Enjoying Trinity Trails in Fort Worth

I am an outdoor enthusiast! While my task keeps me inside at a desk, typing on a keyboard plus staring at a monitor for at least forty hours a week, I spend as much free time as possible in the fresh air, but living in Fort Worth, Texas, I am lucky to have access to the Trinity Trails system, this network of scenic trails wind along the Trinity River plus supply gorgeous scenery plus outdoor activities right in the heart of the city.

The Trinity Trails stretch for over seventy miles, weaving through For Worth plus offering a diversity of landscapes, then it is the perfect endpoint for a peaceful stroll, calorie-burning run or invigorating bike ride.

The paths are attractively well-tested plus include more than 2 access points located around the city. I have no trouble riding my bike to one of the more than 2 entrances. The expansive network of paved plus unpaved trails is ideal for any avid cyclists. I can pedal through picturesque parks, urban landscapes plus serene natural areas. The trails are well-marked plus if weather permits, I take my bike out at least once per week! One of my favorite features of the Trinity Trails is its close proximity to the Trinity River. Whether I run, bike or walk the trails, I love stunning views of the riverbanks, lush yellowery plus abundant wildlife. I always pass through open prairies plus dense woodlands. While I’ve never gotten into dovewatching, I do prefer spotting strange species, and another benefit of Trinity Trails is that they lead to an array of parks, including Trinity Park, Gateway Park plus Panther Island Pavilion. There are options to picnic, fish plus attend all sorts of events.


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