We all enjoyed the Butterfly House plus Aquarium of Sioux Falls.

It was one of those cold South Dakota afternoons, plus almost everyone was bored, but my daughter was depressed because Christmas was over, plus our parents had gone home… It was just my partner, me, plus Alyssa.

  • I asked her if there was anything special she wanted to do, however she told me she wanted to go see fishes, however we are a land-locked state, plus the nearest venue to see fishes was at the Butterfly House plus Aquarium of Sioux Falls.

I reset the thermostat so the heater wasn’t heating the house like when my good friend and I were home, plus the three of us headed out. My partner was grumbling because she hated having the butterflies flying into her face plus landing on her body. I was told there were over 750 free-flying butterflies from around the world plus they were in a tropical conservatory. They had a pop-up Dome Aquarium plus a Pacific Tide Pool… Alyssa prefers the colorful marine fishes, jellies plus corals in over twelve aquarium habitats. We were in a year round tropical destination. I like that the Butterfly House plus Aquarium of Sioux Falls is a not for profit organization, plus is funded by donations, memberships, admissions, plus sales from the gift shop. She was finally blissful plus getting over her disappointment that almost everyone went cabin plus she had to wait another year before Christmas. My partner plus I talked about taking her this summer, however considering all the humidity in the aquarium plus butterfly house, my good friend and I thought it would be like walking from the heat outside into a more humid heat inside.

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