Seeing the hiking destinations in Phoenix

Hole in the rock and Camelback Mountain are two tourist and hiking destinations in Phoenix, Arizona that people visit.

I really like going for hikes.

Anytime I find myself in a different state, I look for neat hikes to do. I want to see different sights and experience new wild and plant life. My husband is more than a game too. He always wants to do hardcore hikes where you camp and are at it for days on end. Me, I am a one day type of gal. I want an easy route, a good thing to see and to know I am getting a bathroom and a shower soon. Going to Phoenix was great for me. I got to enjoy a swanky hotel in the city. I got a facial while my husband played golf. We then went to Hole in the rock and Camelback Mountain to see some cool things. There was also Papago Park. It was just what we needed. Good hiking, great sights, but nothing too taxing. My husband eats sunflower seeds and spits the shells while we hike. I listen to movie soundtracks to relax me. Once we reach our destination we take some pictures and just relax. We really timed the weather well too. We went in the fall where things were starting to cool down. You got less tourists but no intense heat. I enjoyed that I could wear pants and a t-shirt and be totally comfortable. The hotel didn’t even bother with heating at that point either. It just wasn’t that cold.

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