Author: Richard

Making it more than a business trip

Since we go so often it was a good idea to own a vape and bring it with us I have to travel a lot for work. I have a work from home job that technically the office is based out of LA. Frequently my boss flies me out to the office. I spend a […]

Treating arthritis with cannabis

Chicago is known for its long and freezing cold winters. We often deal with temperatures in the negatives, bitter wind chill and feet of snow. While I truly love living in this area, the cold weather is hard on my arthritis. During the winter, my fingers swell up like sausages. My knuckles get huge and […]

We loved staying in downtown Portland, Oregon

Whenever we went on vacation last year, we had no idea just how much we were going to love the diverse culture of downtown Portland, Oregon. We actually ended up going there somewhat by accident. We weren’t even planning on going to Portland at all, but then we noticed that flights there were really cheap […]

Portland is a very unique city to visit

If you are looking for a unique city to visit this summer, then I would suggest that you go to Portland, Oregon. Portland is one of the most unique cities in the entire country. Portland has many nicknames, like Rose City, Bridgetown, Rip City, Portlandia, and Beervana. Just like its nicknames, Portland has a variety […]

Getting to find cannabis edibles

Before cannabis was legal in Michigan, my friends and I used to bake up weed brownies. They weren’t very good. They had a strange taste and texture. We didn’t know anything about the potency of the weed and so had no clue about dosing. We sometimes ate way too much and had a bad experience. […]

I prefer cannabis flower

I am rather particular about the quality of cannabis flower I’m willing to purchase. I’ve checked out all of the local dispensaries in Ann Arbor, looking for premium smokable bud. There is a wide range of brands and strains and not all of them are top-shelf. The smokable flower is actually the bud of the […]