I had to get rid of my marijuana at the airport

They made me get rid of the marijuana and throw everything into the garbage

I’ve only had my medical marijuana card for the past 3 months and I don’t really know all of the rules and regulations. I got caught in the airport with a bunch of medical marijuana in my bag. I thought it was going to be fine to take medical marijuana with me, because I had a medical marijuana card and I was traveling to a state with legal recreational marijuana. I did not realize that you cannot travel with marijuana on your person. You are not supposed to take the medicine anywhere except within the state where you live. When I got to the airport, I checked my bag. I had the marijuana supplies in my bag that I took on the plane with me. It went through the scanner and I could see a couple of people looking at the bag intently. A lady called me over to the security area and she asked me to identify the items in my bag. I immediately blurted out that there was medical marijuana in my bag. The lady at the Philadelphia airport told me that I was going to be arrested. The security system called the Philadelphia police and the state police. The Philadelphia Police Department did not think that I was intentionally trying to break the law. They made me get rid of the marijuana and throw everything into the garbage. I had almost $200 worth of medical marijuana supplies from the Philadelphia dispensary and I hated to throw everything away. They wouldn’t even let me put the items into my car after I tried to sneak them through security.

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