Mark it on your calendar. We’re going to Toronto!

My best friend came flying into my house the other day and told me I was supposed to mark it on my calendar.

I looked at him like he was absolutely crazy and tried to get him to tell me what we were marking on the calendar? He told me ‌we were all getting together and going to Toronto, Ontario, for the weekend.

I tried to explain to him that my wife and I had been to Toronto, Ontario several times, and it was not our favorite place to go. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he told me, but they have legal recreational marijuana in Toronto, Ontario. None of us smoked marijuana except him, but I joined in with his enthusiasm. I could tell he had been smoking marijuana for quite a while, and I didn’t want to get him upset. My biggest hope was that when we got to Toronto, Ontario, we could find other things to do that would keep him away from the marijuana dispensary. I’m not sure that was a big possibility, but it was something I was hoping for. Three weeks later, the weekend we were going to Toronto, Ontario, arrived. My wife was hoping someone would call and say that we weren’t going. Five minutes before we were to leave the house, my phone rang. It was my friend who had told me to mark the date on my calendar. He had forgotten to mark the date on his calendar, and he needed to work. He said he would like to make our trip to Toronto, Ontario over a weekend when he didn’t have to work, and he wanted me to remind him so he didn’t forget again.

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