I love the food in Portland, Oregon

I have to tell you that I love the food in Portland, OR.

When I first went out there on a business trip a couple of months ago, I really had no idea that they were famous for food. I mean, that is really not something that I have ever thought about before whenever I thought about Portland. Usually I just think about rain and coffee! However, I absolutely ended up loving it there and I did not even wanna leave when it was time for me to go home! There was really something about the city that I loved and I think I’m gonna probably end up moving there one day. I think that the best part about Portland, Oregon, was the food! There are so many different kinds of food carts and restaurants all around that you would never be able to try them all! I ate at three different places every day that I was there, and I barely made a dent in any of them. Most of these places are locally owned businesses and I love that small town community type of feel. Some of the coffee houses are amazing and they will grind the beans right in front of you. Apparently, locally roasted coffee is a great draw in Portland. I had so many good cups of coffee while I was there that I was majorly spoiled when I came back home. Coffee here is just not as good as it is there. There are also lots of fancy bars, restaurants, and legal cannabis dispensaries there and I wanted to go inside all of them!


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My brother wants me to visit him in Portland, Oregon

My brother had to move to Portland OR last year for his job.

Ever since he moved there, he has been literally begging me to come visit him.

I guess he is homesick or something. I keep telling my brother that I don’t really wanna come all the way there to the other side of the country. I will have to fly thousands of miles to get there to visit. I mean, I love my brother and everything, butI really don’t like traveling all that much. However, he keeps on telling me that it’s really worth the trip to go to Portland. He keeps trying to entice me with all kinds of promises. He says that Portland is full of theaters, parks, shopping, and all kinds of museums. He also says that there are lots of attractions downtown in Portland and that the boutiques are great for shopping in. He loves the local coffee houses where they grind the beans in front of you and he says that the food trucks there are amazing. The more he talks about it, the more he is wearing down my defenses. I haven’t told him that though. I’m actually thinking of booking a flight and going out there to surprise him. He says that Portland is so great and that they have live music all the time, and that’s really what pushed me over the edge. I am a sucker for live music, and he knows it. I think that’s why he saved that little bit of information for the end. He knew that was what would get me to come to Portland!

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It makes little sense of how many marijuana dispensaries there are.

The first time I visited Las Vegas, NV, was many years ago.

They didn’t have marijuana dispensaries back then, but we were fine with that. My husband and I had an amazing time in the hotel/casino, saw several shows, and did a lot of laughing together. Over the years, Las Vegas was changing, but the biggest change we noticed happened just a couple of years back. There were marijuana dispensaries on every block, and a couple of blocks had two. I turned to my husband as we were driving around the block, and I couldn’t understand why they needed that many marijuana dispensaries. I told my husband it makes little sense of how many marijuana dispensaries there are in Las Vegas, NV. He looked around at all the people who were roaming the streets, and filing into the restaurants and told me ‌it made perfect sense. There were still states that didn’t have legalized recreational marijuana, and people who were visiting Las Vegas, NV, were looking at the marijuana dispensaries as one more oddity and something they needed to try. We had legalized recreational marijuana in our state, but I had never been into one of the marijuana dispensaries. The idea of needing to enjoy myself by using alcohol or marijuana just wasn’t something I wanted to do. My husband and I had a lot of fun just laughing and teasing each other, but not everyone is like us. I want to enjoy my visit to Las Vegas, NV, and not be high the entire time. My husband told me I was going to park the car and asked me if I wanted some gummies from the dispensary.



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Did you see that guy on the corner?

When you think of Las Vegas, NV, most people think about casinos. All the advertisements stuck about the nightlife, the gambling, and the shows they put on in Las Vegas, NV. When I think of Las Vegas, I think about people. I spent nearly a full week in Las Vegas when my son took me for my birthday. We had an amazing time, but of all the things I enjoyed, it was watching the people. Our hotel was less than a block away from one of many marijuana dispensaries. My grandson had recently turned 21, and he wanted to go into a marijuana dispensary. We parked outside, and he went in. My son, his wife, and I watched as the people started coming out. There was one older gentleman, who was standing outside naked, and dancing. Since he disrobed after coming out of the marijuana dispensary, we assumed he had to be high. He came over and started dancing right next to the car, where I could see him in all his naked glory. I smiled and turned my head, hoping that Kyle, my grandson, would soon come out of the marijuana dispensary. Just as the old guy started throwing kisses at me and licking the window, Kyle came out of the marijuana dispensary. My son noticed how the man was behaving, and no sooner was Kyle in the car than we were heading out of the parking lot toward the hotel. That was one experience I never want to laugh through again. Every time any of us thought about the situation, we burst out laughing.

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Air conditioning was a necessity, but we didn’t need the dehumidifier.

I don’t know who ever came up with the statement that the heat is different because it’s a dry heat, so you don’t mind it so much; was crazy.

When you have temperatures in the nineties or upper eighties, it is hot, with or without humidity.

The only good thing about heat without humidity is that it is easier to cool. The big problem with heat without humidity is that if you don’t add humidity to the inside, you end up with a lot of static electricity, and your lungs ‌burn. My husband and I learned this quickly when we moved to Albuquerque, NM. We lived in the south all our lives, but we always dealt with high temperatures and high humidity. There wasn’t a day went by when we didn’t have torrential downpours in the late afternoon or evening. Albuquerque, NM doesn’t have a problem with humidity and there is very little rain. In Albuquerque, NM, you experience desert-like conditions. When we first moved to Albuquerque, we brought our window air conditioning units with it. They did not prepare us for the total lack of humidity, and to purchase a house that had what my grandfather called a swamp cooler to cool the house. In order to stay comfortable in our home, we had to have an air conditioning system that would add humidity back to the air. It was laughable for my husband and me when we found this out. For years, I had asthma and allergies that had a lot to do with the humidity. All I had to do was move to Albuquerque, NM, and all my health issues were forgotten.

