I may need a new house in the summer because Phoenix is too hot

It’s important to have an HVAC tune-up performed on your heat pump, furnace, and air conditioning system. Each and every year, I have an HVAC service performed on the components of my heating and air conditioning system. There are a lot of areas that should be covered when a service provider performs an HVAC tune-up. The last time I had an HVAC tune-up, I called a company in Phoenix. The Phoenix AC system provider told me that there was going to be a trainee working on the job. I thought it seemed like a great time for me to watch the tune up. I wondered if I could perform all of the work on my own. I knew that could save me $100 each and every year. I watched both of the professionals as they checked the thermostat and the condensing line. They measured the refrigerator levels and checked all of the coils. They used oil to lubricate the moving parts and they used a fin comb to straighten some of the coils that work best. Other than the contraption they use to measure the refrigerant levels, I think I could have performed all of the work on my own. I didn’t mind having the Phoenix service provider do the work that time, but it looks like it’s a job that I can probably do on my own if I want to save money and really take my time. It took these guys about an hour. I imagine it would probably take me two or three hours to complete all of the work that they performed.

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