijuana shops in Las Vegas. I went online and filled up my shopping cart with three or four different items. I tried to add the coupon code in the area where there is a blank space. The coupon code kept saying invalid. When I called the Las Vegas recreational marijuana store, they told me that the coupon code was not for their store. They apologized for the confusion and offered to give me 10% off my order. The coupon code was 25% off, but I appreciated the fact that they were trying to help.

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Treating a sunburn with cannabis

Living in Portland, Oregon, it’s necessary to own an umbrella, raincoat and waterproof boots.

The city gets about 164 rainy days and accumulates about 36 inches of rainfall.

I don’t really mind the rain. I’ve grown accustomed to it and enjoy the gorgeous greenery it supports. It’s very easy to grow beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables in such balmy and moist conditions. However, I am still excited when there is a perfectly clear, blue sky and an abundance of sunshine. Last summer, on one of those rare hot days, I laid out in a lawn chair to get a tan. I unfortunately fell asleep for several hours. I woke up with a severe sunburn. My skin was sensitive to the touch, itchy and blistered. I experienced nausea, headache and chills. I realized that I was suffering symptoms of sun poisoning. When I researched possible remedies, I came across cannabis. Cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and CBN that are found in the cannabis plant are nearly identical to endocannabinoids produced by the human body. Because of this plant-based cannabinoids are able to link to and influence CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout the mind and body. This allows cannabis products to alleviate pain, inflammation and so much more. There are receptors located throughout the skin. I searched my local area and found a cannabis dispensary less than a ten minute drive from my home. Their complete list of products was available to order online. They carry topical ointments and sprays infused with cannabinoids and aloe that work to soothe damaged skin. The dispensary also sells tinctures that target pain relief. I purchased as many products as allowed by law.


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Shopping different dispensaries

I am very fortunate that Oregon has legalized adult-use cannabis. I don’t need to go through the time, aggravation and cost of qualifying for an MMJ card every year. With identification that proves I’m over the age of twenty-one, I’m able to make purchases from any dispensary in the state. Living in Portland, I have several choices of dispensaries in the nearby vicinity. Because the city is extremely bike-friendly, I typically cycle to whatever dispensary offers the products I’m looking for. Most of them carry a wide range of consumption methods. I can shop for a wide variety of cannabis flower, singles and packs of pre-rolls, refillable and disposable vapes, tinctures, topicals, edibles and concentrates. The one dispensary includes a very large grow facility where they are constantly innovating and producing new strains. I really like the quality and potency of their flower. They sell pre-rolls infused with kief that are extra high in THC percentage and especially flavorful. However, their selection of concentrates are somewhat limited. I am a fan of vaping and dabbing concentrates. Because they are made by stripping away the excess plant material and leaving behind the cannabinoids and terpenes, the different waxes, budders, badders, live sauces, shatters and hash are especially flavorful and potent. It takes very little concentration to get the desired effects. I have another dispensary I visit to take advantage of their huge menu of edibles. The facility includes an on-site bakery and they make the best cannabis-infused cookies and brownies I’ve ever tasted. They also sell a line of cannabis-infused cooking oils and marinara sauce that are super delicious.

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The temperatures were really cold last night

During the last couple of days, the temperatures in Denver, Colorado have been downright cold.

It’s been in the 30s during the day, but it’s only been in the teens and twenties at night. We had snow a couple of days ago. It melted as soon as the sun came out, but it’s still rare to see snow in the lower elevations. Last night the temperatures were in the twenties. I was supposed to work at the Denver marijuana dispensary near me this morning, but I had to call my boss and cancel my shift. My boss was not very happy, because today is one of the busiest days of the week. Everything in the Denver marijuana shop is 20% off and that would include all of the edibles, dried marijuana flower, tinctures, concentrates, and accessories. Even the t-shirts are 20% off. I tried really hard to get my car to start. It was having problems yesterday when I drove home from the marijuana dispensary. I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t start this morning. My boss told me that I better work on a way to fix my car. I called my brother, but he has to work until later this evening. He said he could come over after work was done, but he could not guarantee that he would be able to figure out why the car would not start. It could be a simple problem like a dead battery or a really expensive repair that needs parts like an alternator. If the repair needed parts it was going to have to wait another day.



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The job moved me to the midwest

I was working as the manager of business relations for all of the East coast and my boss said that I was doing a great job.

I was happy with the work and I was earning a great salary.

My boss was also paying for a company car. My boss sent me an email and he wanted to meet with me early one morning before my day started. At first I thought it might be bad news, but I had spoken to him the previous day and he did not seem to be upset. I met with my boss at 6:00 in the morning. He was getting ready to fly on a helicopter at 7:00 a.m. That’s why he wanted to meet early in the morning. He offered me a job as the manager for relations in the entire country, but I had to move to Denver, Colorado. Denver seemed like the moon when my boss mentioned going to the city. I was living in a small town on the east coast and Denver was 2,000 miles away. I told my boss that I would think about the job offer, but I wasn’t sure that it was right for me. My boss said he would keep me in the same position if I turn down the job, but he would be very disappointed. I started thinking about all of the perks of living in Denver and one thing that I thought about was marijuana. Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado and there are recreational marijuana shops all over the city of Denver. I could easily live in Denver and get used to the fact that marijuana was legal.

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The delivery driver was fast and on time

Friday nights and the rest of the weekend are a time for relaxing and unwinding. I have to listen to my boss complain about everything I do Monday through Friday all day, everyday. I get exhausted trying to please the guy and I often think about throwing the guy off a building. When I have time on the weekends, sometimes I go to the bar to hang out with my friends and sometimes I stay home. It depends on my mood and the weather. Even though I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico where there are more than 300 days of sunshine during the year, some days I don’t feel like going anywhere. When I have an especially hard week at work, I usually stay home on Friday nights. Last friday night my friends wanted to go to a bar in Albuquerque that has really great specials. They have 2 for 1 cocktails from six until nine. They have a live DJ as well. The bar has a lot of great entertainment, but I wasn’t in the mood to be around anyone. I wanted to stay home and order recreational marijuana from an Albuquerque dispensary near me. I told my friends that I was going to stay at the house. They tried to talk me out of my decision, but I already had the items ordered from the marijuana dispensary. The delivery driver arrived on time and it was really fast too. I made sure to give the guy a big tip. Everything in the order was correct and I also received a free pre-roll because it was Valentine’s day.


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The national park was just as awesome as she promised

My ex-wife and I got divorced about 6 years ago and I had a couple of girlfriends after the divorce was finalized.

I never had a serious relationship.

My sister was worried that I was never going to find love again. She convinced me to fill out an online dating profile. She helped me make everything sound really good. When I filled out the information, she thought I sounded like a cereal killer. I will admit that my sister did a much better job than I did writing my profile information. I immediately had a couple of interested people that wanted to speak with me online. I talked to a couple of different women and some of them were really crazy. One woman talked about getting married and it was the first time that we ever spoke on the phone. I was beginning to worry that all of the applicants on the dating site would be nuts. Then I met a really nice girl named jackie. Jackie lives in Albuquerque, about an hour away from me. Jackie works at a recreational and medical marijuana shop in Albuquerque. I never had any marijuana before I met Jackie. When I told her that I was 30 years old and I had never smoked weed, she immediately wanted to be the first person to get me high. She said we should go to the National Monument and smoke a joint. She promised that we would have the most amazing time. We went to the Petroglyph National Monument which is just outside of Albuquerque. The park experience and marijuana was just as awesome as she promised.


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