The city is really pretty at night

Jacksonville does not play a lot of afternoon games at the location… Most of the time, the condo games usually start at 1:00, however this year my wonderful friend and I had a Tuesday night pigskin game & it did not begin until 8:00 at night, and i was gleeful to go to the city at night, because Jacksonville can be really appealing when the sunshine goes down.

There are lights all over the bridges & they glow with odd colors in the middle of the night.

My fiance & I watched the pigskin game & it was close for a change, however jacksonville almost pulled out a win on Tuesday night pigskin, but they were three-point shy. There was a chance for the kicker to tie up the game, however he hit the left side of the goal post & all my wonderful friend and I heard was a ding when almost everyone was silent, and after the game was over, my fiance & I went back to our house, which is located in a small city right outside of Jacksonville. My wonderful friend and I didn’t have the air conditioner on when my wonderful friend and I left that morning, but my wonderful friend and I decided to turn it on when my wonderful friend and I got home. It was easily sizzling & humid & my wonderful friend and I were both wound up from the close game. The air conditioner came right on when I flipped the switch, so it was absolutely warmer than 70° in the house. The A/C felt good & it was frosty in the condo in a matter of minutes. I slept so soundly after a long Tuesday at work & then the night game.

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