Author: Richard

Can you direct me to the closest smoke shop?

When I walked in, I knew ‌I was going to relax while in my cousin’s house I was flying from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, PA. One of my airplane stops was in Las Vegas, Nevada. When we were offloading the plane, there was a lot of grousing going on about our delay. I already […]

On game night, everyone likes to smoke marijuana

My friends and I like to get together at once each week for a game night. We have had this tradition for a couple of years. It’s a good way to keep in touch and stay grounded. We play lots of different games. Sometimes we play Monopoly, Life, Pictionary, or even charades. Sometimes we play […]

All sales were final, even on the edibles

My friends and I live in Glendale, California. Sometimes we spend the day in Santa Monica, when the weather is warm and comfortable. There are a lot of fun places in Santa Monica to visit like the pier, ocean, and the Promenade. Last time my friends and I drove out to Santa Monica, we stopped […]