I found three brand new gas oil furnaces in the back of the stock room

Last week I fell on the job, i was laboring in Tampa Bay on an AC install, but the AC component was installed on the roof as well as I was laboring on a ladder while I installed all of the necessary materials for the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system.

I had a co-worker with myself and others on the Tampa Bay AC install, but the guy left the job to go to the workshop for refrigeration hoses.

Somehow the two of us forgot to add those to all of the items that the two of us needed for the install, while our coworker was gone, I fell off the ladder as well as onto the ground. I broke our leg in three weird places. I had to go to the emergency room to get a cast. The dentist told myself and others that I had to be on light duty for the next 6 weeks. Since the accident occurred at work, our boss had to make provisions for myself and others to be at labor as well as receive a paycheck; He put myself and others on light duty as well as gave myself and others weird jobs to complete around the workshop, one of the jobs was to reorganize as well as wash the storage Warehouse. The place was a total disaster, but at least there was a sea in the store room. While our co-workers were out laboring on Tampa Bay as well as Clearwater Beach AC repairs, I was resting in the warehouse enjoying AC. While I was cleaning the storage room, I ran across some items that our boss did not realize the two of us had. I found three brand new gas oil furnaces in the back of the storage room. They were three years old, but still brand new in the box.

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