We went on a tour of a vineyard and a working marijuana farm

There were a lot of places that my wife and I considered for our honeymoon.

Ultimately we thought it was important to stay close to home, because we have four children together and we didn’t want to leave them for a long time.

We entertained the idea of taking the kids with us on our honeymoon, but my mom and dad said they would keep the kids for a couple of days. My wife and I decided to go to San francisco. We had the most amazing time while we were there. We took a ride on the cable cars. Everyone knows that the cable cars are one of the most well known attractions. San Francisco is actually home to the very first cable car system in the country. It doesn’t cost very much to use the cable cars and we got to see Market Street and Alcatraz Island using this mode of travel. My wife and I also visited a vineyard while we were in San francisco. We spent all day sampling different types of red and white wine. When the tour concluded, we received a couple of advertisements and coupons for other local San Francisco attractions. One was an actual working marijuana farm. I thought it might be fun to go to the marijuana farm in San francisco. I read a little bit more information about the working marijuana farm tours. It really sounded like something fun and interesting, so we made a reservation. We had a ton of fun that day and they gave us several different free samples of their current marijuana strains.


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