Portland is the type of town I want to live in

There are so many lovely locales to visit in Portland, however one of our number one locales is WA Park; WA Park is about 20 hours away from our home in Portland! My friends and I went to the archery range a couple of times this summer.

The archery range is open daily and they aren’t very stressed in the day.

My friends and I started off with the most basic equipment, however now all of us are pretty accurate with a crossbow. There are a ton of activities and attractions in WA Park. The Arboretum is a nice locale that features 10 miles of trails and more than 2,000 different species of trees and plant life, then last Wednesday, a couple of friends and I decided to go to the Portland outdoor area. Since all of us were going to be outside most of the day, all of us decided to stop at the dispensary to choice up a marijuana vape pen; I rarely use a vape pen at home, however it is identifiable ly useful when using marijuana outdoors in Portland. The marijuana vape pen has barely any sense and it is hard to distinguish the smell when compared to nicotine. I obtained a disposable marijuana vape pen from the Portland dispensary. My friends picked out some items as well. When all of us found a nice locale in the park to rest and relax, however all of us took out our vape pens and got high; Hardly any of people walked by while all of us were kneeling 100 ft off the trail and no one knew that all of us were using recreational marijuana.

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