California is even cooler than I imagined

Throughout most of my life, I imagined California as I saw it in the movies.

I imagined movie sets on street corners and shopping like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and haute couture clothing stores.

I thought California was filled with mountains and hills, and I thought the desert was part of the midwest. When I moved to California, I was a bit surprised by the geography of the land. I moved to a neighborhood right outside of San Francisco. I moved in with some friends that I met in college. The four of us shared a small apartment in San Francisco and it was still expensive. I saw mountains and hills everywhere, but outside of the city was much different. I visited groves of lemon and orange trees and giant Redwood forests. Everything in California was cooler than I imagined. Even the amount of marijuana dispensaries was a huge surprise. San Francisco has a marijuana dispensary around every corner. Each place offers a variety of different strains, Edibles, and cannabis supplies. I knew California had legal recreational marijuana, but I was still amazed by the amount of stores selling the product. My friends and I live in an apartment by the park and there are several marijuana dispensaries within walking distance. Most of them will even deliver for a small fee. I’m going to love living in California. I’ve already adjusted to the weather, which is completely amazing. It never gets cold and summer temperatures are a cool 75 degrees most days. If you haven’t visited San Francisco or the west coast, I would put it on the top of your travel list.


Recreational Pot San Fransisco CA