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We realized we could survive even if our furnace broke.

There are still areas where you can find the deadly cold, but I think you would need to have born in this area to notice it

After living up north for most of our lives, moving to Albuquerque, NM, was different, to say the least. From early October until mid-April, we had to have heating if we wanted to survive. Without a furnace to keep us warm, we knew we were looking at a disastrous situation. Night temperature would still dip into the twenties and without a working furnace, water could freeze quickly. When we moved to Albuquerque, the temperatures were much milder. I loved knowing I could go outside during the day, and I could still breathe. Unlike back home, where my lungs would fill with the frigid air, and I would end up house bound for the next three months, in Albuquerque, my breathing was easy and comfortable. We still needed heating and air conditioning, but it wasn’t as bad as it was up north. Up north, I was housebound during the heat of summer. The humidity was so bad most days, that combined with the heat, took your breath away the second you closed the door behind you. The HVAC technicians aren’t as harried here in Albuquerque. There is no need to rush if a furnace is broken, because the climate is so different. There are still areas where you can find the deadly cold, but I think you would need to have born in this area to notice it. My husband said that we could easily survive if our furnace broke and the HVAC company couldn’t get to us within a few hours. I wouldn’t want to go without a furnace for hours on end, but it wouldn’t be dangerous.

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We sat outside in the parking lot with our marijuana joint

There are lots of different event venues all over the bay area.

Many of these places can hold $50,000 people or more.

My friend Jack and I went to a concert last year and the parking lot was so filled with people that we didn’t get out of there until 1:00 a.m. The concert in San Francisco ended at 11:00, but we were stuck in the parking lot for 2 hours. There was an accident in the same row where we were parked and there was an accident at the front gate. I knew we weren’t going to go anywhere, so I told my friend that we should smoke a marijuana joint and relax in the car instead of trying to get out of the parking lot before anyone else. Jack thought that was a pretty good idea. We turned on the air conditioner and we rolled down the windows. I could smell the salt in the air. We weren’t that far from the San Francisco downtown area. We smoked an Indica marijuana joint. It was very flavorful and tasty. I was pretty high after we smoked the joint. Even if I wanted to go somewhere, I would not have been able to drive. The marijuana joint was a really nice strain and I felt the effects for more than an hour. When we finally left the parking lot at 1:00 a.m,. I felt fine driving. It only took about 25 minutes to get back to our apartment after we finally left the parking lot.


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We took a moonlit stroll to smoke a joint

My wife and I rarely have a chance to get out of the house for more than a few hours at a time. It’s really something very special when we have a chance to go away for a couple of days. My Mom and Dad recently offered to watch the kids so we could take a few days away from the house to relax. Work has been very stressful and we really haven’t had a lot of time together. My mom and dad picked up the kids on Friday after school was over and my wife and I headed out of town to go to San Francisco for the weekend. I rented a really nice hotel room by the Museum of natural history. The San Francisco museum is one of my wife’s favorite places in the whole city. I knew she would be really excited about the location. My wife and I had a small amount of recreational marijuana with us when we went to the hotel. I accidentally knocked over a cup of water and it drenched all of them marijuana. We were trying not to spend money on marijuana from a dispensary in San Francisco, but we had to get weed from somewhere after the accident. We were a few blocks away from a marijuana dispensary. It was such a nice night that we decided to walk. After we bought the marijuana supplies, we took a moonlit stroll to smoke a joint. All of the street lights were on, and both of us felt absolutely safe walking in the city after dark.


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No way I was working with my ex boyfriend

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up in june.

I wanted the relationship to end.

My boyfriend was not very happy with my decision to end things. He called me and texted me about a hundred times after we broke up. I had to threaten to get a restraining order in order for him to stop harassing me. It was absolutely chaotic for a couple of weeks. I want to stay with my mom in San francisco. I was not living in San Francisco at the time, but my mom offered to let me move there to have a fresh start and get away from the ex-boyfriend. I agreed to move even though I knew I would have to quit my job. Luckily, I found a job working at a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary manager hired me as soon as she saw that I had experience in the marijuana industry. I worked as a receptionist at a medical clinic for a while before I started my old job at an accounting firm. Going back to the dispensary was like going home. I really loved working at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary until I realized that my ex-boyfriend applied for a job and wanted to work with me. I knew that he was stalking me on purpose. There was no way I was going to work with my ex boyfriend. I told the manager not to hire the guy and I told her everything that happened in our relationship, including the fact that I had to threaten to get a temporary restraining order to get him to leave me alone.



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San Francisco has the best dispensaries

My boyfriend and I went to San Francisco last month.

We stayed for 3 days.

It was my first time ever going to the city. I had been there a few times in the past, but not since I was an adult. I really didn’t remember any of the trips from my past, but I knew that my mom and dad had pictures from the times when we were in San francisco. When my boyfriend and I went to the city, we did all of the things that tourists do. We went to the wharf and had clam chowder and salt water taffy. We went to Chinatown for egg rolls. We went on a whale watching tour and we rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Another fun thing that we did while we were in the city was order marijuana from a San Francisco dispensary. My wife and I do not regularly use cannabis products. Ordering from the dispensary was something special that we did just because we work in the city. We found a marijuana dispensary that would deliver to our hotel. It wasn’t difficult to find a dispensary. There were a ton of places in San Francisco and many of them were even within walking distance to our hotel. We still decided to order for delivery so we wouldn’t have to leave the hotel. My boyfriend and I ordered a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. We had to get enough items to equal $50, because that was the minimum for delivery. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary brought our items about an hour after we placed our order online. It was very quick and easy.



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