Author: Richard

Preparing for power outages in Palm Beach

Palm Beach County ranks in the country’s top five most hurricane-vulnerable areas. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tropical storms, are the leading cause of power outages in Florida. Going without power during times of inclement weather is inconvenient, uncomfortable and can even lead to health and safety risks. When there’s no electricity, we can’t […]

Historical home in Orland Park

When my husband and I purchased a historical home in Orland Park, we were delighted by the hardwood floors, doors, molding and staircase. We looked forward to sitting on the wide back porch and enjoying the view of a pond with ducks. We didn’t realize some of the unique difficulties of a historical home. Our […]

Minnesota’s Chain of Lakes

Minnesota is often called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” It’s home of some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. The Chain of Lakes is stands out as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and proof of Minnesota’s dedication to preserving its natural heritage. It is an interconnected system of five urban lakes. There is […]

Issues with air quality

The temperature in Lowell, Massachusetts, fluctuates throughout the year. Each season brings fresh issues with the weather. Heating and cooling are necessities and we switch between them with little downtime in-between. The combined cost of running the furnace and air conditioner adds up to about fifty percent of the home’s energy usage. In hopes of […]

Things to do in Lakeland

Often called the “City of Swans,” Lakeland, Florida, is an amazing place to live and wonderful destination for tourists. The community is situated ideally in-between Tampa and Orlanda. While often over-shadowed by those more famous cities, Lakeland has unique amenties to offer. From exciting adventures to peaceful relaxation, there is something for every preference. A […]

Big and Little Talbot Island

Jacksonville offers a wide assortment of historic sites, outdoor activities and scenic vistas. Some of the most picturesque opportunities of the area are Big Talbot Island and Little Talbot Island. These barrier islands feature unspoiled beaches, vibrant coastal forests and diverse ecosyststems. They are an exciting opportunity for oudoor adventurers, nature lovers and beachcombers. The […]

Festival Park located in Elgin

Festival Park is one of my favorite spots in Elgin, Illinois. This outdoor venue serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors. It offers beautiful scenic views, vibrant cultural experiences and an assortment of diverse events. Festival Park is located along the banks of the Fox River, where breathtaking views and a tranquil atmosphere […]

Features of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

It represents practical and stunning landscape designs ideal to the Southern climate Situated in the center of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, there is horticultural discovery that’s been around for almost two centuries. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens covers 67.5 acres of perfectly landscaped ground. It’s an oasis of thriving greenery and the perfect escape from […]

Favorite restaurants in Gilbert

My local city of Gilbert is a food lovers paradise. The area offers a wonderfully diverse dining scene. From southwestern cuisine to international options, the local restaurants offers something for every taste. Since moving to Gilbert, I’ve made it my mission to try every one of the eateries. Lots of locals recommended a meal at […]

Attractions of the Plano Balloon Festival

A kaleidoscope of colorful balloons decorate the skies above Plano every year. They take flight as they have for over four decades. The Plano Balloon Festival celebrates art, science and community spirit. Locals and visitors alike tilt their faces upward and are awed by the sight. The Plano Balloon Festival began in 1979. A small […]