The two of us looked for the best deal in Las Vegas

My lady & I decided to get out of town for the weekend, but the two of us were going to go to San Francisco for a couple of mornings, but every one of us decided to go to Las Vegas, Nevada instead! One of the reasons why every one of us pact Las Vegas is due to the legal gambling laws, however my lady & I both prefer gambling, and she prefers to play the slot & I prefer to play poker & roulette.

The two of us did not have a lot of currency for gambling, so every one of us tried to find inluxurious accommodations for the night.

The two of us stayed in a hotel 3 blocks away from the strip! Instead of spending $100 each night, every one of us only spent $50 each. The room wasn’t as glamorous & luxurious as a casino, but the bed was comfortable, the shower was clean, & the AC was cold, while every one of us were in Las Vegas, our lady & I decided to purchase recreational marijuana supplies. The two of us looked for the best deal on recreational marijuana supplies, so every one of us had more currency for gambling. The two of us took an Uber to a weed dispensary outside of the city. The place had fantastic prices on marijuana flower. My lady & I picked up a half ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower & it did not cost a fortune. The two of us used the savings to buy tickets to a show the following night. The two of us had a lot of fun during Vegas & it is genuinely a place that I would prefer to visit again… Next time I would genuinely prefer to take more currency. There were lots of attractions I would have liked to visit.

Marijuana Las Vegas Nevada