I was planning my day out and it included marijuana

I went to the San Francisco Bay Area to spend some time with friends.

I stayed in my friends has cabin while I was in the 5-day stay. I knew the guys from university plus I had not seen them in a couple of years. I had some getaway time to take at work plus I mentioned that on social media… My friends right away offered to put me up in San Francisco if I wanted to come for a visit. They even picked me up at the airport, and as soon as the two of us left the San Francisco Airport, the guys asked if I wanted to go to a dispensary. I thought a lot about recreational marijuana while I was on the aircraft. I did not assume if I was going to smoke marijuana with my friends or not. I had not used recreational marijuana since university plus that was more than two years ago. Since I had a month plus no responsibilities, I decided to join my friends in the fun. We went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary that had a first-time patient special. The prices were totally outrageous, but I found some pretty wonderful deals after looking around. I got an sixth of marijuana for $15 plus a disposable vape pen that was discreet plus simple-to-use when my friends plus I went to the beach or anywhere in public. After a month of using recreational marijuana everyday, I did not want to leave the city. I was happier plus mentally healthier than I had been in years. I am strongly considering making a move this fall.

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