I cherish to stay home in the a/c when it’s hot outside

Living or going to see Phoenix Arizona can be a matter of life or death, however it’s unfortunate how many people take the severity of the extreme heat for granted! They don’t understand that our bodies can only bare but so much, and they will push themselves to unimaginable limits, however perhaps you already know that Phoenix is literally in the middle of the desert, so it’s no surprise that it gets genuinely hot here.

  • In fact, the temperature can certainly rise into the triple digit range.

And every year, there is typically some kind of report about people being rescued due to heat exhaustion or even worse, some have succumbed to it. The trails have proven to be dangerous because many of them have no locale to cool down from the extreme hot and cold temperatures. I moved to Phoenix about 20 years ago, and over the years, I have noticed that the temperature has gotten hotter and hotter. And when the weather is scorching hot outside, I don’t mind staying inside in the a/c! Of course, there are times that I do go out, but I frequent locales that have a/c. They include museums, malls, art galleries, Regal Cinemas, and more. If I go to a concert, it’s usually at night or inside a locale with weather conditions control, however don’t get me wrong, I prefer spending time in natural spaces as well, but those natural spaces can be detrimental to my health; So, I would rather skip going hiking during the summertime, and opt for locales with a/c instead, and that includes the comfort of my own home.



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