An oddly dry summer in Spokane

It’s funny how you remember things differently then what they were actually like.

I have the best memories of my childhood, growing up in the wilds of forestry country in the Pacific Northwest.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything, the long days of riding my bike around with friends, getting lost in the woods just to find our way back out. After twenty years I have moved back to the area from a long stay in the deep south. Let me tell you that the area around Spokane, Washington is not at all how I remember it. I remember Spokane being this huge city, a maze of roads, surrounded by vast forests of the tallest trees. Well, it turns out the trees really are astoundingly tall, but the rest of Spokane is much smaller than I remember it being. Perhaps it is just that I am bigger now, or that I am seeing the city through the professional lens of an HVAC tech. I am out driving back and forth across midtown Spokane every day of the week, and sometimes even on weekends, because this summer is a harsh one, even for around here. Spokane has much hotter summers than the rest of the state of Washington, due to our unique geographical placement, but this is the hottest summer on record! The summers are also usually very arid, but this time it is so bone-dry that I am getting increased demand for humidifiers! I try to dissuade people, because this is a very unique climate for Spokane and probably won’t last long.



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