Loving cannabis edibles

I love to shop for cannabis edibles.

The market has exploded with all types of cannabis-infused treats. They can be created with either cannabis flower or concentrate and are sold in every imaginable form. There are edibles that are especially high in THC, those that are pure CBD and items that combine the two cannabinoids. I visit a dispensary in Portland that includes an on-site bakery where they make their own edibles. Everything is incredibly fresh and flavorful. I have my choice of dark, white and milk chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, caramels, gummies and hard candies. They offer a really wonderful menu of baked goods, including brownies and all sorts of cookies. They even include cannabis-infused ice cream, popcorn, drink mixes, colas, tonics and sparkling beverages. Just recently, they introduced a line of cooking oils, butters, marinara sauces and granola. Edibles provide a healthier alternative to smoking. There is no need to invest into specialized tools, and I don’t need any expertise. I simply follow the recommended dosing listed on the packaging. They are manufactured in precise doses, so I know exactly how much THC and/or CBD I’m consuming. I’m aware that the effects of edibles can take anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours to fully kick in. The intensity of effects is often greater. This is because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract rather than indirectly into the bloodstream. Some people get into trouble by eating more too soon. Since the effects can last from four to six hours, it’s especially important to go slow and start with a low dose.

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