I don’t know why I felt sick after eating at my favorite place

I chose to move to New Mexico not especially long after the beginning of last year. That is when New Mexico moved forward with changing the laws to allow recreational and medical cannabis. There are all kinds of recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries around New Mexico, however one of the most sizable concentrations of recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries happens to be in Albuquerque. This also happens to be the biggest city in the state. My friends and I decided to head over to a cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque a couple of months ago! When we were basically finished purchasing our legal weed, we decided to go to a lovely vegan eatery that one of my friends chose to recommend … Albuquerque has a pretty good amount of weird vegan and vegetarian eateries, however the Mata G vegetarian kitchen is a place that I really love. They serve the most amazing vegetarian food such as hummus, tofu, spicy tempeh, and beet salad. There is another excellent venue in Albuquerque known as the acre. This venue has all types of beer, wine, and comfort vegetarian cuisine. Some of the dishes include nachos, cauliflower wings, and even corn pancakes. The venue has a nice variety of weird foods, however it is strictly vegetarian and an enjoyable venue to eat. After we had some food and marijuana snacks, every one of us were all ready to drive back home to our apartment. The food from Mata G honestly didn’t rest well in my stomach that particular night! I got up and used the lavatory quite a few times. I was perspiring a fairly good amount and I felt pretty much like I had a temperature. I absolutely was thinking that I had food poisoning, but I felt a great deal better in the early morning. I honestly have not been back to that venue since then.

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