I bought two grams of cannabis of a dispensary in the city

My friends and I attended a music festival right in the center of albuquerque.

There were about 20 different bands that day and they were all playing on different stages.

It was very hectic and chaotic, but I saw as many of the Bands as possible. My friends and I brought plenty of recreational marijuana supplies for the day. We stopped at and Albuquerque marijuana dispensary on our way to the festival. I bought 2 G of cannabis and a pack of cones to roll up some joints. My buddy bought a pre-rolled marijuana joint that looked like a cigar blunt. Another one of my friends decided to get a disposable marijuana vape pen. When I saw him checking out at the counter, I immediately wished that I had bought one too. I asked the lady if I could still buy something. She gave me a hard time about placing a second order, but I was still inside of the store so she technically could consider it the same transaction. I bought the disposable marijuana vape pen and it was a hybrid called gorilla glue. It was a really nice strain that tasted a little bit earthy and like diesel gas. My friends and I puffed on our marijuana supplies all day long at the Albuquerque music festival. By the end of the day, we were all pretty stoned and a little bit drunk. There were drinks all over the place and some of the people were just giving away free beers. It was complete and total mayhem, but we had a really good time.

Pot Dispensary Albuquerque New Mexico