The botanical gardens are wonderful

I moved to NM when the state lawmakers thought it best to make cannabis legal.

I was basically living right on the border of NM and OK! When the cannabis laws changed, I finally made the choice that it was time to move.

I found a job in Albuquerque in no time. It was a long distance from my place in OK, although I was honestly thrilled about the new cannabis laws and a new job. I managed to get a job working in a cannabis dispensary. I had to take a test and learn all of the information and get caught up with legalization, however it’s enjoyable and exciting to task in the Cannabis industry. During my time off, I commonly go to the botanical gardens. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to enjoy myself for hours. The ABQ biopark in Albuquerque includes a zoo, botanical gardens, Aquarium, and Tingley Beach… You can cover the cost for a ticket for each one of these places separately, or you can get everything at Mission price to all places. I really care about going to the aquarium, however the botanical gardens are what I love the most. There are all kinds of floral paths and gardens, however each has different styles of flowers. There are more than 10,000 odd species within the garden and the place has even been flaunted on the travel channel. There is a butterfly and bee exhibit and an aquarium only for bugs. There are hundreds of joyful and exciting activities located in Albuquerque, NM, however the botanical gardens are what I regularly prefer.


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