Author: Richard

The Phoenix AC repair company came to our rescue

Last weekend was my son’s 12th birthday and my wife and I had a party to celebrate the day. Jack invited several of his friends from the neighborhood. My wife and I invited their parents and a couple of our friends from work.. We had the party catered, so we wouldn’t have to worry about […]

The shirts don't fit me properly

My dad wanted me to start working in the office at the Orland Park HVAC Service Company. My dad said he was not going to give me an allowance anymore if I did not help out around the store. I didn’t want to spend my afternoons helping out in the shop, but my dad really […]

The tech had a name I could not pronounce

Whenever I have excellent service, I prefer to leave a review. I don’t know about many people, but I prefer to look online at company reviews before I make my decision on who I choose for the service I need. I looked online to find out who had the best reviews for furnace repairs in […]