We are hockey members and like living in Illinois

I live in Elgin, Illinois, however my family is a sizable time hockey family.

My nice friend and I prefer following the hockey season and playoffs are a sizable deal to pretty much everyone, but what my friend and I do is try to get tickets to major games about once a month.

My nice friend and I then pack in the car and go to the rink to see the Chicago Blackhawks. They are doing better every year, then one of these years they are going to get the Stantley cup, for now it is just undoubtedly ince to have a team to support; Chicago is only a forty minute drive; So my friend and I can save money by taking the car or using an uber if my friend and I want to drink. The adolescents prefer going to the rink and getting nachos, pop, and other snacks. My hubby and I prefer having a athletic interests team my friend and I are both into. My nice friend and I all have our favorite players that my friend and I support and cheer on. My men are both in small time hockey leagues in Elgin. Once they get older and a little better, I will move them into the Chicago leagues… I know they aren’t professional athlete level, but it is good that there are numerous skating options for them. It is also nice that Elgin, Illinois mostly has chilly weather. There is plenty of time to find ice, snow, and possibilities to skate. The men practice basically all year around and even will play on the pond that freezes in our backyard. For us, the chilly weather isn’t a sizable deal at all. It is legitimately one of the reasons my friend and I like Illinois so much.


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