I moved to the west coast for cheap weed

When I decided to move to the West Coast for cheap weed, I didn’t realize the cost of living was going to be a fortune.

I looked at the online prices for recreational marijuana and they were half the price of the medical prices I was paying in my state.

That made my decision to move very easy. Having a relative living in San Francisco also made the idea a little easier to handle. My Aunt offered me a place to stay until I got on my feet. I thought she meant a few months, but she was ready for me to leave after a couple of days. All of a sudden, I was looking for a cheap place to live in San Francisco and I barely had ten dollars in my pocket. I found a few ads on craigslist and one of those advertisements was from a person who needed someone to take care of their elederly mother during the day in exchange for housing. The best part about the job was the fact that it was just a few blocks away from my favorite pot dispensary. Even better, the job was in a really nice neighborhood with a pool and a hot tub at the clubhouse. I never would have been able to afford something that nice in San Francisco but the job literally came at the perfect time in my life. I think my Aunt gets jealous every time I mention my client and my second story room. She didn’t want me to live at her place, but they love having me at theirs.


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