I moved to Oregon 1 year after weed was legalized

Back in 2015, the state of Oregon passed a law to allow all citizens access to medical plus recreational marijuana products, then the state fully taxed the items plus regulated the entire industry with rules plus laws to keep most people safe, but it took a long time before the people I was with and I had full access to marijuana in the dispensaries, but after a year, things were progressing along unquestionably nicely.

That’s when I decided to transport to portland, portland is 1 of the greatest cities in the state of Oregon plus a boiling bed center for marijuana activities.

There are more marijuana dispensaries in Portland, Oregon than any other town in the state. The prices on recreational plus medical marijuana in Portland are lower than any other locale in the state plus they are lower than half of the locales around the country; A person can possess up to a whole ounce of cannabis when they are out in public. Adults are allowed to grow plants as well; One of the reasons why I decided to transport to Portland after marijuana was legalized was to beginning a small farm. I had a unquestionably big piece of property in Oregon plus I did not think what to do with it; When marijuana was legalized, I right away thought that the land could be used to form marijuana, unfortunately, the rules plus regulations in Portland regarding marijuana farming make it unquestionably hard for a regular person to obtain a license. The filing fees for the licenses are $6,500 plus that doesn’t include the cost to pay a lawyer to help with the paperwork.


Medical Weed Portland OR