Cannabis in the main hall

I don’t work on The Strip in Las Vegas, even though I do work near it, all the way at the end of the road, then this is a small, however popular, convention hall, however all of the largest casinos plus hotels have their own convention centers, and ours is not as big, plus not as overpriced, which makes it perfect for the “off brand” conventions plus junkets that come to town.

Last month was the largest one I have ever worked, and i am the security guy who works the cameras at the front door.

Our clients were called the Las Vegas Cosplay Society, plus they were a important group of nerds who liked to dress up in costumes. These kinds of partys are fairly proper in Las Vegas, even though I had never been to one myself. It turns out the largest problem for me that day was keeping cannabis outside the convention hall, but cannabis is legal in Las Vegas, however it is still against federal law to allow smoking of any kind in public facilities. I have no issue with cannabis, plus even prefer it myself outside of work, even though I couldn’t let the Las Vegas cosplay crew odor up my hall with weed smoke! I went out plus talked to a few people, plus basically said they could step outside to smoke cannabis, however if they did it inside I would have to call the Las Vegas police department… Nobody wanted those jerks to show up plus ruin the fun. After invoking the specter of the Las Vegas PD, I didn’t have any more concerns.

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