I fell down the stairs and broke my leg

My boss sent me to Orland Park on Saturday to handle a commercial HVAC repair.

The Ford car dealership contacted the HVAC repair center because there was no cold air in the break room or the customer lobby.

It was a relatively warm day and the outdoor temperatures were in the 80s. My boss sent me to help with the repair. I met two other employees at the job. The commercial AC unit in Orland Park required extra hands. Shortly after I arrived, we started checking out all of the components. The air conditioners are located on the rooftop. Jack and I decided to go on the roof to check on all of the components. I started climbing up the ladder and I had my tool bag and my left hand. I was holding on to the ladder with my right hand. I lost my balance when my foot slipped on one of the ladder rungs. Before I could catch my balance, I fell off the ladder and down to the ground. Jack quickly came down the ladder to see if I was okay. I couldn’t move my left leg. It fell between the bottom two ladder rungs and twisted. I felt certain that it was broken. I told Jack that I needed someone to take me to the emergency room in Orland Park. My boss called on the cell phone when we were on the way to the emergency room. I tried to explain everything that was happening, but I was in so much pain that I was in and out of consciousness. My leg was severely fractured and had to be reset in a surgical procedure.
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