High velocity AC for older AL home

The installation is way less invasive plus meant for older houses

I live in Tuscaloosa, AL plus I obtained a historic home, it has all the original moldings plus wood. It is quite old plus looks particularly pretty, the only snag is that updating plus renovating has been a nightmare, however anytime I want to change something in the house, there are loads of disadvantages, however everything was made of old material that is no longer being remade or can’t be fixed. Also there are a lot of current innovations that I am missing out on. I started looking for a better cooling solution than a bunch of window cooling systems, then living in AL means that I need quality cooling, sadly the home can’t handle the strain of HVAC duct installation plus it didn’t come with any in place. So I thought I was limited on my options. I didn’t want a mini split in each room taking up space. They are big, bulky, plus don’t fit my decor. After talking to a Tuscaloosa cooling corporation I found that I could get central AC, just with a twist. High velocity AC takes HVAC duct however it is half the size plus bendy. It can really bend plus twist into the slats of an older home. The installation is way less invasive plus meant for older houses. The way the system works is by abruptly whipping air room to room, but you can lower the temperature in minutes with this powerful little system. It works so wonderful for my Tuscaloosa, AL home. I am particularly happy that I did some research plus didn’t supply up on whole dwelling temperature control.



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