Author: Richard

The lady stiffed me on a tip

The last delivery of the night was called into the marijuana dispensary around 11 pm. We usually don’t take orders past 10:45, but the senior citizen and disabled vet got under my manager’s skin and managed to find her soft spot. I was the person assigned to the delivery. The order was significant in size. […]

The small-town feel of Portland, OR

The people of Portland are kind-hearted and welcoming people. The first time I came to visit this city, many years ago, it felt like I was coming home. That feeling returned every time I came back to visit, until I realized that this is where I should be living permanently. My neighbors made me feel […]

TV shows set in Seattle

During the days I work in an office, but at night I get to indulge my passion for the arts. I have a channel on Youtube, a website, and a weekly blog, in which I explore the history of TV and movies. I am a scholar and a researcher who specializes in analyzing TV shows. […]

I will never leave the Denver area

A professional writer needs to go where the action is. At least, that’s what a professional writer needs to do at first. Eventually you can build your reputation and not only demand more money, but get more freedom in the assignments you take. First starting out is a different story, and you need to jump […]

Many reasons to visit Denver

The first time I came to Denver was my rookie year with the company. Several of the older sales reps didn’t want to fly across the country for the big convention, so I was allowed to go instead. It really changed my life. The three days I spent in that hotel and convention center earned […]