Author: Richard

I opened a yoga studio in Albuquerque

Even though Albuquerque is famous for its cannabis, that doesn’t mean people can smoke inside my yoga studio. I know I was taking a big risk, but opening a yoga studio in Albuquerque wound up being the best decision I ever made! This was about ten years ago, right at the beginning of the population […]

Does Denver have the best weed in America?

Potheads across the country always say that their area is home to the best weed. It was my goal to put that assertion to the test. I thought about writing a book, but since these are modern times I decided to turn my quest into a Youtube channel. In my camper van I am criss-crossing […]

Starting over in Portland, Oregon

As a private investigator I have seen a lot of crazy things in my career. I started off in southern California, where I made a speciality of tracking down cheating spouses. This was back in the day before smartphones and social media, so it was a lot harder than it is now. After twenty years […]

What is a marijuana establishment?

I had been reading about marijuana establishments, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Ever since Muskegon, MI has legalized recreational marijuana there have been a lot of changes. I understood they were aware that the legalization of marijuana often spiked the amount of marijuana arrests because of public use. In order to […]

The music scene in Seattle is amazing

If you are in the pacific northwest and have any desire or drive to be a musician, eventually you end up in Seattle. This is the Music Mecca for the country, a place where rookies and veterans alike come to hone their craft and find a bigger audience. Some of the biggest bands of the […]

The sweet spot is right outside of Las Vegas

I live on the outskirts of Las Vegas. I am so close that every night the city lights up the sky with millions of different lights. If the wind is blowing the right direction I can even hear music drifting in the air. I considered it to be the best of both worlds, because on […]

We moved to Phoenix recently and I love it here

My wife and I have been married for 5 years. During all five of those years, we have lived in Denver, but recently we decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona. There are a lot of great reasons to move to Phoenix. During the spring, summer, and fall months, temperatures are in the’80s or higher. There […]