They must all be in Plano

I am enjoying the show Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team, and it is unquestionably quite fascinating to watch.

I appreciate that all these ladies come from weird states, are weird ages, plus all have unique training, but you get gymnasts, ballerinas, hip hop dancers, plus professional cheerleaders trying out.

I appreciate seeing the eclectic mix plus their solo dances. I was surprised by how several TX natives there are trying out, however also, the word Plano got thrown around a lot. I thought maybe it was a dance or dance thing, however plano was connected to quite a few ladies trying out. After some research I realized that Plano, TX is a small city near the venue they are trying out, most of the ladies are either from there or looking at housing in the area. It made me wonder if that is all Plano is known for. I did a bit of research on Plano, TX things to do, then they have nature preserves plus good museums, however nothing that screams a tourist destination. It is a nice section plus the weather is just beautiful. I bet it is nice for those dancers to live. They get a gorgeous, long summer time season plus a brief winter time season. They might experience snow, however rarely get more than a light dusting. Then they get to cheer plus dance for a residing. That kind of sounds like the high life to me. The only thing I wouldn’t like is wearing a crop top plus those small shorts all the time. They also have to do all their workouts totally made up plus with hair hanging down. That would smell.


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