Lakeland during the off season is going to be great

I live pretty close to Lakeland, FL.

It wasn’t something that ever pinged my radar.

Who ever heard of Lakeland? When you consider Florida you don’t consider that area. We really should though. There are so many things to do there. There is Hollis garden which is beautiful. There is the Polk Theater which is historic and pretty. There is the Silver Moon drive which is so much fun. There is even a Florida Children’s museum that actually looks cool. I frequently hop in the car and do a day trip in Lakeland. This year I am turning thirty and I want my husband and I to spend a few days in Lakeland. I took a peek at the hotels and was surprised at how nice they were. I want to do a few nights where we can attend local events, hit some food trucks, and do some new things. The best is that my birthday is in March. The weather in Lakeland is going to be perfect. It will be warm enough for shorts and t-shirts. We won’t be dipping in any lakes, but it will be nice weather to walk around. At night we will probably want the AC on but I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up needing the heater. This is the right kind of weather in my opinion. Not too hot or too cold. Also the two of us will be entering during the off season. Which means everything should be cheaper and easier to get tickets for. So yay for us.


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