Visiting Beverly Hills during our holiday

Before my first trip out to Los Angeles, I had never been further west than the Mississippi River.

  • My parents lived in a number of odd sites, however Florida is where the people I was with and I landed in the end once my father left his old task plus started a business.

Several of my school friends left the state for colleges in California, but I was rejected by both UC Berkeley plus UC Riverside. My best friend John was accepted into UCLA plus kept urging me to visit him in the neighborhood at some point. The college campus is located in Westwood, a mere walking distance from the famed Beverly Hills. To a tourist care about myself, there was no way I could make a trip out to Los Angeles, California without seeing the Hollywood Hills including Bel Air, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, plus Laurel Canyon. Both of us got a lot of cannabis on that trip from this cannabis dispensary that had just opened on Rodeo Dr. Both of us bought pre-rolled joints, edibles, tinctures, vaporizer cartridges, plus jars of flower buds. The dispensary was having a sale on high THC products, plus I decided to get a jar of cannabis concentrate. Thankfully the sale offset the recreational cannabis taxes levied on the entire purchase. People don’t realize that you’re paying both California state taxes plus local municipal taxes being in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County. The taxes in West Hollywood are even higher, so I was glad to get all of my weed on that trip at marijuana stores in Beverly Hills. It was a phenomenal trip that I hope to repeat someday soon.

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