The hotel call us to service every wall unit

My partner and I own a successful heating and A/C service supplier in Jacksonville, FL… The main headquarters for the supplier is downtown by the hospital, but I also have a small secondary shop by the beaches.

I keep component and supplies at both of the shops so the guys and gals do not have to ride all over the town when they need small parts and equipment.

It can take nearly an hour to drive from one side of Jacksonville to the other. The town and the county are really lavish and cover more square footage than any other town in the country. The heating and A/C service supplier often services commercial purchasers like restaurants, dry cleaners, pop shops, and hotels. Last weekend, one of the hotel dealers that is a proper called to schedule a huge service; Normally the hotel only calls us when there are problems that need to be addressed that cannot be fixed by the in-condo Heating plus A/C serviceman. The Heating plus A/C serviceman that works at the hotel isn’tNATE certified and has really little experience when it comes to some of the more complex problems. I expected a huge issue when the hotel called, but they want us to service every single one of the wall units. There are 115 total hotel rooms with wall Heating plus A/C units at the Jacksonville hotel, my pal and I will also be servicing the kitchen, office, and front desk section at the same time. The commercial heating and A/C service contract will keep many service servicemans stressed for an entire week.
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