Author: Richard

The Santa Ynez mountains are a beautiful place to hike

I usually smoke dried marijuana flower but the vape pen has a much higher THC count then I am accustomed to The Santa Ynez mountains are part of the Pacific Coastal mountain range. The mountain range dates back to the age of dinosaurs. Flora and fauna line the mountains and trails. The mountains include the […]

I needed a good AC repair tech for the job

It is very important to have a good working AC if you live on the west coast, near the beach. My family and I live on the west coast in a coastal city called Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara has a Mediterranean climate. Although it is never extremely hot, the temperatures often require AC during the […]

Going over the bay bridge was really scary

The San francisco-oakland Bay Bridge is a very complex bridge that carries more than 200,000 vehicles every single day. It is one of the longest bridges in the country. It is also one of the most traveled bridges. The San Francisco bay bridge has multiple layers and traffic on the bridge moves simultaneously north and […]

My car window was broken during the day

My girlfriend and I decided to spend the day at the Aquarium of the Bay. The Aquarium of the Bay is one of my favorite places in San Francisco. The place opened about 25 years ago, when I was a really little kid. The Aquarium of the Bay quickly became one of my favorite places […]