Using pot to treat injuries

I have shopped at the local Denver dispensary since adult-use cannabis became legal in 2014, but i initially considered it strictly for recreational enjoyment, but over the years, I’ve gotten friendly with the budtenders and am regularly interested in their recommendations… They are honestly knowledgeable in the variety of products and effects they provide; Following their suggestions, I’ve tried an array of consumption methods, manufacturers, sativas, hybrids and indicas, when I was involved in a recognizably nasty vehicle accident, I suffered many broken bones, cuts and bruises; Even once I’d returned home after my time in the hospital, I was living with a good deal of pain.

I prescribed painkillers that I wasn’t comfortable taking.

They can be highly addictive and are buddyd with all sorts of harmful and long-term side-effects. I once again asked for assistance from the budtenders at the Denver dispensary. They were able to direct me toward products that are helpful as natural remedies in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation. I focused on strains that are high in CBD, CBN and CBG with low amounts of THC. For quick onset of effects, I chose vapes and tinctures. For more intense and longer-lasting effects, I sampled from the dispensary’s menu of edibles. I found a good relief from applying cannabis-infused topicals. The Denver dispensary carries a wide selection of roll-ons, sprays, ointments, balms and bath balms that I applied directly to the skin, because they cause no psychoactive effects, I could apply them many times per afternoon. Cannabis helped me to treat my injuries and get back to a normal life again.

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