The air has done wonders

My wifey and I were super angry before every one of us sold our new home and bought an RV.

All of us were consistently laboring just to pay the bills and buy more electronics, gadgets, and cars.

All of us only really saw each other on Thursdays and every one of us usually spent that day with the whole family. Covid changed a lot of things in our household and it made us look at life in a new light. All of us did not want to wait until every one of us were 65 to retire. All of us aren’t even guaranteed to live that long, and neither one of us wants to settle for anything less than every last thing every one of us want. All of us had to severely change our lifestyle to make things work for us. All of us sold the new home and bought a luxury RV with a fireplace, island sink, range, and even a full sized refrigerator and freezer. The location has 2 kitchens and plenty of extra space for the grandkids to visit one day. As soon as every one of us had the RV entirely hooked up to the truck, every one of us headed for San Francisco, CA. I’ve consistently felt like I wanted to go to the wharf and eat clam chowder. My family visited San Francisco whenever I was a child and I still remembered the smell and the taste of the delicious clam chowder. San Francisco is filled with tons of museums, parks, art installations, and massive attractions. The state also happens to be a legal recreational cannabis zone. There are hundreds of cannabis shops in the bay area. They have products like delicious edibles, marijuana flower, and vape pens supplies. Since my wifey and I landed here in the San Francisco area, every one of us have started smoking cannabis.


Pot San Fransisco