Installing a heat recovery ventilator

In the winter, it uses the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air, saving money on energy bills

Living in Minneapolis can be a challenge. The weather is severe for the majority of they year. The winters are especially long, chilly and windy. The summers are excessively humid. We rely on either the furnace or the air conditioner just about year round. The cost of heating and cooling is a major drain on the budget. I’ve taken all sorts of precautionary measures to prevent energy waste. I’ve invested into Energy Star rated, thermal pane windows and carefully caulked around them. I’ve replaced the exterior doors and weatherstripped. The addition of ceiling fans helps to create a cooling affect in the summer and works to distribute heat during the winter. Smart thermostats automatically make adjustments to optimize energy efficiency and provide energy saving tips. I’ve enrolled into am maintenance plan with a local Minneapolis HVAC company that includes two service calls per year. A licensed, insured and NATE-certified technician takes care of the upkeep of the furnace in the fall and the air conditioner in the spring. Intensive and regular cleaning, inspection, testing and adjustment helps to preven malfunctions and promotes peak efficiency, capacity and longevity. However, all of my efforts to tighten up the thermal envelope have reduced natural ventilation. Contaminants such as dust, bacteria, dander, viruses and pollen are trapped inside the house and repeatedly circulated by the heating and cooling system. Plus, the air gets overly dry in the winter, and we have complaints with moisture in the summer. I did some research and came across heat recovery ventilators. An HRV is designed to bring in a steady supply of fresh air to replace the stale air. In the winter, it uses the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air, saving money on energy bills. In the summer, it works to get rid of excess humidity, minimizing demands on the air conditioner.


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