I got 30% off my first purchase at the recreational marijuana shop

It’s always nice to get a good deal, especially when you don’t have a lot of money.

The grocery store always has a good deal on meats, produce, and fruits.

The deli has a lot of buy one and get one for free specials. I wish the marijuana dispensary near me had buy one and get one for free specials like the grocery store does. The marijuana dispensary near me has a first time patient special. I got 30% off my first purchase at the Las Vegas recreational marijuana shop. One of the reasons why there aren’t a lot of specials in sales is due to the fact that the marijuana dispensary is located right in the busiest part of Las Vegas. There is heavy walk-in traffic and always people walking in and out of the doors. The Las Vegas marijuana dispensary doesn’t have to advertise or offer specials in order to get people through the door. I’ve been looking at a couple of other places that are in a different area of Las Vegas. They aren’t near the strip with the casinos, shopping, bars, and nightlife. These marijuana dispensaries do not offer any delivery services, so I would have to take an Uber or get a friend to drive me. I haven’t had a car in a while. Mine broke down and the head gasket started leaking. After that I started taking the bus to work. Most of the people on the bus are locals, so it’s really not that bad. Still, there are times when I definitely wish that I had a car of my own again.

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