Cannabis and pain relief

Vaping provides a rapid onset of effects.

I am a long-time marijuana user and advocate. I was relieved and delighted when recreational cannabis was finally legalized in Oregon. The passing of the law allowed me to finally visit the dispensary in Eugene. I have become a regular there. I’ve gotten to know the budtenders quite well. By signing up for the dispensary’s loyalty program, I receive discounts, earn points and get alerts for new products and daily deals. While I really enjoy spending some time at the dispensary and browsing the variety of strains, I also appreciate their delivery service. When I broke my leg on a skiing trip, I was unable to drive for nearly six weeks. Since I severely injured my leg, the pain was excruciating. Instead of looking to cannabis to relax on the weekends or enjoy with friends, I was suddenly very interested in its curative properties. I called the dispensary, spoke with one of the budtenders and explained my needs. He recommended several hybris with a good balance of THC and CBD content. I have always favored old-school smoking of a joint or blunt, but decided to try vaping concentrate for the sake of greater cannabinoid content. Contrates are the result of a distilling process that gets rid of the unwanted plant matter and leaves behind the cannabinoids and terpenes. Vaping provides a rapid onset of effects. Plus I didn’t need to mess around with rolling and all the extra gear. A disposable vape pen is as simple as pressing a button. All I needed to do was inhale and I enjoyed nearly immediate pain relief.


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